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  1. Hola to all. There is a colombian person who is selling a 22 Kg individual of a suppose to be,historic Santa Rosa iron. Last December we recieved a small sample, we decided to test it here in Venezuela, and finally we recieved , preliminary cuantitative analysis results. We gave the people ( University physicist ) who tested it, the Buchwald official values of SR iron ( information who gave us Bern Pauli )......and they obtained the below results, testing three sub-samples they took from the one we gave them : Santa Rosa official values ( Buchwald ) : Fe 91.86% Ni 6.74% Co 0.5%. Values
  2. Hola Forist. While taking some pictures of our meteorite collection,we found some of them that looks like some sort of animal....well perhaps is our imagination....¿ going nut ?. The first picture ( NWA 4528 H5 met ) seems to be a fat fish, and the second one ( NWA unc. met ) , an amoeba that has just eaten a bacterium ¿ What do you think ? Hasta la vista, larense
  3. Sorry, forists.....use this picture. Sorry again Meteorito_Santa_Rosa.bmp
  4. Hola Forist. There is a very rich documented story of an almost forgotten southamerican meteorite, that in the beginings of the XX century, made its way to many important european museums, even it got to India. Below we will copy, one part of the docuented history, in which a famous northamerican citizen, Mr. Ward was involved. Latter on, we will forward , the complete story of this meteorite found, that perhaps have a large strewnfield area not studied yet, for the many fragments that have come to light to many decades, and possibly in recent days ( a surprise we are beholding untill things g
  5. Sorry......it is 1/60 seconds. Hasta la vista, larense
  6. Hola Steve. These are NWA dessert meteorites, that had white yellow caliche and soil sticked on them...and , we think, very old falls and so, very terrestrialized stones, hence its red color. We were taking pictures of a lot of them, but these ones, showed this red blood color , that we thought it will be nice to post them here. We think also, that the camera settigs helped to enhance the color. We used flash light and setted the camera at 60 seg and 7.1 opening. Ours are small stones as you can see with the rule measurement...and also we used a home made cleaning process with an organic acid
  7. Hola Forists. After cleaning the caliche and soil of some NWA unc. meteorites, we try to have good pictures of them....and here we want to show the enhanced red color we could get from the camera. It seems that they have been for a long , long time on Earth. Hope you enjoy it. Hasta la vista, larense
  8. Hola forists. In the link below, the graphic of the Huanocollo crater Peru. Hasta la vista, larense Visit My Website
  9. PERUVIAN METEORITE UPDATE: On Sept. 15th, a fireball streaked across the skies of Peru and soon thereafter a watery crater was discovered by local residents near the town of Carancas. At first experts dismissed the connection; the crater didn't look like a meteorite impact. But since then minds have changed: "Without reservation this is definitely a meteorite," says astronomy professor Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario. "We found some infrasound data recorded by a station in La Paz about 70 km away. From the size of the the airwave we can work out the kinetic energy of the i
  10. Sorry.....here the last picture. larense
  11. Hola Jayray. Thanks for your opinion. The fact is that we bought 1,500 grams of a new NWA meteorite already classified ( NWA 4528 H5 ), and it shows perhaps two or three different matrix composition and arrengement of metal inside it. The most important view of the matrix is in the first picture with a mixed matrix( brown and grey colors ), and evenly scatered small metal flecks. But when we sanded some other fragments, we don´t found the same matrix, instead some fragments show a dark brown matrix, others a brown greenish matrix and the Fe-Ni present veinlets and different forms of specks,
  12. Hola Forists. We have a question on meteorite shower, and that is, if all of the fragment of a fall, should be homogeneous in matrix constitution, we mean, same all color, same all kind of metal flecks, or it could be that some fragment are of one kind and some others different, that is, some have mixed matrix color and sparse small metal flecks and others have a unique matrix color and mixed flecks and veinlet of metal ? Hasta la vista, larense
  13. Hola forists. OK, here we have a real first picture of a fragment of the Carancas Peru´s meteorite. Enjoy it. Hasta la vista, larense
  14. Hola forists. A PDF document was released by the IMGEMMET of Peru, with pictures and TS of the peruvian meteorite, Below the link : Visit My Website Hasta la vista, larense
  15. Hola. We started this thread, cause of a list mail of an italian friend, asking if Nantan is naturally a magnet. Look at the very bottom of the Ebay action page......it seems a lodestone, for the many object it can holds. Well, any other opinion is welcome.....experts....¿ Where are you ? Visit My Website Hasta la vista, larense
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