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  1. Hell, Guys, put out a little energy, send good pendant nugs to el Dorado and have him put on rabbit ears, get some decent chain and market them as jewelry...You'll be talking at least double spot but you may have to get ingenious ... I've done it for years and back in the late '70's and early '80's was selling those jewelry nuggets for what spot is now ... Cheers, yer Unc in the Dubyah

    Uncle Ron, I had no trouble selling gold at the gold & rock shows and at my camp in the desert, but here in TX. gold nuggets are hard to sell.

    John made me some hangers there in Quartzite AZ. that sold good at the Pow Wow in Qsite.

    I have never been this old before and every thing seams to be harder the older I get. ( Well most things)




  2. Have a little over 2oz of junk gold (under dwt size) dang near getting tempting, but don't have anything I have to have right at this moment, so I guess I'll sit on it and ride the rollercoaster ;-)


    Shep, There is nothing I need,& would like to sit on it, but time is growing short & my family will need the $,s

  3. Chuck,

    Nuggets like those will usually bring a little over spot when sold individually on eBay. Give them an acid bath to improve their appearance, and then take good, closeup pictures of them in natural sunlight with a small ruler next to them. List them on a 1-day auction at spot, then watch them sit all day with no bids until the last 30 seconds. The last-second sniping will likely put them over spot, even with their base metal impurities. Have the listings end on Saturday and/or Sunday evening.

    The premium above spot should just about cover the listing fees, netting you spot. Try it with a few this weekend and see.


    Rick, I have sold some large nuggets on Ebay in years back, but old age has got me so dam squrley I hate to go threw that crap again. But it mite come to that. Thanks

  4. Chuck you said he pays 98% of spot, but not sure about the melt and also is he going to clock you with any other charges like assay etc. ???? I'm curious I have some Arizona nuggets to sell and might want to use your guy .

    Melt(is a crappy thought) them is the last thing I would concerned, They are like old best friends, they have helped us enjoy our old age beyond our dreams. If I decided to use a refiner I will let you know. chuck

  5. I am approaching that provable, Over the hill & need to sell some gold, Hard to sell here in TX.

    Called a refiner, was told he would pay 98% of spot but not sure what I could expect to receive after melt. Some of you Guys have been down that road before, Could you advise?

    Picked out the Small stuff but still Some nice gold, hate to melt it but Gracie would have a hard time selling it.

    Thanks a Bunch,,,, chuck


  6. Just dug out my original copies. Keep your eyes open for "Treasure" magazine. August 1986, June and July, 1987. I sold off all my old treasure mags a few years ago, but these I kept.

    Digger Bob, I have a big stack of all kinds of old treasures magazines, that I would like to sell. Will need to check & see if I have that one. Don't remember reading that story, but I wake up in a different world every morning.

  7. Just joined today and wanted to say hello to everyone. Know my way around the Gold fields with a detector

    ( SD2200d,XT18000,Stinger ) and several coin machines ( all very good and ready to go ). Also have two

    dredges 3" & 5" and a Gold Screw and building a trommel that will take apart and fit in the back of a

    small SUV ( a work in progress ). Dredged the Klamath River for 5 seasons and detected the Klamath and the

    Siskiyou's when I could. Had to move back to Texass due to health, and family, so have not been dredging

    except in (GA.) to teach a long time friend how to do it. Do a little coinshooting from time to time when I'm

    about to go stir crazy. Have I told you how much I hate Texass!! You can't do nutting here except wish you

    was 1200 mi.s West of it!!!!! Oh well as they say " thats life and then you die ". Don't waste your time

    or chances not doing what you love to do because you never know from day to day what will happen that can

    take those times and changes from you ( this also means sleeping with the lady's, Iknow about that to!! )

    Well by now if you have stuck it out this far and not went to sleep, you know more about me than you ever

    wanted to but hay, this is my post and you did'ent have to read it if you did'ent want to.

