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  1. Bob, I love it! I look forward to progress on your snack wagon.
  2. Codifica I am not an expert, but in the lower Bradshaws, I have seen a rock with a cross carved on it and the word "oro". It was in an area with lots of both placer and hard rock mines.
  3. Bob, I like the name: Snacks One Guey ===> Ben
  4. Hi Budgie B, . It looks like a concretion - fossil mud. Not a meteorite. Keep hunting, luck smiles on the persistent. Ben
  5. I did the GPAA Nome, Alaska trip in the early eighties. Tons of mosquitoes. But I didn't have a problem with them because I brought the concentrated LIQUID repellent with me. NOT SPRAY! Muskol or Deet are fine as long as it is the LIQUID. Sure, the skeeters would still cloud around your body, but they kept a 5-6" distance. Put it on as if it were sunblock. You will STINK while you wear it, so don't put it on and then expect to run errands or visit folks. But it will keep them off you while you swing that coil or feed that high banker. oh, did I say to get the LIQUID?
  6. Bob, you can drop the eggs next to the Red-Flannel hash.
  7. The photo was ripped off from the website of the Tarus 2X2, which is a actual Russian 2-wheel drive, all-terrain motorcycle. They do not export to the U.S. At this time. When they first came out, the price 35,000 Rubles (About $980). I am sure the price is higher now.
  8. To newbies:. Please take your photos outdoors in natural light. True color and other features that will identify what your suspect stone might be, will be more apparent in sunlight. if you want to window a suspect stone quickly in the field, get a "Sharpening Sone" from Harbor Freight Tools for a few bucks, and keep it in your pack. Home Depot has one also, but charges about ten dollars. Makes a nice window effortlessly, in less than a minute. Low tech, low cost, extremely effective. I personally would not even bother to window rounded river-rock, or common ironstone, but it is
  9. Hey Al, this would have been 73-75.
  10. Hey Bob, How are you? We go up to Taos every couple of years. We always stop at Dean’s memorial, then have lunch at Dion’s, there on Central. My myrtillo’s bloom every year, and grow constantly.
  11. HeyHey Bob, . Great photos! About a century ago when I was in college, a buddy of mine in the same apartments, had a couple of pards who would visit annually on their way to LA, after harvesting two duffle bags of "Yote" in NM. ( no lie) OMG, those guys were different - very Carlos Casteneda, if you know what I mean. I saw the stuff, it was real deal. I've lived in Arizona my whole life, and never seen it in the wild, but since I HAVE seen a lot of exotic cacti, It is certainly possible. I have 5 colors of Peruvian Echinopsis night bloomers. It was a tough summer, my saffron
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