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    Yes. I am the same. Hope to get out detecting again soon now that the weather has dropped below spontaneous combustion levels.
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    B'rock Robert said: "... Magicians and fake meteorite salesmen dwell in the gap between perception and reality..." One of my favorite gaps for sure. Hope all is well Bob. 
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    How about this one?? (mineral mystery)

    wonder if it was 'art glass' that melted in a fire or something..
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    Is that a go-bag for the O.K. Correl or a shoot-out with UFO's? (joke). I have some water for your go-bag Bob if you save half a sandwich (serious).
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    New Plans

    Want to put in a quick note of clarification here that there are several species of Californian's roaming about, true Shep is one of them, but...
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    Newcomers beware

    Wyoprospector said, "... And as I stated before, I always planted a nugget I bought (at the now closed Miners Shop in Wickenburgh) when I got to a new area and ran my Detector over it at several depths to get a feel for the response. You can't say that is not a good practice... That is only good practice to hear if your detector is actually running. To tune the detector for, and to hear gold that has not been dug up, is another matter entirely. That is why it is good to watch what someone else, who has found gold, is doing. You will see (and probably hear), the difference right away.
  7. FlakMagnet

    Newcomers beware

    I would definitely hook up with that fellow with the SDC. You will understand right away why we are recommending Minelabs. good luck
  8. FlakMagnet

    Newcomers beware

    Wait, Jimmy M is Jim Mccullough? THE Jim McCullough? How have you been Jim? Are you still roaming around out in that fabulous Pinto mountain/Twenty-nine Palms area? I will always remember that it was you who basically introduced me to one of the most haunting and evocative areas in the southern desert a whole bunch of years ago. I have a funny memory of how that first meeting with you went, and since we're among friends (mostly), I'm gonna remind you of it. I had, I think emailed you and asked for a phone number saying I was a new detector prospector - I had dredged for 6 years of summers in the Sierras but in the desert that didn't count - and would you consider meeting up with me and showing me around the Pinto Mountains? Do you remember? You kindly said yes and we make a plan to meet somewhere in Twenty-Nine Palms or thereabouts. Now I'd been out into the Pinto's a few times and I know it's got lots of places to make mistakes if you don't have the right vehicle or the right driving style, so I am slightly nonplused when I see you pull up in an older sedan of some type, obviously two-wheel drive and fairly low slung - but I figure well that means we will probably stay on the Gold Crown Rd., the main road out there and so I park my 4x4 SUV and climb in. I cannot adequately describe the tour you took me on, or the roads (well some would call them roads, they were barely tracks), hauling ass though this wild place commenting at almost every hillock and gully pointing out where you had previously found gold and when - in this low-slung two-wheel drive sedan trailing a huge plume of dust. I was enthralled and amazed and to this day I still remember your afternoon ride full of good humor and experience and knowledge. I thought you should know. Thanks again.
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    Newcomers beware

    Wyoprospector, I had to laugh when I saw you say "typical libtard reaction." Dude do you know where you are posting? This is not exactly the Huffpost of prospecting in here. This is what I hope for you: buy a great gold detector, you can get plenty of suggestions if you ask. Then get someone (obviously a fairly conservative type), to take you out to a known gold area. Then have them go around until they find a target - ask them not mark it - then ask them have you come over and go over the area with your detector and find where the signal is so you will know what the sound is like. Many people are shocked when they hear their first gold signal, it is not at all like what most think it will be, it has a unique sound that is hard to describe until you hear it. Hope you know I am not talking down to you, but this is a proven way to get started. I know from first-hand experience as do many other successful gold hunters. Good luck.
  10. FlakMagnet

    Newcomers beware

    A mutual friend took me to look at MicroNuggets find last year. The area is exactly as he has described it. Although now it is incredibly torn up by lots of people, mostly a group of folks pretty well-known in that area for claim jumping or just plain taking over ground others were working. It was in the soil matrix he described and the area was surprisingly small, not at all rare for patches, but really impressive that they found it nevertheless, it was not an area that one would think of looking in. This next (opinion),is not a lecture or a holier than thou paragraph and hopefully it will be received in the way it is ment. We all know the desert does not give away its secrets. Neither does any gold location in the mountains or the rivers either. They have to be divined. Sometimes through sheer perseverance and dogged belief we swing a pick or our detector over something valuable and think since we found a little something we know what's going on . However most times we are quickly reminded it's really not that easy. I would also be willing to bet that most of us here are addicted - but not to what seems obvious, the gold. I think what we are actually addicted to is the search. Good luck and happy hunting. (di·vine2 dəˈvīn/ verb past tense: divined; past participle: divined discover (something) by guesswork or intuition. "his brother usually divined his ulterior motives" synonyms: guess, surmise, conjecture, deduce, infer; More have supernatural or magical insight into (future events). "frauds who claimed to divine the future in chickens' entrails" synonyms: foretell, predict, prophesy, forecast, foresee, prognosticate "they divined that this was an auspicious day"
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    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    It's nice to see you out and doing what you love Martin.
  12. FlakMagnet

