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  1. I discovered this image while looking at pictures of old ( vintage) friends, places & adventures of times past, That old (vintage) Silver Streak was a true friend that served us fatefully & kept us safe down some long rough tracks to some lonely strange places, Gold is where you find it, The old timers whisper on the wind. I have a friend that any thing he ones that is old & wore out is a vintage trailer, vintage truck, or what ever & can convince you it has a lot of experience, & you are darn lucky to get it. We paid $3,000 for it & it really had a lot of experience & was a true vintage trailer when we sold it for what we paid for it.
  2. Our thoughts are also with you & your Family, Grace & Chuck Graff
  3. Thanks for the flowers, His breakfast was a small lizard, not hardly enough to stink up the pan.
  4. Thanks Paul, I have a one track mine, After I caught the fever I find it hard to relate to any thing Else & I truly loved to carve. Gold is ever on my mind. chuck
  5. Bear Creek When I was a wood carver, before I know there was gold nuggets laying out in the dirt of the Deserts I would gather Pine knots to carve Trappers & Indians for bean & gas money around Pinos Alto N,M, The image is a carving of a Eskimo, Broken Tusk. that I carved out of a pine knot found on Bear Creek' While I was camped there a small girl turned over a rock & found a 1.3 gram nugget in the Creek, She sure started a Minny gold rush. I met a couple there that had 2 boys & were teaching them the Indian ways, the small one killed a lizard & the mother asked him when he wonted to eat it, super or breakfast? Since it was supper time he picked breakfast, I saw him the next day & asked him how was Mister Lizard, I am sure as hell not going to kill any more lizards, He convinced me he was telling the truth. Was a good time, chuck
  6. Dumb dumb, I have just realized that Else really snickered me, I thought that I was transporting her all over the outback in the search to find gold, not for her to visit her tribe. She had cancer & was saying good by to her old friends,And I was her taxi. We would make camp, & I would ask, where is the gold? Just over there, Just over there, & she would disappear & I mite not see her till the next day, nursing a hangover, & not showing an ounce of gilt or gold. That is one on me Else (:->) Chuck
  7. What started as a small negative turned in too a large positive, in a time in my life. Never realized that i was a member of such a large proud & positive family of friends. Chuck, The Red Neck
  8. Happy Birth Day, Patrick You too will something find And glory in the finding
  9. Thanks Bucket, that will give me something to do, I will need to bye me another gold pan, for I threw mine at a coon tail & was to chicken to get off my 4 wheeler and retrieve it.
  10. I post something on another forum, And this guy called me a Red Neck, Which made me fighting mad He was a well educated & had the words to tear you a new one & he did. I new that I didn't have much of a chance with words or a fist fight, Never fought with words & the times I tried useing my fist did not turn out so good. I new I had better find me some words & find out what the hell was a Red Neck. I looked up Red Neck & read the description, And hell I are one, He was more right than wrong. That took the wind out of my sails & left me down in the dumps till I looked up what he was & felt instantly better, Felt kind of sorry for him. Chuck
  11. Herb, I love siting around a camp fire swapping stories, but I find it hard sometimes to tell my story for every one is thinking of the story they are going to tell, but here, I can put it out there & be done with it. & hope someone besides me gets something they like out of it, Thanks
  12. I found some assay quecables near an old mine, the metal detector picked up on them so after giving them a look see, NO GOLD . I gathered them up & brought them home, They set in the window of my shop for years. I was an old old man just barely able to walk the 50' to the dam mail box when, I gave them a desperate look with a loop, Holy crap, Gold, The remembrance of the first natural gold I ever found in the Arkansas River panning came roaring back like an avalanche & I relived that adventure of a better time & place, like it was yesterday, It is, a great time, for I am still here & still finding gold. I too, will something find, And glory in the finding. Believe me Guys, there is a nugget there, bigger than any thing I got out of the ARK. river chuck
  13. I made 2- 6 months trips over there, Had a great time. It is later than you think, DOIT Jacks, any one? & a bit of gold.