    Good Hunting to you all and you will hear more fpost-24938-0-06009700-1295469644_thumb.jrom me in days to come even if you don't want to.



    Howdy XT18000, I am in the same boat, but 1300 miles East from where I would like to be. Once you get gold fever, nothing else but the hunt for the cure will float your boat.

    I live on Cedar Creek Lake, South East of Dallas, TX. Hate to fish. Chuck,TX2

  8. First nugget, with a metal detector, Gracie & I were in Quartz, AZ. selling

    Drift wood carvings of Trappers & Indians, We did not open Monday For there

    was not much action at the flee markets, We took a drive out in the desert

    to have a look see & found three Guys raking the rocks off a small hill, we

    watched them, trying to figure out what they were up to, with no luck.

    Garden? Noway, I hate to inter my big nose where it is not invited but failing

    to convince Gracie that she should be one to ask them what they were doing,

    the WHY was eating me up. I approached this guy supported by his rake & asked

    him what they were doing, After a long pause that went on for ever he

    finely told me that they were hunting gold, GOLD, man there is not any gold in

    that dirt, gold is in rock, I cant remember where I obtained that peace of

    valuable information, but being from Texas I was always free with my opinion,

    right or wrong with no guarantees. They got this hill smooth & level, the

    guy propped up with his rake who I took to be the boss got his Gold Master &

    ground balanced it, made a swing or two & bingo, nice clear signal, one scoop

    with his plastic cup & he had it, Man O Man, there ware nuggets all over

    that darn hill,

    I told Gracie our wood carving days are over, We are Prospectors now. I

    still have that last carving & no desire to ever carve gain. Gold fever has

    taken over.

    We drove back to Qsite bought me a Whites Gold Master, assembled it turned

    it on & holy dodo, I have never herd such racket come from a metal detector,

    I thought I new something about them for I had sold & used most of them.

    Where is that darn direction manual? The VLF Detectors had just came out, I

    had never used one or had any experience with mineralize soil, After 3 days of

    farting with that darn thing, If there had been a tree handy, it would have

    a metal detector raped around it.

    I seen this big guy, Glen Anderson near my camp giving lessons on how to

    use a metal detector to about 15 people in tow. I swallowed my prided &

    asked him what was wrong with this detector, He jacked it up & down about 3 or

    4" off the ground & had it purring like a kitten, If it hadn't been for him I

    would still be out on that darn desert trying to get it to work after I

    raped it around a tree.

    My first day as a prospector I went to a wash on the north side of I-10

    at Qsite, The only thing I new of gold prospecting was that there was gold

    nuggets laying out there in the dirt or in rock that a metal detector would

    find if you put it over a gold nugget that was not to deep & how to ground

    balance a detector, gold was defiantly in the dirt & was not sure about the

    information that I had obtained from some unknown place about gold being in

    rock but to be on the safe side, I was going to give all dirt & rock in AZ. A


    I was working down in the gut of this wash that was full of junk & decided

    to give the face of this huge rock a go, got a good signal about six ft. up

    & then realized I did not have a hammer or chisel But while trying to pin

    point it there was a silver $ size hole,

    (at the time hadn't learned not to stick body parts in holes in the desert)

    Stuck my finger in gave it a twist & out fell the most beautiful big huge

    3.6 gram golden nugget, I was convinced it was the greatest nugget ever found

    in AZ

    I am sure that if I had known any thing about prospecting I would never

    have found that nugget.

    Around the fire that night I was the king, every one hung on to ever world

    I had to say, I had more friends & respect, then any time in my life, Gracie

    even got me a cup of coffee, as a rule she would ask if I wonted a cup & to

    bring her one while I was up.

    That was a good time. Chuck

    I too, Will something find, And Glory in the finding.


  9. Tell us newbies how long it took you when you first started to find your very first piece of gold and what equipment you started out with.

    Myself I just started doing this found nothing but junk. I bought an mine-lab 705 and I admit I picked some rotten places to start looking. I starting to feel a little frustrated.mad0264[1].gif

    I use a pickax but no magnets on it yet. So I spend a long time finding the junk when I come across it. I am learning slowly about geology also.



