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  1. Yeah I am not at all a fan of having hundreds of little sat.'s blocking astronomical observations, it seem pretty short sighted (pun intended). Also, what happens with all the succeeding launches of different items? It must be getting kind of trashy up there with all the sats and assorted junk floating around…very difficult to keep track of.
  2. wonder what satellite internet will be like. Anyone know?
  3. Very inspirational to see Doc, I too am blessed with a wife who supports my love of getting out and hunting. Congratulations to both of you and to your beautiful family.
  4. This is what is showing today Sunday June 28th...
  5. One thing that might come into it Terry is that much of the soil out here, as you know, has lots of silicates in it and they tear the crap out of your hands. A scoop is really nice then. Also if you are like me and happen to mainly find stupidly small gold, that is another reason to have one. The dropped part will catch those flakes and make getting the soil off quicker. Just thoughts...
  6. Good luck with your new item. How much are they? Colors?
  7. So fascinating. I would love to learn.
  8. Slim that is a beauty. Did it make a big noise when you went over it? And, what was your first thought when you heard it?
  9. BMc a deep bow in your direction. That was one of the clearest and most informative posts on the subject I've ever seen. Thank you. My nephew is a SWAT officer in Oakland. No explanation needed. I have had many amazing talks with him and to hear his take on policing is a revelation as well…he loves the people he protects, has great empathy for them even as as he has to also face down very dangerous criminality. He has a big heart, talks often of having to deal with various aspects of burn-out and frustration. His wife is a dispatcher for the same department. Imagine having to vec
  10. But Mac is a grown-up and doesn't tattle to the mod's… Anyway Slim knows it's all in good fun, right Slim?
  11. …and in the end we'll all end up laughing. We all want the same thing, a better America.
  12. And slim stop whining in the moderator forum about being "attacked by a moderator"… when you say dumb stuff you're going to get called on it. You complain there all the time and it's kind of funny when you're the only one who seems to get picked on…do you ever ask yourself why? May as well say it here in the thread where everyone can see it.
  13. Slim's version of knowledge. Very impressive Slim...
  14. Oh I can't wait to hear this one… Educate us Slim!
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