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  1. Got out friday morning in northern AZ. turned up another dink. With the prices of gold now the word "dink" makes ya "think". No matter how small the nug is its worth quite a bit. LONENUG003.jpg

    frank c, Boy, the dinks have grown some since I had a go at one.

  2. Wow nice carving... You are a talented critter!

    Thanks, Before I came down with the gold fever, I truly enjoyed carving, but no more, The hunt for Gold

    is ever on my mind.

    I Too, Will, Something Find, And glorry in the finding.

  3. Sorry--CAVEAT EMPTOR=LET THE BUYER BEWARE. ancient latin phrase--like me ancient and in a phase--- :olddude: John

    No problem, When my Dad told me that he would teach me every thing I would need to know, And get out

    there in that cotton patch & hoe that cotton He should have included some of that ancient Latin.

  4. NEVER EVER SEEN A 10K NATURAL NUGGET MYSELF- don't sound right to me but????fake nuggets has turned into a art of deception and as always CAVEAT EMPTOR- :puke: John

    Caveat emptor? John, There has to be a another Red Necks on this forum besides me, you are going to force me to look that one up.

  5. I admire you & your Buddy's fortitude, It took time & energy to set up a great camp like that in that heat, & it sure paid off.

    I could never stay in one spot, had to see what was over the yonder hill. I left more gold than I

    ever found. WTG

  6. Ctx2-I hate fire and snakes and your fire tale is indeed hair raising-hate sittn'n a crik watching the forest burn and never knowing when that tree fall or fire'll get ya. thanks for the insight--that'll give some sweet dreams???John

    John, I was well paid for hair that I lost, There was places that i would lay awake at night trying to figure how to get

    rid of the sage brush where I had found nuggets before. Problem solved, some places were great & some not so.

    you would hate Rye Patch after the fire, there were coon tails every where, no place for them to hide.

  7. Allen, I sold Garrets when I first quit working at jobs that I hated. I carved him a carving out of an old log.

    don't remember if it was any good or not, I was hoping to get a better hole sale price, it must of been lousy

    for the price staid the same. Image is the last carving I did when I found out there was gold laying out

    in the Deserts waiting for some one to come along & give them a new home.

    PS, carving is carved out of Bristle Cone. I was told that it is one of the oldest living trees, & that there was one in Calif. that was over 5500 yrs old. I think I have shown you guys this thing before,



  8. I got one of my checks in the mail this morning and had a question on another matter, so I dropped the fact that there was a disgruntled patron about not getting paid and it could cause a bad report for them, You had delt with Amy and John I believe, Like I mentioned before, they are a reputable company, so don't know where the ball was dropped, hope everything gets cleared up for you Allen ps. was it you and the misses out in Rye Patch many years back when Rye patch burned?? Much gold found after that burn.

    Allen we were parked on a little clear hill in a Silver streak trailer & every one was leaving but we going to ride it out, Gracie had her broom & I had a shovel, Bryan stop-ed on the way out & warned us to get our old asses out of there for if the fire didn't get us the smoke would, the black smoke was coming over Majuba MT. heading our way, we lost our i cool & Bryan helped us hook up & left. Gracie had never puled a trailer & she straitened out that road out of there,Two tires shot to hell but she got er done, I was driving my 4 wheeler& made it though the fire that covered the road going out of Rye Patch but on the road to Emlay ran into a much larger fire that covered the road & then some, ONLY THING i NEW TO DO WAS CLOSE MY EYES & GO AS FAST AS i COULD THROUGH IT ( sorry about the caps BUT got carried away.). I had filed my tank full of gas & was sure it was going to blow when it got to hot for me & i had to fly over the Burn, ( is that what they call that ridge that the grader makes when they grade the road?) IT burnt the hair off my arms & eyebrows,Think goodness I did not have any hair on my head to burn.

    When we came back to Rye Patch we thought we had dyed & went to gold nugget Heaven.

    I think we would have been OK if we had stayed where we were. I left 5 gallon of gas & a full tank of propane there where the trailer set. But they say it is not the fire that kills you it is the smoke.

    I had a shovel.

  9. Happy Days Are Here Again, was just informed that my cash will be at there office at 3;00 pm Tuesday. It mite be later in the week when Steve comes in from NV. to drive me, HE is working a vent, cant Waite to see how it turned out.

    Who ever informed them that I was on this form, Thanks A bunch For I was about to Kiss that 10 oz good buy.

    Image is of happier times selling gold at Tyson Rock Show in Qsite AZ.


  10. :puke: CHECKS??? :stupidrb: CHECKS :yikes: we don' take no stinkn' checks :nutty: Yes must agree them righteous jewelry grade nuggets must NOT end up melted into junk gold. Sure wish ya was closer and I knew ya better as I hold gold for friends for up to a year and sell back for 1% as banks not paying squat for interest on anythang anymore. Please post smaller lots on many gold forums as usn' goldnutz HATE to see your legacy nuggets end up in a nasty ugly bar form---John :wubu:

    I hear you John, When I herd some one wonting melting down one of my nugget I would get hilly insulted,

    When I was able to drive it was no problem to sell nuggets in Qsite AZ. every one new the value of a gold nugget.

  11. Dayuuum, that's some beautiful gold. Me thinks you could do a whole lot better (price wise) with nugget buyers, rather than refiners who are used to processing scrap and bench filings.

    Gracie & I went to a treasure show in Longvuew TX, Where A man approached me wonting to buy a nugget& I could not remember how to figure the price I was selling them, MY mind went blank He had to figure the price, lost $90.00 on that deal.

