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    NuggetShooting, but it used to be "Younger Women, Older Whiskey"...That's how I stayed this healthy and handsome this long!

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  1. Uncle Ron

    Could this be a 20K find?

    darn!!!! This scientific stuff hurts my brain! Ouch!
  2. Uncle Ron

    Happy Birthday Old Tom

    Hey Tom, I'm sure I wished you HB'day last week but cant find it... Soooo, Very Happy, Very Belated Birthday to you...Cheers, Ron
  3. Are those covers and armband just for the 800 or will they work on a Monster 1k also? Cheers, Unc
  4. Uncle Ron

    Good dog.

    I finally found the picture of Shadow Patch's nugget...He's a good boy!!!! Cheers, Unc
  5. Uncle Ron


    A very Happy Birthday, Jim... I hope you're doing well...You are very missed on the forums! Cheers, Unc
  6. Uncle Ron

    Making arrows

    Hey Dave, it's very good shape and has an excellent string on it...It is a longbow, about 5'+ as I recall...I've had it in well protected storage for the past 20+ years...It is a right hand bow and I shoot lefty so I haven't used it much over the years although when I was a kid I was able to take down several Jurassic critters back then...I'll get it out of storage for some pix ... Thanks for the info, Dave...Cheers, Unc
  7. Uncle Ron

    Making arrows

    Hey Dave, I have an antique stick long bow that I've had for nearly 65 years and it was probably purchased about 1930 or so, good shape, but I have no idea of it's value...Any ideas? Cheers, Unc
  8. Uncle Ron

    In 2019 live your life gratefully.

    Beautiful, Doc...Thank you for sharing! ... Happy New Day to you! From Dodacious and me...Unc
  9. Uncle Ron

    Big changes to LSD area

    Well, they did this NW of Wickenburg at Wickenburg Ranch...Totally raped what was prime indian artifact land...Bulldozed it and and built the first hundred or so homes, each so close together neighbors are fighting because of sounds of air conditioners running! .. Real travesty! All for developers' greed! ... Supposed to be over 2,000 homes in a relatively small area... Bummed! Unc
  10. Excellent nugget, Mike ... LSD? ... Have a great new year from me and Dodie! Cheers, Unc
  11. Uncle Ron


    Yahoo...that's the way to fool the skunk! WTG Tamster! Cheers, Unc
  12. Uncle Ron

    Best day ever !!

    Awesome finds, Luke...Discovering a new patch is what this nuggetshooting gig is all about!!! WTG! Cheers, Unc
  13. Uncle Ron

    6 Month Skunk Buster

    Very nice nugget and super way to smack the skunk about the head and shoulders!!! WTG, Cheers, Unc
  14. Hey John, nice to see you post...How you doing? ... Sucks to get old, eh?  ... I had a heart attack on Nov.1, got stents and it rolls on...How is your health?  Are you getting out at all?  Cheers, Ron

    1. John B.

      John B.

      Hi Ron

      I had a hip replacement in 2014 and I'm just getting to walk again. the surgeon really screwed me up good.  I had a double bypass in 2017 and I've gained a fair amount of weight since quitting smoking. My knees are shot but I'm still handsome and Sweat pea and I got married a couple years ago.  I don't detect much anymore because of my legs but I'm hopeful I'll be out there again soon. Did the Stints do you any good ? Give Dodacious a squeeze for me OK .

      Happy Huntin  John B. 

    2. Uncle Ron

      Uncle Ron

      Hey John...Good to hear from you...Good that you quit the smoking...It was really hard for me but a 4x bypass is very persuasive ... I gained weight too after I quit and got up to nearly 250 lbs. ... I'm back down to 206 now and lost the weight by just cutting my portions way down, quitting beer and bread...

      Very cool you and Sweet Pea got hitched...I reckon she knew what she was getting into... :Detector:

      Haven't been out for 4 years now after some bad falls, including breaking some ribs pretty badly, due, I think, to blood pressure meds...I quit taking them and the falling stopped...But then my blood pressure went crazy and I had a very, very painful heart attack November 1st ... They sent me to Phx by ambulance and put 3 stents in the next day ..  That brings it to 7 stents in the last 4 years ... The stents really do the job but don't cure the problem ...

      I don't know if you were following the forum at all but I discovered the strewnfield of the Wickenburg Meteorite ... Pulled a total of 10 nice ones spread out over about 4 miles ... A guy that took to following me around found about 4 of them after I made the mistake of showing him the lay of the strewnfield ... Ninninger had the first large one that he got from Mr. Kellis whose home is about 3 blocks away from mine ... Kellis found the original about 1910 but all the info out there says he found it in 1940, which is when Ninninger discovered it in Kellis' rock garden...I sold my whole WM collection to a guy a couple years ago for $2,500 ... I sent some good photos of the collection to a professor at ASU who does classifications and he told me there was no question that I had found the Wickenburg... Can't wait to get back out there .. Most of them were buried between 4 or 5 inches and 12-14 inches ...

      I just told Dodie I was writing you and she said to give you her regards ... Please do the same to Sweet Pea from us both ... It would be great if you could make Bill's next outing, sometime in March or April, I think ... Most of the faces have changed but it's still fun ...

      Take care of yourself, my friend ... Cheers, Ron

  15. Uncle Ron

    Good dog.

    My pup, Shadow Patch found a nugget in my house and brought it to me just as I woke up one morning ... I have a picture (Oh crap, Dodacious cleaned out my computer and all my photos are gone...I don't know what to do now... If I tell Patch to "find a nugget" he goes crazy running around the house sniffing every corner ... Any how, a dog can find gold due to the sulfer smell usually associated with placer finds... Cheers, Unc