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  1. Ah, now there's the first thing that's made sense.
  2. Wonder what this is going to accommodate. More trucking coming across the border at Nogales?
  3. The light's I saw were immediately apparent as being something I had never seen before. As I was watching them I made sure to not speculate but instead to simply observe what I was seeing with no judgement. Afterwards, I was careful to not embellish my reactions when I thought about what I had seen or recounted the experience to (a very few), others. Whatever anyone may think, based on the location, the distance from me that this occurred and the behavior that was exhibited, there is absolutely no possibility that what I witnessed was flares, reflections or any of the many other possibilities offered up by most people. I understand the overwhelming inclination to try to find an explanation that fits with what we know from our own lives, but all that simply falls apart in the face of direct experience.
  4. Perhaps has to do with vibratory rate. Sometimes we stumble into an altered or different vibratory rate and other things appear.
  5. I will only say that all sarcasm and criticality vanishes in an instant when/if you see what many have seen and describe as "bright lights". I am one of them and although there is no way I would ever try to convince someone of what I saw, the physics and the velocity of the lights I saw were unmistakably and starkly different from any other thing I have seen in my life. fwiw
  6. Bob, my post did not condone anyones posts. My point was - and you left this out of your clip of my post - that changing opinions by arguing on the internet is a hapless pastime. I am not going to get involved in the disagreement, everyone can plainly see where the problems lie. None of this disagreement could move anywhere without two people being involved.
  7. Please take your personal differences to private messages if you must continue this 'discussion.'. You all know where this is headed and it's not going to further much. Changing opinions by arguing on the internet is a hapless pastime. May I suggest some detecting as an alternative?
  8. oh okay, good…that's cleared up now. The poodle stuff I have seen is not usually depicted in this way but then again it wasn't carved in stone. I do remember in my research that I read the King loved butterbeans almost almost to the exclusion of everything else, except gold of course, so the rest of that makes perfect sense. Happy that's finally cleared up.
  9. …and the Spanish sign for butterbeans is what? I'm sure someone on here must know.
  10. Oh no…I thought this thread was in hibernation. Did you get a photo Reg?
  11. Hi Bill, Knowing you are getting time out in the field is great. It's lots of fun making video's of the things that make you happy. If you have the choice of being outdoors or being online…it's obvious…go do what you love. I sincerely hope to join you one of these days, it's been quite awhile.
  12. That's a beaut. Why don't we establish a common frame of reference though?
  13. I defer to your wife of course. She undoubtedly knows best. These are the most recent flakes found with a GPZ. My wife said I could tell you if you don't spread it around.
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