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  1. http://www.lapolicegear.com/co9melaupdet.html Del
  2. Sorry to hear you got skunked at Holbrook, especially since it sounds like you hit the place really hard. There's still plenty of meteorites to find out there though. Next time try putting the detector down and hunting visually. The ground is nearly impossible to tune out and the meteorites will barely set your detector off
  3. Alright I got a chance to get a close up pic up the five grammer and here it is- Del
  4. Way to go Dean, from the looks of it you definately earned that bad boy! Del
  5. Oh boy what a hunt, I had a blast guys! Ruben thanks for teaching me a few things out there, they will definately help in the future. Video came out great too. Ruben Jr's eagle eyes scored the pretiest one for sure. :wubu: Of course I'm always envious of Mikes finds... he's awesome at this! Mike thanks for putting up with me all weekend! That was fun my friend I look forward to more hunts! Now here's some pics Here's a good pic of Ruben and Jr- Here's a pic of me next to the 5 grammer I found- In-situ pic- Close up pic of the total haul- Shoot I just realised I didn't take a close
  6. Hey guys one thing I wonder about this... if the idea behind this steel wool thing is to break up EMI signals then wouldn't using a wire copper mesh screen do the same thing? I mean all your doing is ceating a faraday cage and I've always seen wire copper mesh used for this. Not to mention, it would be a lot cleaner. Just a thought :hmmmmmm: Del
  7. Hi Bob, unfortunately I can't make it because I got pressured to go somewhere else for the weekend. One of my friends doesn't want to spend four days out in the middle of the desert looking for meteorites all by himself. Also my truck is in no shape to make it out there and I can't afford a rental like last time. Sorry for not being able to make it, we'll do it another time. Have fun out there guys! Del
  8. Ruben- Hey thanks for taking Mike and I around the show. No big deal about the Bs'ing part as this is all part of the experience. Learned a lot and met a lot of people. Thanks! Ben and Erik- Yeah we barely scratched the surface of Tucson. You could probably spend a month there and not see everything. The thing that really blows me away- outside of chondrites, irons, and stony irons how the hell do hunters identify all of the above (achondrites and such)? :confused0013: I have to admit unless something has very obvious fusion crust on the outside I just wouldn't know. Mike and I kept looking
  9. Campos are probably one of the most abundant meteorites available for purchase. Here's the classification for it- Campo Classification Del
  10. Ben and Erik could probably easily tromp through that grass with no problems as tall as they are, it would probably only come up to their knees! Tucson show was way cool, wish I had more time to see all the other places. I definately learned a lot from the little bit of time I was there thanks to Ruben and guys like you. I'm amazed at the scale of that show (my first time attending). Kind of an eye opener for me because I had no clue the Gem and Mineral industry was that big! Again it was nice meeting you Sonny, maybe someday I'll see you out in the field. Until then, good luck with all you
  11. Pretty cool story Sonny, adventures like that are what keeps all of us addicted to this hobby. No meteorites were found but you now have memories that will last you for the rest of your life. Hey it was nice to run into you at Tucson. Maybe sooner or later I'll run into you again. Del
  12. Hey Shep just be a little carefull going through Lucerne Valley because I got pulled over out there last Saturday. The cop said I was speeding and I wasn't. It was pretty early in the morning (~3:30 am) and I figured they were looking for drunks or tweakers and I'm neither so he had to let me go. Those guys get bored out there your know. :bang: Well I'm heading to the Tucson show this weekend so I won't be out there. I decided to take a day off of work so I'll be out there on the 12th and will be leaving on the 16th. :woohoo: Five more days of swinging! I can't wait! Del
  13. Hi Steve, Fred's absolutely right about this because I've seen this out at Gold Basin and Franconia. There's a lot of factors when it comes to weathering and you can find two meteorites just feet away from each other that will look totally different because of weathering. Del
  14. Yeah Ron, you're correct about the heavier meteors flying a little further (higher inertia), though there are some strewnfields where this isn't the case. I think it may have something to do the angle of entry when the meteoroid was coming into the atmosphere. From what I can see in your pics it looks like you have complete stones and if I was going to take a guess it looks like you found some buried and one on the surface (pretty obvious with the in-situ pic!). As for a high level break up, imagine the meteor shattering high in the atmosphere and the fractured edges getting a secondary fusion
  15. Tony thats a beauty. There's a lot of guys in this hobby that spend many years dreaming of scoring a nugget like that. Fortunately you are now one of the few that has scored big so pat yourself on the back. As for joing the Oz club, I've always wondered if thats Troy or regular. :confused0013: I would imagine Troy since thats what gold is measured in. Congrats! Del
  16. Yeah Ron I know your a gold guy because I see you posting in the gold forums all the time. Don't know if you remember the gold I was finding and posting last september-october that I was finding with my old SD2100. I gotta thank you for the advice on the setup because it works great! If you can figure out if it was a high level breakup or a low level break up I'm sure that will help you determin whether you have to walk miles or feet to find other pieces. There's a lot of guys that dream about finding something like you did and the possibilites are endless. Heck you never know the main mass m
  17. Nice finds there Ron! If I were you I'd plot out the coords from the classified meteorites (if you think they're accurate) and your finds on a map then start expanding out from there. Also check to see if theres any secondary fusion crust on your finds and try to decide if it's a low level break up or a high level break up . Also try to figure out the general direction the meteorite was traveling. There's a good chance there's more to find out there. Good luck out there! Del
  18. Those are beauties Ron! Congrats! Del
  19. Nice one LL, guess thats a one up for us prospectors! Perhaps that will help our reputation and show people we're not all out to tear crap up. Boy if you thought we were all outraged by the video, you should read some of the comments posted by some of the readers of that article. :PO2: As for the whole arcing thing, I have to see a calculation done and certified by a Professional Engineer to believe that one. I'm curious to see where this goes. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and there will be more to come. Let me know this makes it to the evening news out there in AZ. Del
  20. Hey Ron I took your advice a while back and I've got the same exact setup. Works like a charm! Del
  21. Dakota, I beleive there's no cell phone coverage what-so-ever out there. Del
  22. Hey guys I just checked my schedule and it looks like I've got the 13th-16th off so I'll be out there on these dates. :woohoo: From the looks of it, my trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show might be cancelled and if this happens I'll probably be out there on the 7-8 as well. I'm really looking forward to meeting some more members. See you all out there! Del
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