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  1. I used to move boulders from hundred pounders of to the size of a short couch with a pair of cheap 20 ton bottle jacks from Peo Boys. There are plenty of smaller rocks to use for wedges, as you progress, but it doesn’t hurt to have a 6 or 8 inch square piece of 1/4 inch steel plate to put under the foot of the jack, if that side is in loose material. After a while, you figure out that with safety and persistance, you can move anything in your way.
  2. Back when I used to spend a lot of my free time down at the Phoenix BLM office, I happened to mention to the clerk the volume of valid, current claims having new, unresearched, invalid claims filed over them. He said their job is not to validate, but to file claims. He chuckled and said that if you brought him your dog’s pedigree papers, and paid the fee, he would file them, as well. It is up to you to do the research, find or establish proper monuments, maintain them, and make sure they are where papers say they are. Keep your assesment current. If someone files over you, it’s up to you to contact and resolve dusputes, although sometimes it pays to bring the Sherriff’s department into play, if reason fails, or you are threatened. Everybody play nice out there.
  3. Petr, Mikestang and Bob are telling you the honest truth. It is obvious from your photos, that your stone has a “rind”, and not fusion crust. Sorry, but it is not a meteorite.
  4. Not a meteorite. It has no features that meteorites have.
  5. See the difference in these recently found specimens. Same stones in sunlight versus artificial light. (Note: stones are uncleaned)
  6. Photos taken in sunlight tend to show more detail, and also illuminate true color and texture.
  7. I do remember. Online, there are always Steve Curry types that think every round river cobble, and piece of hemetite or slag that they find, is a rare meteorite. Sometimes I see them at a University public outreach event. They are the ones that can’t take no for an answer. “But it’s magnetic”! They never have any basic geology, never bought any meteorites to compare with, and never look closely at the features that can be found in real meteorites. Identifying actual meteorites in the field, that are weathered, oxidized or rusty colored, fragmented, coated with soil, clay, salts, caliche, or desert varnish, not clean, sliced, and polished with a clear preservative to enhance it’s true interior color, is a learning curve. And that curve is best taught by time in the field. The Curry’s of this world, always seem to skip the learning process, and jump to something resembling digging up buried pirate treasure.
  8. Bob, I love it! I look forward to progress on your snack wagon.
  9. Codifica I am not an expert, but in the lower Bradshaws, I have seen a rock with a cross carved on it and the word "oro". It was in an area with lots of both placer and hard rock mines.
  10. Bob, I like the name: Snacks One Guey ===> Ben
  11. Hi Budgie B, . It looks like a concretion - fossil mud. Not a meteorite. Keep hunting, luck smiles on the persistent. Ben
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