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  1. Glad to see that both Fred and the specimen endured, and survived the classification process. Though it takes years unless you have juice, it is the right thing to do, and encourages some of us to submit cold finds that we are sitting on, even though that process can be quite trying. I would like to see investment and creation of a non-university, private lab, staffed by a salaried meteoriticist, with a "Dean Bessey" turn-around time ( us old guys remember). I am sure that the volume that would flow to the lab would keep the cost to the submitters low, while paying the staff much better than any university, without cutting into the action of the usual sacred cows that seem to gobble up the bulk of researcher's time and budgets at the usual venues. Let's take the steps to foster meteorite science in our own country, and expand our efforts to bring American finds out of the shadows, and get them classified. Congrats to Fred, and big thanks to Michael and all that made this classification possible. Ben
  2. Regmaglitch

    I’ve got it who wants it?

    It’s a throwin’ rock.............
  3. Regmaglitch

    Buyer Beware

    Hey Bill, It looks like a chunk of hematite and quartz.
  4. Regmaglitch

    Coyote Dry Lake

    Nice finds guys. Ben
  5. Regmaglitch

    Need help with a possible meteorite

    Refining slag.
  6. Regmaglitch

    tool suggestions

    Hi Fred, We are doing well. I hope all is good with you and yours. Due to work obligations, we could not be there this Anniversary weekend. None the less, we've been out hunting recently. Ben
  7. Regmaglitch

    tool suggestions

    Rocky, The fastest tool for making a window in a meteorite, is also the one that never gets dull, and is the cheapest. It is a QEP Sharpening Stone in stock at any Home Depot in the tool section, for $4.97 plus tax. It has a coarse side and a fine side. It makes a window very quickly, and best of all, it doesn't rust, and if you lose it out in the boonies, you're only out five bucks. Check it out. Ben
  8. Regmaglitch

    Yay or Nay

    Hi Rocky, The stone does not look like a meteorite to me. I don't see any metal blebs, chondrules, regmaglypts, or fusion crust. To be sure, you should make a "window" into the stone with a sharpening stone, diamond file, or sand paper if you're patient. That will give you a good look into the interior. Good Hunting, Ben
  9. Regmaglitch

    meteorite mistake purchase.

    It looks like a lump of common hematite. Ben
  10. Regmaglitch

    Hello fellow hunters

    Hi Nate, We set a record for Friday here in Phoenix at 118 degrees, so our hunting has been just a tad subdued. I am bringing a sweater to look at ice cream in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, so, anything less than 90 degrees seems cold. I hope all is good with you. Stay hydrated, Ben
  11. Regmaglitch

    Some Rites Today

    Awesome finds!
  12. Regmaglitch

    Red Dry Lake day hunt

    Hi Mike, Awesome finds. I love pieces that fit together! Homefire, Check out "Alkali Flat" in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database. Ben
  13. Regmaglitch

    Lynx camp out

    Adam, Potato Patch is just over the divide from Walker on the headwaters of the Hassayampa. It is also where the Walker Party of prospectors wintered before they made their big gold strike on Lynx Creek in 1863 or 64. Ben
  14. Regmaglitch

    Lynx camp out

    Hey Tom, I was up there too, making repairs to our cabin in Walker (26 years). It got up to 79 for a high ,but like you said, much nicer than Phoenix. Everybody and his Brother has hit Bigelow Flats, but I am more interested in less likely areas, because of a few guys who were "pocket hunters" and did well at it, well after the big gold rush was over for the area, during relatively modern times. And those guys didn't have detectors, so all of us have an advantage to use. Good Hunting, Ben And to my knowledge, the only 20 ouncers found, was in the 1860's, but I have seen a 2 ouncer, and one just under an ounce found with a detector, and an ouncer that was panned. Yes, panned. I personally, have panned out a pinto-bean-size piece. Not bad for an area worked off and on for 152 years.
  15. Regmaglitch

    1st Nug"lette" with my new detector

    Frank, Looks like that detector does the job. Thanks for the post. Ben