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  1. I depended on gold & was very serious about finding it.. I know guys that say, I don't care if I don't find gold I had a good time any way, I went out there to find gold & I was a lot happier if I found it. No gold no $$. Gracie thought she had to eat every day & if she missed a meal she was hard to get along with, I made that statement (keep my mouth shut) after my hunt is nearly over & looking back. There has been 100s of people I have tried to help & put over gold, I don't think there is a man on this forum that would not do the same, We all wont our Friends to find gold, But when you take them to your patch & they find more & bigger nuggets than you ever found, 6 & 10 ounce-rs. It is hard to smile & wish them well. It makes you wonder if you have both ores in the water.

    We all have different out looks depending on our position on the mountain. Take Care & have fun chuck,TX2

  2. When I was chasing that golden rainbow There are things I wished I had done different. #1, Is,I had kept my big mouth shut, & not tolled people that I met in the gold fields that I called friends, Hey Buddy see that little wash, I found a nice little patch there & 3 nice nuggets over by that big rock. The people you meet hunting gold are not your friends, they are COMPETITION, I have a bad habit of finding a patch & get side tracked & wonder off, thinking I will come back later. dumb dumb

    #2 Is I wish I had bought a place in Meadevuew,AZ. Where I would be near the gold & when I got old & felt like it, I wouldn't have so darn far to travel. I live 1300 hundred miles from Qsite & when you are approaching that proverbial, Over The Hill, it is a fare peace.

    Well The Boss Lady wonts me to play Skip O, So will put an end to this dribble. Take Care.

  3. During my 50 yrs of detecting, with detectors I cant remember, interring every hunt where ever,Finding a little silver & a lot of junk & a bunch of friendly people. Money wise I dug a deep hole, but I think I still came out ahead with all the fun I had.

    After I quit work at 55, at a job I hated I still had to make a living but I didn't conceder it work for I did what I enjoyed, Sold metal detectors, & junk that turned out to be collectibles that I picked up over the years, wood carved signs, carved Trappers & Indians out of drift wood, It was at Qsite where I went to sell in the winter that I discovered that there was gold laying out there in the desert waiting for me. That was when I started to make expenses & payback for all the money I invested in having a great time.

    Whites Gold master, 2100, 2200, 4000, Mine Labs, Gold bug 2, & all the stuff that it takes to support them. Two 6 months trips to Australia Which I think gold has payed for it all, For I had to sell gold as I found it. there is no way I could afford to go & do the things we enjoyed.

    Sorry to drag this out but it has been a long trip & it is not over as yet.I have 2 lb of gold nuggets left ( more or less) to sell & then it will be very close to being over. Take Care Every One Chuck


  4. The BLM gave me a fit & made me move every 14 days,I would move further out near the Trigos where I was detecting but they would all ways find me. I was Leary about camping out there for I herd story's about the army using your rig as a target & fill it full of 50ts. I didn't think the BLM could bother me on the Proving ground so took a chance and camped out there for about ten years with no problem.

    I was out there last Sept. & could not believe the holes that were dug every place I had found gold before, I don't mean nugget holes but holes you could put a truck in. That is the roughest place I have ever hunted, every rock is loose & you can sure bust your but. I fell out there last trip & had hell getting up. This old age is the s,,,s.

    You need ATV for there was gold all around the Tregos, I don't know where gold IS but I know where it WAS. There is a lot to see that is interesting out there, ask one of the guys out there to show you around. Good Luck Have Fun. chuck Image is me 15 years ago at Tregos.


  5. Gracie & I were up in age when we started the gold search, & She was stone deft, We would spend 10 months a year in the gold fields & never lost a thing, Knock on wood. Gracie was a southern gal who would make any old Desert Rat welcome & insists they eat or lease have something to drink.

    I had some chest pains & spent 5 days in the hospital in Winnemucca,NV. Gracie was stuck at Rye Patch alone with a lot of gold ( allot for us )

    no phone, being deft she could not hear with one Even if she had one. Leaving her alone worried me but didn't bother her at all, Tuff old gall. Good Times

  6. I wish I had been able to hang on to my small gold back when spot was $250 an oz. I sold the small nuggets for $300 an oz. Had no trouble getting $622 an oz. for the larger stuff.

    Living 1300 miles from the nearest gold, Truck trailer the latest Mine Lab, gas & trying to keep grocery's on the table. Demanded I sell it as I FOUND It For Gracie got kind of contrary when the grub got low.

  7. Paul, I have some nice nuggets for sale. have a add on crags list,Dallas, TX.Just type gold nuggets & my add will show.or email me at chasmgraff8@wmconnect.com & will send images.I am selling all of my nuggets that I have found IN AZ. NV. CALIF. AU. Take Care, chuck


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