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  1. Hey, Yuccagold, I am 1500 miles from Burns Canyon, But if you don't mind I will join you there, In Spirit, that is. I need a gold fix, Bad Get out there & make us proud, Take Care.
  2. Uncle Ron, I had no trouble selling gold at the gold & rock shows and at my camp in the desert, but here in TX. gold nuggets are hard to sell. John made me some hangers there in Quartzite AZ. that sold good at the Pow Wow in Qsite. I have never been this old before and every thing seams to be harder the older I get. ( Well most things)
  3. Shep, There is nothing I need,& would like to sit on it, but time is growing short & my family will need the $,s
  4. Rick, I have sold some large nuggets on Ebay in years back, but old age has got me so dam squrley I hate to go threw that crap again. But it mite come to that. Thanks
  5. How much can you expect to receive from an ounce of gold after melt? Thanks
  6. Melt(is a crappy thought) them is the last thing I would concerned, They are like old best friends, they have helped us enjoy our old age beyond our dreams. If I decided to use a refiner I will let you know. chuck
  7. Thanks, I enjoyed the finding, Good Luck in your hunt.
  8. I am approaching that provable, Over the hill & need to sell some gold, Hard to sell here in TX. Called a refiner, was told he would pay 98% of spot but not sure what I could expect to receive after melt. Some of you Guys have been down that road before, Could you advise? Picked out the Small stuff but still Some nice gold, hate to melt it but Gracie would have a hard time selling it. Thanks a Bunch,,,, chuck
  9. Arizona Al had this image of TBone, It is in pretty bad shape for it has been around & displayed at Minny a camp fire.RIP
  10. Digger Bob, I have a big stack of all kinds of old treasures magazines, that I would like to sell. Will need to check & see if I have that one. Don't remember reading that story, but I wake up in a different world every morning.
  11. Howdy XT18000, I am in the same boat, but 1300 miles East from where I would like to be. Once you get gold fever, nothing else but the hunt for the cure will float your boat. I live on Cedar Creek Lake, South East of Dallas, TX. Hate to fish. Chuck,TX2
  12. I belonged to the National Wood Carvers Museum in CO. where I met a member that impressed me with his skill at carved pine knots, who lived in Missoula, by chance do you know him? Chuck
  13. Do you see the old prospector that lived there in days gone by?
  14. It has been a while since these 2 images were taken, Do you remember? We had a bad fire & it destroyed MRS.Crows & MR. Pack rats homes.
  15. There is nothing prettier than a beautiful Lady or yellow gold. Nice job.
  16. Rye Patch Gold for sale in the classifieds, I am feeling very unnecessary, Gracie told me to get them (new teeth) or get. Chuck
  17. Steve, I think he had an apartment at that new housing developing there at Qsite.
  18. First nugget, with a metal detector, Gracie & I were in Quartz, AZ. selling Drift wood carvings of Trappers & Indians, We did not open Monday For there was not much action at the flee markets, We took a drive out in the desert to have a look see & found three Guys raking the rocks off a small hill, we watched them, trying to figure out what they were up to, with no luck. Garden? Noway, I hate to inter my big nose where it is not invited but failing to convince Gracie that she should be one to ask them what they were doing, the WHY was eating me up. I approached this guy sup
  19. Frank, I hunted & camped in the N.Trigos which are on the Yuma Proving grounds for 10 yrs or more with no problems, you need an ATV to get back in there to hunt. There is a lot to see back in the Trigos. Best to drive there & scout it out first. There will be guys there that will be glad to show you around. Take Care, Chuck
  20. frank c, I don't think I will do much driving if he sells it for $40.00 I am not the only one he regally skins. Every time I think I can not afford him, he invites me over for Bar B Q Goat, I don't know who he is skeining for the goat, but some one for sure. He sure knows his way around BAR B Q goat, It is the best I have ever eaten, come to think of it, His is the only one I ever ate.
  21. Bob I don't believe in over doing it, She is so happy that I raise the lid, now that my ame is not so good.
  22. Only thing I am sure of is the yellow stuff is gold. The black stuff is not. The yellow stuff is worth money, the black stuff is not. Bedrock Bob told me if it streaks red it is Hematite. it streaks red. Gracie is not to happy with me marking up the porcelain water tank lid, I have a truck load of rocks that I picked up over the years that need testing. One thing about getting old is, it doesn't bother me much as it once did that she is not happy.
  23. Denny, I was sure it was a leverite & didn't think much about it Intel my friend offered me $20 for it, That is when the red flag went up & I got leary that he was sharping his knife for a skinning, ME.
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