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    NuggetShooting, but it used to be "Younger Women, Older Whiskey"...That's how I stayed this healthy and handsome this long!

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  1. Glad to see you're back posting, JB...I hope you're doing OK!...Cheers, Unc
  2. Great memories right there....Thanks for sharing such good times...Love the outings!!!! Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!! Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah!
  3. Chickens sometime eat the shiny gold, I've spent a good bit of time on my former ranch panning chickenpoop...Never found anything but up in the Siskiyou County Courthouse, the gold display (mostly since stolen) had some nuggets found in chicken gizzard and chicken poop...Looked just as good as all the rest...
  4. Product looks great, Doc, another winner...But I think "Queegle" is a nasty word...Seriously, I've heard it before in a certain, unrelated context.
  5. Great nugget, Luke! WTG! What kinda bait did you use?
  6. Donavan has several youtube vids...This is one of my favorites:
  7. Didn't see this thread before, a very happy birthday to you Shep!!! I guess you are all moved in to the big AZ??????
  8. Yes, our little back yard water hole has dozens of both cottontails and jackrabbits...They all seem very healthy and are reproducing like crazy...Hope they don't catch it...I love my back yard bunnies!
  9. I remember Reg back in the day a decade or so ago...Spent a good bit of time swapping thoughts with him...Great guy, and I'm sorry to learn he passed...Condolences to his family and friends...Cheers, Unc...
  10. Wow... This is pretty wild! ...Cheers, Unc
  11. Yep, Clay, I remember that Spanish Fly...Supposed to drive the womens wild, At least the one's it didn''t kill or disfigure...Have to admit I spent a bit of energy trying to find some.When in high school.........Cheers, Unc
  12. I agree with Bob...I, too, have used the Goldbug 1, Goldbug 2, most of the Whites Goldmasters, (GM2, GM3, GM VSAT, GMT), Minelab Gold Monster 1000, Minelab SD2100, Minelab GPX 4500,... Found good gold with all...Notice there's no Garrett machines on the list...I hate them ... Good headphones are important too, I favor the Black Widows...Hope this hellps... Whichever you choose, put in the time and concentration... Good luck, Cheers, Unc
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