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

    I wasn't talking about you Bob.
  13. FlakMagnet

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

    Isn't it a touch disingenuous to excuse bad language by attributing worse behavior to young people we don't even know who might be looking at the site to learn something?.
  14. FlakMagnet

    "Clay talks about fires and stuff"!!!

    This looks like a dead-end somewhere along in here...no map needed. Just kidding, just wanted to see if I could change the subject.
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    Mike Furness , got a question

    Sightly off topic, but while paddling a kayak on a river in Washington State that was a light blue color from snow runoff I flipped over. I was not wearing a wetsuit and by the time I surfaced I could only use one arm to hook a nylon rope loop on the bow. The rest of me was so frozen I could only float helplessly as the boat followed the blue current. I was saved by friends who had the presence of mind to jump into a car and drive downstream to the next pull-out and snag me as I went by. It took over three hours lying in the sun on dark rocks to start to feel halfway normal. I cannot imagine being in a kayak and tipping if you can't get your feet wet. When you tip everything gets wet even if you wear a splash-shield. I would get a barge or something that won't tip at all if you simply must be on the water. Good luck
  16. FlakMagnet

    Bur Abor strewn field ,kenya

    We have certainly seen the effects of BB's wag in full force on this forum in times past. It's true some side effects do indeed include Winds and Vapours. We have even witnessed progressions to convulsions, fainting spells and forum bans. Wag has also triggered near-combustible discussions that have ranged far beyond gold and mining and out into topics that, despite their occasional polarization and political inflammation, have produced some of the most entertaining and interesting discussions I have seen on any forum anywhere. We know one way or the other it'll be a mind-bending and fun ride. It's up to all of us to keep it on the rails.
  17. FlakMagnet

    Bur Abor strewn field ,kenya

    If I had your gift of gab Bob I'd bottle it and sell it online as a two-pack special with Unc's CBD oil. Hope they're biting on the river. Have fun.
  18. FlakMagnet

    Awesome new technology we're enjoying

    These days, VERY remote. One of the things that is very much coming into focus these days is how many very powerful but non-dangerous natural plant remedies there are that can virtually replace these insane "medicines" we have foisted on us in the Dr.'s offices across the countries (read in part, opiates). Ron I'm happy to hear you are beginning to feel better. No one who loves the desert as much as you do deserves what you have been through.
  19. FlakMagnet

    Found a interesting stone

    The spirit of the discussion and the information is oxygen to the forum. It's fun to be able to read along with some people who actually know (I think), what they are talking about even if it's about something that seems unknowable at the moment. Rock on gents and thanks for taking the time to bring us along on the ride.
  20. FlakMagnet

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    BBob it's about time we bathed in your prose again, it's been too long. I have no doubt that young man will find a shitload of gold with that machine of Franks. Welcome back.
  21. FlakMagnet

    Odd Places

    Yeah, 'stumble' is not how I would characterize what he is doing...
  22. FlakMagnet

    BLM Officer Shoots Woman After Pursuit

    Whatever this incident was, it sounds as though it got pretty out-of-control. Please keep us updated if you hear of any more news on this.
  23. FlakMagnet

    Question about Equinox 800

    AzNuggetBob, That last post is especially relevant with the Equinox, it has a very particular tonal language.
  24. FlakMagnet

    equinox 800 1st time out

    The Equinox has a learning curve for sure. It has its own tonal language and the multi-frequency setting continues to impress. It is by far the most versatile detector I have ever used. I look forward to hearing your impressions pondman. Don't be worried about turning up the sensitivity, the machine will tell you when you've gone too far. Have fun.
  25. FlakMagnet

    TWO EQ 800

    Hi Bill, I have been out with the 800 for 7 short days at the beach and about 12 short days a park. I have found over 1200 coins, six rings (a couple silver, none valuable), and a bunch of earrings, charms, military badges etc. This thing smokes on coins. I have the same feeling with this machine that I do with the GPZ, if I go over it I'm gonna hear it. It does take some learning but heck that's what this whole hobby is about right? Hope you are well Bill.