    It was Gracie's birth day & she found a silver 4 real that was salvaged from a Spanish treasure ship

    that sank in 1715 by Captain Fismer. He was on Pawn Stars advise them on a ships bell that a lady brought in to sell them.

    asked him if he wonted to trade for a nugget, Sure I don't know any thing about gold nuggets, what ever you think is fair.

    Thought it was worth about $ 150.00 and gave him $ 150.00 worth of nuggets, he was happy with the deal & on the way home Gracie told me that we sure made a great deal, why? She informed me that the coin was priced at $ 500.00, O- S%%T

    I did not haft to worry long about cheating him for he in informed me by email that he was told that he paid over a thousand $ a gram for them, Bet, I broke him from trusting any ones judgment on a trade again.That deal cost me postage, insurance & a couple of nuggets for his trouble. Made a good Friend, but I don't think he will trust my JUDGMENT AGAIN.

    I am just to dam old, wake up in a different world every day.


  12. I used to use D H Fell in Calif and they area great company and have been in business for quit some time. They have a $35.00 assay fee and pay 95.25% up to 200 dwt and with the 10 day payment option you get another 1/4% the more you send in the more % you get paid. With ARA it is no assay fee and a flat 98% on content. I can prety much figure what I will get in return when I send in placer. I also use them for scrap gold and can figure almost to the dollar what I get. all packages are sent insured with signature. I think you would have gotten a better return on your 10 oz if you sent it in for melt judging what you said you got for it. unless there was alot of quartz or other host rock with it. I hope it all comes out good for you. Allen Just saw your post above and that is some right fine gold, you should be able to get a good price for that by the piece here on this forum, I would advertize it in the for sale forum to see what happens, that looks to good to melt. AIM

    Allen, here is an image that the 10 oz came from.


  13. $1,293 an oz was what you were paid???? or told?? $500-$600 loss a ounce is bs bigtime(25-30% loss)-sorry for your loss--old dogs DO learn new tricks. Fell in LA MUCH better payouts FAST,been in biz over 25 years and great on poundage--John

    John , I had another 10 o/z I was going to give them when they brought me the payment at Burger King,

    (if they did)but I cant afford them, Gracie & I camped for years out in the deserts with pore Prospectors &

    rich ones & never had a worry, (well a few times when they got to close to a new patch)

    I don't think I could Ever send gold to some one with out payment, first, I don't have the desire to sliest trouble.

    I was amazed when I was trying to sell some gold at Qsite AZ; This guy that I did not know from Adam wonted to give me a check for 5 one oz vials of small Gold Bug gold. Told him that I could not take a check for I wasn't going home for

    3 or 4 months & had no way to cash it. He said that would be fine to deposit the check when I got home & when it cleared

    send the gold, There is no way I could trust a stranger that much, I met him 2 yrs later at Qsite, I wish I could remember his name

    It is possible he visits this forum, Hi Guy

  14. I've sent in a couple of lots to them and never had a problem.... They still have my business!

    It is very possible that I was expecting to much, I have never sold to a refiner before, & was told that he was paying

    $12,931.30 for 10 o/z of gold nuggets when he got the money. It was when he got the money that was the problem I

    have lived porley for 20 yrs on gold, BOUGHT trucks & trailers, motor homes 3 Mine labs & a number of VLFS, 2 6 months trips to W Australia & never had to trust some one to set the price on my gold & when they were going to pay me.

    when I gave the man the gold the money was in my hand.

    I was led to believe that the older you got the smarter you got, No Way, this old age takes some getting use to

    I am not trying to change any ones mind, You need to go with the one you trust. I am too dam old to sell on ebay Any more.

    I suppose I could cut the price on ebay for a quick sale.

  15. Allen, I think the first Lady was named Amie, the couple that met me at Bugger King, i don't remember, she signed the recipe but cant make it out, She was one of the owners.

    I think they are nab ors of mine, but don't know where they live.

    I phoned them to find out the hold up & he asked me if I wonted to peg the price, i told him no. the price was going up & up.

    . I called 3 or 4 days later & was informed the check was in the mail, He pegged it at $1,757 for pure gold o/z ,

    he was paying

    75% = OF 10 O/Z nuggets or 233.6 I was disappointed with the price & weight he was paying but had no recourse but to except as a way of life But when he told me the check was in the mail, I informed him that I stipulated cash & was told that I would

    receive same, he checked the invoice & told me he would pay when he got the money.

    he checked the invoice & told me he would pay when he got the money. I was so happy when they told me they would pick it up & I would not need to drive that 150 mile round trip & fight that traffic.

  16. Chuck, it would be a cold day in hell before I sent any gold to anyone, without the money in my hand first, Thats why when I have gold, I sell local, Cash on the exchange, Grubstake

    grubstake, I have never sold to a refiner before, it has always been for cash. They made it so easy to hand over my gold to them for I am 84 & Gracie is 87, we don't drive so good any more,They said they lived here on the lake & would meet me at Bugger king ( T Bone was at McDonald's) & there would be no need for me to drive the 150 miles round trip to there place of business, Met the nice Lady & her husband & we enjoyed talking to them, They have a good web site telling how honest they were, what is to not believe?

  17. Did you call them. I've waited from 2 days up to 2 weeks from my guy for gold scrap sent in. Check may be in the mail or lost. If he gave a price he should stick to it.

    Yes, I called him, He informed me that the check was in the mail, I reminded him that it was a cash deal, he checked & came back that he did not have the money & would call me when he gets the money.

  18. Man O Man, What this old fart would give for a place to speck like that, On my morning. 50' trip to the mail box here in TX, I give ever rock & pebble a good examination. What is that old saying the experience gold hunters always say? Gold is where you find it.There is no way in hell that there is any gold that I have a chance to find around here, BUT, Gold is where you find it.

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