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  1. Holey Crap,What beautiful nuggets,The other posters already used up all the words that describes your nuggets,(hell I couldn't spell them anyway) And you are no slouch of a photographer, Those are some great images, Thanks for the thrill, but bad for the old ticker. Chuck,TX.
  2. I am going to take a chance & post one more Peace of wood. This carving is Bristle cone, There is a Bristle Cone growing in Calif. that is over 5500 yrs old, I found this where the old timers cut their post for shoring in the mines up Lost Canyon on Quail MT. in CO.
  3. Old Miner, A wood cuter told me that he had an order for a Rick of Iron wood, & it was toxic, contained Arsenic, He went blind for about 3 weeks after cutting it. I don't know if I believe him, for the Mexicans work& & sand iron wood all day & every day. Down Mexico Way Image is of a Iron Wood carving I could never get it to suit me & lost interest, Now that I coughed the fever I have no interest except chasing gold.
  4. Gary, A Friend wonted me to keep an eye open for one of those, Thought of yours, but you had a guy who was interested & my Friend lives Flipping ARK. A far peace.
  5. Allen, There is nothing I could do to improve what Mother Nature spent hundreds of years producing.
  6. Thanks, Allen, I have a need for that type of glue now, will check it out.
  7. Being an ex wood carver, became a prospector I was always attracted to wood. Bungee Bill,( RIP ) & I were working this wash in 1992, that the old timers had given a good go, which still produced enough to keep us interested. High up at the start of this wash I found this Iron wood Sculptor cared by Mother nature, That I really admired, but was packing to much gear to salvage it. This winter I was up that wash & saw it still there after all these years, I have it proudly displayed in our home & it Bing's back some great mummeries that I can enjoy Again Take Care, chuck I TOO
  8. Allen, here is the images of the nuggets, I on with Shoe GOO. They goo stays flexible & the nuggets stay put.
  9. Allen, How do you keep those wiggle buggers in place? I had some beautiful little nuggets that I mounted on white quartz with Shoe Goo about 5 yrs back & they have seen some rough treatment but are holding up great, Will try to get image & post, Take Care
  10. Adam, Skip O is a card game that old Forts play that live too far from the gold & have nothing else to do.
  11. It is about time some one showed up on this forum with a nugget,WTG. Hope the hole gang has good luck & post some gold Monday.
  12. Ora Banda, Is this one bar town where the miners & sandal wood cutters lived when they were not digging or cutting, located way back in the out back of Western Australia. I should have stayed lonesome at Jasper Hill out side of Leonora & did my thing, instead of hooking up with my new good friends,who invited me to go with them to Ora Banda to hook up with a Sandal Wood cuter who new the country, & who might put us over some gold, The bar was his office & home so we had no trouble finding him. The trouble I had was separating my new good friends from this bar & hitting the
  13. Great,tomax, now that is information I can use. chuck
  14. ALLEN, Your post brought back a smellier working over that I receive from this guy & his wife. I don't know how I could be so dam stupid to not realize that they were giving me the royal treatment,not just once but over & over. They were best Friends & best Friends always watch your back & give you a fair shake.Yea Right. The incident that woke me up was we discovered a great old park that never been hunted before in the rough & I repeat rough part of Dallas. We only worked it a short time & it started to rain, We agreed to meat at this old school the next week end &am
  15. Gary, IF I recall the last time you went to RP you were in your travel trailer. There is no way that I could not get Gracie back out in the desert, RP Is about 2000 miles from here. she is raped up in her stinking flowers & garden, I am about to go broke buying dirt, cow sxxt & lawn mowers. She will crank the mower & walk of & forget about it, and I cant remember to remind her that it is still running. The old dear cant hear a thing, She has a bad case of CRS too. Take Care
  16. This is my camp last winter, bought the trailer thinking I could use it to transport my ATV & sleep & store my junk in when It was not needed. I didn't have it organize where I could find anything, It was hell trying to fix my baloney sandwiches three times a day, What a miserable month,I am not a camper,but I had spent a year in Australia sleeping in a little station wagon, cooking over an open fire, No problem, Thought that covered trailer with standing room, would be a walk in the park. Thinking was never one of my strong points. chuck
  17. Hello Gary, We made some good memories, but we worked hard for them, You mentioned the wild Mustangs brings back a time when I had a dry washer I was trying to sell this guy, he wonted to see it work, so I took him over the mountain back of S place We were dry washing & this herd of around 20 Mustangs led by this beautiful Stalin approached us on the trail going to the spring. the mairs were thirsty & wonted to stay on the trail, But that old Stalin was havening no part of that, He kicked ,bit & throwed a fit and Finlay made them detour around us. Gracie couldn't stand me any lon
  18. Thanks, Adam, Wulfenite, now that I have the time to think of things other than gold I tore up this house with Gracie screaming, What the hell you looking for, trying to find a book to learn about Wulfenite. Now I know, today, tomorrow probably not. CRS Take Care
  19. Benz, My first gold detector was an old White GM, It was really noisy, but we got along just fine talking back & forth, together we had a great time, and I never got lonesome.
  20. Those boys had the fever good. No deer hunting, no girlfriends, no trips to Mexico...They just didn't have the time because they were so busy taking care of gold fever. Bob, You described me to a tee. I have done all those thing you describe with a Passion but one at a time. I admire some one that can have a passion for Manny hobbies, But I have a one track mind & not enough Grey matter to apply to but one hobby at a time. Hunting gold was the best, easiest job & money I ever had & have really enjoyed the search. The Fever Beats On.
  21. Old Gold Miner, your posts read like poetry,I know squat about hard rock mining or about gold for that matter, all I know it is laying out there in the dirt. I too will something find, and Glory in the finding. I don't know who said that, but it has to be a old miner.
  22. Buying the 2100 was one of the things I did do. I found what became my largest patch with the old Whites Gold Master. Bungee Bill & Little Billy were hunting Rye Patch & were really cleaning up with the Mine labs, Gracie told me to go & get me a Mine Lab before they came & cleaned out my patch with there new Detectors. As long a she had plenty of beans she didn't care or know how much we had in the old Polk, which was pretty lean. I got in contact with Ray F. & asked him to bring me a 2100. I thought that I could make it pay by harvesting the deeper gold on bed rock that
  23. The image is of a old prospectors rock shelter some where in the Tregos, I found a Northfield knife made around 1865 worth in the neighborhood of $800.00 in the shelter & 2 nuggets (the small one has been sold) found near by. If any one is hunting the Tregos this winter you mite enjoy trying to find the old shelter. Take Care
  24. John O, I could never keep from wondering off a patch to see what was over the next hill or down the wash around the bend. Thinking I would give it another go tomorrow. I always went back & found gold but never chained it and gave it a proper go. Looking back I wished I had thrashed the devil out of it. Never leave gold gold to find gold, I have herd that a thousand times, but the next hill would be calling me to take a look. If I had kept my mouth shut it would of been OK. Show & tell and I had instant Friends, That I ENJOYED more at the time than the gold. Most of my old Friends are
  25. Sean, I am not trying to disagree with you or change your mind but I have found if I tramp the hills & washes & find a few dinks & willing to tell & show where I found them. I have found more friends then I ever dreamed existed & I really enjoyed the popularity. I don't know how long & how far you have traveled in that great search for the yellow but think you still have a way to go before you hang it up & quit the search, My search is about over & looking BACK on my long search is where I am coming from. Take Care, Chuck
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