    Gold Mining Equipment

  10. I am planning on being at Quartzsite area for Turkey Day this wed.24 thru sun.28.

    I have no actual field experience in the area. I will be with 1 other couple and we will have 5th wheel trailers.

    Anyone familiar with the La Paz placer area off Tom Wells rd. (La Paz wash, Goodman wash, Farrar gulch) any info on these and getting a 5th wheel in there to camp ???

    La Cholla & Middlecamp Placers off Dome rock rd. any info on this area with reguards to gettin a 5th wheel an camping in there ???

    Which of the 2 areas would you suggest over the other ??

    Never been there and want to maximize our time detecting, I have a little info from books and thats all so any help / suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks Frank C.

    Frank, I hunted & camped in the N.Trigos which are on the Yuma Proving grounds for 10 yrs or more with no problems, you need an ATV to get back in there to hunt. There is a lot to see back in the Trigos. Best to drive there & scout it out first. There will be guys there that will be glad to show you around. Take Care, Chuck

  11. Chuck, I told you to sell that to your buddy that always takes you for a ride.

    If you can get 20 bucks out of him you'll be doing the driving this time. :hahaha:

    frank c, I don't think I will do much driving if he sells it for $40.00 I am not the only one he regally skins.

    Every time I think I can not afford him, he invites me over for Bar B Q Goat, I don't know who he is skeining for the goat, but some one for sure.

    He sure knows his way around BAR B Q goat, It is the best I have ever eaten, come to think of it, His is the only one I ever ate.

  12. That is a gossan nugget. It is hematite/magnetite that surrounds it. Sometimes nuggets are in black manganese, but this looks just like hematite.

    You can go to Home Depot and buy a single 12 X 12 unglazed ceramic tile for 69 cents. I found a whole bunch of unglazed 1" mosaics at the city dump one day and so I have a free lifetime supply of streak plates that are little and fit right in my pocket with my loupe. You can also find telephone pole insulators that are unglazed, and many coffee cups have unglazed bottoms. But the very best, lightest, and most versatile streak plate is a piece of wet or dry sandpaper glued to a stick. I use a 3/4" X 1/4" X 4" piece of oak with a 220 paper glued on one side and a 340 grit on the other. I can grind a window and polish it up in a jiffy and the "streak" is evident right away. Make a few extra and give some to your wife. She will use them as an emory board for her fingernails and it will never wear out.

    You can also use an old knife sharpening stick to check a streak. There are lots of innovative ways to streak a rock if you think about it.

    Now, hematite does streak red but so does a lot of other minerals. Streak is just one characteristic. But iron ore that streaks red is a sure bet that it is hematite or a close relative.

    Gotta keep the little woman happy. Just tell her you have given up on rubbing rocks on the toilet lid. While you are at it tell her you will always lift the lid to pee and return it to the closed position afterwards. Call it a campaign promise. Even if you fail to keep it you will get credit for it for the thought.

    Bob I don't believe in over doing it, She is so happy that I raise the lid, now that my ame is not so good.

  13. Only thing I am sure of is the yellow stuff is gold. The black stuff is not. The yellow stuff is worth money, the black stuff is not.

    Bedrock Bob told me if it streaks red it is Hematite. it streaks red.

    Gracie is not to happy with me marking up the porcelain water tank lid, I have a truck load of rocks that I picked up over the years that need testing.

    One thing about getting old is, it doesn't bother me much as it once did that she is not happy.


  14. Chuck. It aint what you think it is No way no how, Now relax and let the cards fall. he may be feeding off your determinated belief that it is a metiorite,we all are wrong now and again,It,s ok take the 20 bucks,,

    Denny, I was sure it was a leverite & didn't think much about it Intel my friend offered me $20 for it, That is when the red flag went up & I got leary that he was sharping his knife for a skinning, ME.

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