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  1. Don't know if me old ticker could take it, going back to dredging after that find ? (hum I heard a few of the names around here before even ole max is still alive) Rob.
  2. Hi rick thanks for the welcome, this is a great site and wish I was closer to AZ to check out your outings.Been trying to figure meteorites out rumors are there are some in my area. I'm a pocket miner and have a claim in Liberty WA. which is famous for its wiregold so been through a lot of detectors trying to find the right one.What I like about the goldbugs is they are light easy to hipmount and easy to use. Thanks Rob.
  3. Small world sometimes rick just happened to cruise through here and notice this post, sorry for not posting more over here maybe I can get a few in. Man this is a fancy board too. Here's a link to a few detectors I have for sale will post some pics if I can figure it out.Maybe fred will remember one of them :hmmmmmm: . Almost forgot there's a infinium in there too sorry (grin). Thanks Rob. http://golddredger.com/dcforum/DCForumID8/775.html
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