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  1. Sept.12 th. Well it is over, thought I would be on that cloud nine that every one is referring to when they are happy, but I feel like crap down in the dumps. Friends drove us, left at 4"00 AM trying to miss the traffic, found there gold mine with out much drama, Nice building, Great location, Introduced my self to some guy that didn't I am sure they thought they were being invaded by 4 old cripples from the Shady Grove nursing home. They had a large bole of all day suckers, we made ourself welcome, not those little cheep suckers, but big, we slobbered on them all the way home. I was told that he would make it as hard as he could to make it difficult to receive my money . And believe me, He told the truth, But was less than truthful when I was told twice ,once in writing that it would be no problem to meet at Burger King. & consummate the deal. I don't like to store the bad memories & hope to forget this one as soon as posible..... ,
  2. Skip, I always thought it interesting to find thing showing that all the old diggers did not leave there ladies home with the kids. I have found all kinds of little treasures, hair pins Bobby pins all kinds of metal thing the ladies used to keep things up or in, toys, doll parts, & I keep them in a special place in a box & in my memory. chuck
  3. Skip, I always thought it interesting to find hair pins bobby pins & all kinds of metal things that the ladies used to hold up or hold in & toys, doll parts showing that all the old Diggers did not leave there ladies home with the kids. chuck
  4. John, Your words have the rhythm & flow of poetry, Testicular fortitude? DUMB, dumb is a more appropriate word to describe me. I am the guy that fly es down the road with his eyes on the golden rainbow with out a care in the world in a peace of junk, low on gas, bald tires & has never had a flat that he had every thing to fix it. No wonder pore Gracie makes me feel unnecessary at times. Chuck
  5. Holly dodo, You Guys have made my day & then some, I have felt like I was just taking up space & Bill was going to kick me off his website at any time, I had to sigh in again yesterday & was sure that I was going to get my feelings hurt. Remembering the good times of the past took my mind off the trouble we are having Gracie has to do most of the work, well all the work & makes me feal unnecessary, I have learned to cope pretty well regardless of the unnecessary feeling, but I miss that twinkle in her eye when there was a full moon & I washed the darn dishes, But hell, I have nothing that works any more but the part that eats. Feeling unnecessary sure gives me one hell of an appetite. Bill, any of this BS that you can use, you are welcome, You make me proud. Thanks Guys for the flowers. Never dreamed you Guys would put up with my junk.
  6. John, That gold has been refined but not paid for, found it at a place that Gracie took me too. I felt ashamed for riding my ATV every place in the morning to hunt, but Gracie had to walk on her hunts for crystals. I told her that i would take her any place she wonted to go, She took me way up past Antelope springs, O crap, I don't have a chance of any gold here, but thought it best that I kept my mouth shut since she was in a good mood. Got of my ATV & moved about 10' & bang that Mine Lab was playing my song, great spot. The folioing morning offered to give her another go any where she wonted to go, but she declined, telling me she had enough of me & that ATV. ha.. enough of me & that ATV.
  7. Old Ben, Was an old Prospector I discovered in the hills at Boyers Gap, as a rule I don't intrude in some ones camp unless I am invited, but he was huddled near a small fire & looked like warmed over death, he did not move when I approached, & I was concerned that he was in trouble or something was wrong, I touched him on his shoulder & the saddest bloodshot eyes informed me that the coffee was hot, I am not a picky eater for I have enjoyed some of the best pot luck stew that you could eat or pick out the flies, your choice but that pot & cup was caked with years of crud, a good shot of coffee would have hit the mark but I declined the offer. Ben RIP, dry washed the hills & washes all over AZ. & NV. And someone needs to tell his story, for he was one of a kind, He got in jail, but I cant remember the what or why, but it was a good story, Hope someone on this forum can tell it. How about it Tailgate? Chuck PS I wish I could say that I found this gold yesterday but it was found back a lot of yesterdays.
  8. I found this sterling US Bucket off of poker Brown road, you would think that I found the Mono Liesa. Could the army have used it to carry Cole in? It is well made & is reinforced on the bottom. Not gold but I got the bucket to carry it in. Do you Guys think I have too much time on my hands?
  9. I remember, The feeling of excitement & anticipation every morning camped out in the deserts as the sun came up over the horizon shining threw an Iron wood or a Joshua tree or lighting up the sky behind the Humbolt MT. range as I rushed to get back in bed on a cold crisp morning to put on the coffee pot every morning with the feeling that this was the beginning of a sterling day, I still can relive & enjoy that moment in my memories, The sun still comes up & Deserts are still there but my days there are long gone. It is later than you think, Get out there & make some memories to enjoy in your old age. Chuck I too will something find & Glory in the finding
  10. Happy B Day Allen & may all your days be Golden.
  11. Allen, Did you berry a 50C coin at Rye Patch years back with a note that you found a nugget at that location & wonted to leave something in return? Bill found it & contacted who ever.
