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  1. Converse- http://www.lapolicegear.com/co9melaupdet.html 5.11- http://www.lapolicegear.com/5tahwabocobr.html You can find more on the LA Plice Gear website- http://www.lapolicegear.com/ Del
  2. My first nugget took about two weekends and the second one took another two weekends to find. The third..... Weeeeelllll that one took 8 months to find! Keep at it because sooner or later that "bullet" you think you're digging up will end up being a gold nugget and it will be the greatest feeling in the world. Patience, persistance and perserverance is the key!! Good luck out there, you'll get one eventually.
  3. Wow thats the stuff dreams are made of! I used to frequently walk by reversed signals until one turned out to be a nugget. While digging it I was 100% convinced it was a piece of trash but I'm happy to admit I was totally wrong. Lesson learned... Best bet is to dig ALL signals!
  4. http://www.lapolicegear.com/co9melaupdet.html Del
  5. Hey Adam I came up to my friend about fifteen minutes after it happened and he was mortified! His experience proved what I had thought for years about Rattlesnake bites... Chances are you probably wouldn't even feel it unless they dig their fangs in. How many times have you walked through bushes and got stuck by a cactus or something sharp that hurt enough to catch your attention? Yeah... Wouldn't even hurt that much and the chances are most people wouldn't even notice it. Just a small nip is all it takes. I NEVER wore Snake Gators until this happened!
  6. A couple years back one of my friends was detecting and felt something brush up against his shin. He took a couple steps then realised it had to be something a little more than brushing up against a bush. He turned around only to find out he had been tagged by a 3 foot Mojave Green. It's a good thing he was wearing Snake Gators because he would have had one hell of a crappy day!
  7. Well Frank the 1+ oz club is a nice one to join thats for sure. However it's a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing that you found it and you'll always be greatfull for that BUT it's a curse in the sense that no matter how much gold you find or how big of a nugget you get it's never enough! Congrats buddy, you earned that bad boy! Del PS- That first big nugget high will take a few months to get over so just take it easy because it will wear off eventually.
  8. Happy birthday dude. Yeah Matt you have to get out to the goldfields because you've missed some fun! Just ask Wes.... I STILL have mosquito bites! LOL Del
  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone And Ron happy birthday to you! Del
  10. Well Frank at least you got some exercise right? :shrug: I know it sucks to dig deep cans especially when you're convinced it's a nugget. I've dug my fair share of 2'+ deep holes for all sorts of cans and they can certainly be frustrating. The one and only time I've nailed a nugget that gave off the ooo-wee signal I was going through the routine of digging up another piece of trash and I nearly crapped my pants when I picked up a nice hunk of yellow metal! Some day you'll get a nice big ooo-wee signal and it will be a nice hunk of yellow metal. Keep at it man because they're out there! Del
  11. Very nice Adam! I like to call those "fist pumpers" because I'm willing to almost guarentee you were pumping your fist in the air triumphantly yelling "YES, YES, YES!" at the top of you lungs! I'll bet your hands were shaking too? :yuk-yuk: The big ones are a blessing AND a curse... It's a blessing that you scored it BUT then it's also a curse because that "big nugget high" takes a while to get over and you wish they came around more often. Kind of like a junkie looking for another BIG fix! ;) Congrats you earned that bad boy! Del
  12. SF I have no idea what makes you believe I've followed Randy around. I don't have follow anybody around because I find my own gold spots! . I've hunted with Randy several times and he is a friend of mine (he refers to me as his "competition"). Frankly I'm a little surprised he's been showing people his gold because he's always came across to me as the type of person that prefers to keep his finds hush hush. Does he know your posting pics of his gold on online forums? Funny thing is, I know he lurks on these forums and he's probably reading this right now.
  13. It looks like one of Randy Walker's nuggets.
  14. Nice one Frank! Gold specie's are always nice to find. :cool: Del
  15. Just figured I'd give a heads up. Someone's trying to pull a Minelab GPX-4500 scam on the Los Angeles Craiglist. Here's the link- GPX-4500 Scam At first I knew the price ($1,550) was to good to be true but just in case I sent an email about it and received this response- "hello ,sure but also forgive me i moved right now at my parents(my father have some health problems and i need to take care of him),and i didnt know this problem when i post the item,so if you decide to buy we will close the transaction via FreightCo,they have refund options,the transaction will be insured and secured ,so please let me know your decision,thank you" Typical scam nonsense! Oh yeah. The email adress is sabinaa2003-3@yahoo.com and their name is Sabina Brooks. I looked into this a little further and found the pics were stolen from a legitimate eBay auction located here- Minelab GPX-4500 Copied the auction word for word! If the Craigslist ad is no longer in the link then the ad was probably taken down. Hopefully someone will read this post and not fall for it. Del
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