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  1. AuSeeker, thanks, I think I will wait awhile, although I do have a meteorite. I was enthralled with the video though. Imagine having a ring like that; otherworldly for sure.
  2. Wow! Now that is really cool. I wonder, would you be willing to make a ring from a meteorite I found? Thanks for putting up the video, it was fascinating and original.
  3. TTrash, that's not a bad haul for any year these days. Continued enjoyment and good luck.
  4. There's a lot of selfish ignorance out there. It's just a fact of life these days. We can only change our own behavior.
  5. I agree also. Did not mean to edge into the political side. I am standing aside. Happy New Year to all.
  6. Terry, that is silly. Let's try not to binge on unfounded opinion.
  7. The facts are that no recent administration has told us the truth. We have all seen how easily the truth is bent to fit the narrative. What is different in these latest instances (the Syria Kurd abandonment and drone killing Soleimani), is the purposeful cutting out of the other branches of government, not only in decision-making but in the information needed for basic decision-making. Although that too has happened in the past, it's never been to this degree, and it is the degree that is rendering large portions of our past ways of accepted governing, inoperative. That is a real problem. Also, warfare as we have known it has changed incredibly. Combat is mostly asymmetrical now and increasingly electronic. Mind yer computers folks, cyber warfare could be a real game changer and not only are we are not ready, but the government is eye-poppingly behind the times as far as protecting infrastructure goes. Sure they're good at the NSA-type stuff, but as far as protecting the population is concerned they have simply let the hardening of our systems fall by the wayside. Some think purposeful but it largely seems to be ineptitude and lack of concern.
  8. No-one has the slightest clue what is going to happen. This in itself should give pause to anyone who is watching the shifting sands on the world stage. There is no strategy and no policy in place. The unintended consequences are showing up all over the world. It's ridiculous and dangerous 'governing.'
  9. Mine are like that and getting phone calls like that on bluetooth is a great help. Detecting with bluetooth would be interesting. Merry Christmas you guys.
  10. Hi Frank, I had tinnitus before I got hearing aids. I don't find that the aids magnify. I can listen to the tinnitus with hearing aids on, take them out and the tinnitus is the same. Honestly most of the time I am unaware of the tinnitus - that all changes if I think about it…weird I guess. Happy Holidays to you sir...
  11. Thanks for adding that Fred, I meant to and forgot. (that's a whole other problem).
  12. Hi Sonny, I wear hearing aids for the same reason you do; loss of high tones (how bout not being able to hear your blinker signal when it's on etc.) If you have headphones with ear pads that give you enough comfort, and it's not too hot, (my hearing aids are 'moisture resistant' and I have worn them under headphones in the heat where I was sweating quite a bit and have never had a problem, but I'm not too sure that it's a good idea), sure go ahead and wear them. I have tried it both ways. For years I have always used an amp. I first had a B&Z and now I have a SteelPhase. With both amps I am able take my hearing aids off if I choose. At this point it has become personal preference depending on general headphone comfort and the heat. I do think having an amp really helps if you are not comfortable wearing your hearing aids under headphones. I want to stress that you will be fine even without an amp if you are tuned well, but for me, I prefer using an amp and have used one for many years, confident that I will not be missing the subtle or faint signals. Best of luck and Happy Holidays
  13. Gold torture…but inspirational too…haha.
  14. If a PI machine doesn't hear those, somethings off... Good looking test nuggets.
  15. Ah, now there's the first thing that's made sense.
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