  12. Seeker, I don't think the heat has hindered you nugget production, Great go.
  13. Good Morning, John, I will trade you a genuine 1# beautiful smashed coffee can for your wagon wheel. My can was nowhere near 10' I am built close to the ground, 5'-5" after shrinkage 5'-2"
  14. Have you ever been this old before? Have a good one Frank.
  15. Flak, We sure enjoyed our visit with Carl, I was up set when Gracie told me the price, for when she picked it out she gave it to Carl & he took the tag off & filed out all the information, & I never saw the price. I still have the humor but not so much the trust
  16. Allen you are a Handy man to have around, Thanks for the information.
  17. I would like to appolize to the forum for posting Images of past hunts & carectors that I have knoned that gave me a hand in the past, I cant rember some of there names but the deeds will ever remaine in my mind. There was talk that Hoss Blackmon RIP was less than sterling for not living up to his job of puting some people over the gold, I had a good friend that was an excellent coin & relic hunter, But where there was gold he wasent, He would get mad at me & inform me that I was not good Just lucky I had to agree with him for I still don't know next to nothing about the why & where of gold, It is where you find it, When I arrived in Perth where I was going to buy the things I would need on my what I thought was my last great adventure, for I was 73 & less than in sterling shape, I for got to perches a mattress to rest my old ass on the long cold nights, I would climb into that little station wagon about dark & would not get up except for a relief call about midnight & sleep like a baby (when I got a mattress) till the sun was up & it had warmed things up before I had to dress & gather wood to heat the Billy for coffee, the Aussies taught me to call an old can that some body tossed a Billy, but not to like hot tea. I had met Hoss at Gold Basin before & was surprised to see him in Leonora & was telling of detection a target that was to deep for me to dig with my pick, He opend the door to a shed that he stored his stuff in at the caravan park & gave me a gift of a great short handle shovel, & his wife gave me some dishes that I needed. Running out of space will end this quick. Two brothers that I met in the Trigos were there taking the tour with Hoss Informed me that they had a thick foam mattress that a fellow that was taking the tour with Hoss went home early & they had his mattress & I was welcome to it, Thanks a bunch. The image is of the shovel & hole that I dug to salvage a 1# pound smashed coffee can, Gold is where you find it.
  18. John, It has been a while since I saw one but I am sure that is what we called them or maybe not.They have black rings around there tails, there should be some one on the forum that has seen one, There are plenty of them out from Gold BASIN.
  19. Thanks Skip, I need to learn to fix my goofs,I am prone to goof a lot lately, I can handle Gracie's screams of terror for 200 miles but it was way over 2000 miles to our dump by the lake.
  20. Some one help & fix that post or delete the darn mess, I goofed.
  21. After my heart problems & leaving her alone at Rye Patch to take care of every thing, She was about 80 then & stone deaf, when I got back at camp from the hospital there in winnemucca NV. There was two strangers camped down the hill from us, they took over & would not let us do a thing, loaded ATV. & solar panels & other junk you accumulate around your camp, hooked up the trailer for us & would not except any pay, I wish I could remember there names, but am sure they know who they are. Thanks Guys. We had to make trip to Dallas yesterday, Gracie was to act as navigator, She was lousy at telling me how to go, but had no problem telling where to go. Driving 75 & 80 on the freeways, not knowing where you are at and where you are going, expecting some nut to put a bullet in my direction, for not going fast enough. Pick up passed me cut in front & sprayed me with what smelled like diesel, blind as a bat. If I was not driving a truck that would really get up & go we would never have made it through 3 lanes of heavy traffic to the shoulder to get what felt like an Elephant off my chest & to clean the crap off the windshield. Gracie informed me that there would be no more adventures in the darn desert with an old fart with a bad ticker if we made it back home in one peace, She repeated that information over & over after some small problems on the 2000 miles home, More or less. Dam crazy drivers. Gracie Informed me that she would never get into a vehicle that I was driving again, never, I reminded her that she was a long way from home. After flying up & down every express way in Dallas & surrounding cities at 75 miles an hour for 5 hours, Gracie screaming at me to let her out of this *%#S truck. I decided to call it quits & try to find my way home, found an expressway that said East, I new we lived E of some place & after flying down the expressway at 80 & 90 for an hour or so came to a place that I remembered vaguely & we were home free, after a couple hours of Gracie screaming words that I had never herd from her before, we arrived home sweet home never to travel in the same vehicle together again, Never driving Miss. Gracie again. Never.
  22. Homefire, I was referring to coon tail rattlers, I don't under stand, put peanut butter on nuggets?
  23. I remember the first Mine Lab I saw was at Rye Patch, They were giving it a try, Havsue Bill & i thought they were crazy what prospector would wont to pack all that weight & had over $ 2000 to spend for a metal detector. He had two boys following him & would take turns lifting the wait off his shoulders while the other one was shooting a BB gun, I bet they are still detection BB at Rye patch, All he found was BBS Havasu Bill ( RIP ) & little Billy formed a Partner ship of sorts, They were the first to use ML with any luck at RP. I was working a new great patch at another location & was really having good luck, I was using a Whites Gracie told me that I had better go bye a ML for Bill & Little Billy were libel to come over and get all the deep gold off our patch. It was a good thing that she did not know how much money we had in the bank for there is no way in hell she would let me bye a Mine Lab, Ray F was there from Vegas & he brought me a 2100 the next time he came. Happy Days. I was lucky that Gracie Did not know how much money we had in the bank or there is no way in hell she would let me buy a ML.
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