  14. Ealse, I met Ealse in my search for a windshield wiper motor, There was an Abo camp that had some old junk cars, that I was hopeing had a motor that would fit my hoopey, John & Tinia took me there & intereduceed me to Ealse for thay were old friends, we shook hands & Ealse dident release my hand moved closer & said, We will go hunt some gold, When I herd the word gold she had my full attition, l told John about Ealses invite to go find some gold, He told me I had better use caution for I would haft to feed her & give her half the gold & she mite wind up with your half also. But, she does knows where the gold is. We became partners right there. I picked up my pard up the next day which was a tuesday,she put me on a track off of Nambi Rd. heading east for a while, after that I had no way in hell of knowing where we were at or where we were going & where the gold was at. My pard would say, Just over there, Just over there & point off in the distence, After 3 days of Just over there & three pounds of smoked sausages & pork & beans, I was convinced that she was just like me, I know where the gold was but sure as hell dident know where it is. We were growing disinchanted with the partner ship, She did not put me over any gold but she all ways new where the party was, She had some canves thing that was water proofed & looked like it would be comfortable. I think she called it a shag, but she hardly used it ,for I would find her curled up near camp when she had a snoot full, which was every night. We went our sepret ways,as friends & not pards, When I went in to Leonora lots of times I would here her scream loud enough to wake the dead, Chucky, Chucky RIP, Easle, She died of Cancer, but if there is a party & there is a Joie in the hole cooking, she will be there. chuck
  15. This was my home & all the luxury's I needed to enjoy 6 mo. in W Australia, $900 US. bought in Perth, I would climb in that little buggy & sleep like an old hound dog for 12 to 14 hours, I still go out & sleep in my old pickup when I cant sleep at night at home. I was really mobil for I could break camp in 3 Minuit's & hopeful be on my way to greener patches. The only thing that was unnecessary was that toilet seat that I thought was a great thing at the time, At my age I didn't squat very good & though it would be a great addition to my home away from home. The mood would hit me in the morning & by the time I gathered up all the crap ( seat, plastic bag, pick, paper ) there was all ways something I forgot. It rained the first week I was there ( N. of Leonora ) & when it rains you stay put. I was not accustom to my cooking & the mood to dump was more frequent than usually so I had to bury more of those plastic bags than usual, I noticed there were more Emu's paying me a visit than usual & when I got to my dump station I saw why, They had dug up all my bags up & waiting for the new addition. After cleaning up my mess I broke camp for Eucalyptus & 9 emu's escorting me to Leonora where I toped off my tank before I lost them & was on my way. PS, There was an Aborigine camp on the way to Leonora where I had a friend ( Elsey ) that was as old as me ( 73 ) & would appreciate that toilet seat. I often wondered what ever happened to that thing. Hanging in some bush in the out back? ,
  16. Thanks for the gold fix, That is got to do me for the day. chuck
  17. Sorry to hear of your Fathers illness, Don't think I have much pull with the Man up above but will sure give it a good go. chuck
  18. Determination, will Winn almost every time. WTG.
  19. Darn, Syrian? That don't fit into my dream, Black Beard was the Maine character in my dream adventure. We had a storm with high winds & thunder lighting & rain which we sorely needed. The storm damaged the water tank, no water, I had just enough water to make me a half of a cup of instant coffee, I need to go find Gracie coffee water, before she wakes up & realizes that I am still here & there is no coffee, wonder if that blue stuff that she puts in the commode tank would get her attention, what color does black & blue make? makes me very uncomfortable, so think I will go find some coffee water before she makes me feel, Even more unnecessary.
  20. Thanks for sharing, you earned those, WTG
  21. I know that I dreamed of finding a pile of silver just like this, But Captain Fismere is pretty sure that it was not this pile, I wish I had asked him what kind of coins these were, for I never found out what the ones in my dream was ether. what is your guess? chuck
  22. Thanks for the gold fix, we sure could use some of that rain up Texas way, afraid to go out side for the large cracks
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