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  1. I found this image on my computer & dont rember where or when, hoping some one on the forum knows the where & the what, Thanks for any information provided, trying to get over a blood clot that took the starch out of my old but.
  2. Ron, I don't think I would get directions from that old Cati, but you got to wish him well, for he keeps trying.
  3. Like you ,It was the first time I had ever hunted RP & did not know my way around, seen this Jeep coming up the hill & thought it best to hunt the washes till they went by.Down this wash I saw where a Badger had dug & ran my coil over where he had dug, spied this Crystal with this intrusion in it, looks like a sage brush growing in it.
  4. That ground has been worried to death, I would hunt where I thought no one has likely to have hunted before, in the bushes, move rocks, up high, down low in the flats, coil slow & low, dig the ticks,& the skips, grid a spot that has gave up gold before and worry the hell out of it. Gracie wares the last nugget I found there, or did till some guy followed her around in Wall Mart, She was flattered that she was 87 & still had IT until she realized that ma b it was the 1/10 TH of a gram shy of an oz gold nugget around her neck that he was interested in.
  5. Thinks for the gold fix, every time I read a found gold post, I relive a memory of a gold find in my past, Thanks for the memory, chuck
  6. It is great that you realize the value that Grand Paw bestowed on you & you treat it with respect. I gave my oldest boy a 1 Oz. silver round. He informed me that I was really cheap, He was right, I am. at the time I only paid $7 for it. But in time it would be worth more. It has & he hasn't thanked me. O well, I raised him. (:>)
  7. Darn Karl, who is going to notice the dimes while looking at a rock like that? Thanks for the gold fix, I needed that.
  8. Karl, don't worry about it, send it to me, it is pretty enough for me. That core sample went right threw the mother load, did you break it to discover the gold or was it in plain sight ? What a find, all I can find is darn cans.
  9. Tbone I met an old couple camped out near Qsite, Jack & Opal RIP that cooked on a can like that with just a couple of pieces of charcoal, They were not marred, he had his truck camper & she had her trailer. Jack sure had a thing about the BLM, He would get started on them & get so mad I was afraid he was going to have a stroke. Both of them would tell you how the cow ate the cabbage, Opal had a thing about dogs, If you had a dog she would tell you not to let that dam thing poop around her camp. It took some doing on your part, but after they laid down the law, every thing was Rosey & they would go out of there wayto help you any way they could.
  10. Fred, I found an old camp in the Chock wallows MT that had 30 Bully Beef Cans stuck to gather making an interesting treasure. That I had to have, packed them 40 miles back to camp to show Gracie. She was less than enthused over them, & they disappeared some time on the way home, They were a beautiful thing. I bet the cook marked the days in the month, 1 can,1 day 30 cans & take this job & shove it.
  11. Found this can with clam that a Bill Baker stuck in a monument. Back in WW2 my best friend Bill & I signed on a old Liberty ship that we found out later was heading for the invasion of Okinawa Japan, Lost track of Bill & no word from him since. Wonder If it is the same Bill Baker, We were both to young for the Army The species came from all over from different hunts, don't get me started on them, HA HA
  12. Who has said they would not bend over to pick up a Penney any more, I would be happy to pickup that Penney, the way it is decorated.
  13. Thanks Guys, for the comebacks. The image is a can I found In the Trigos, Specimens were found elsewhere.
  14. Remember the old shack that was at Rye Patch, that burnt up during the big fire that burnt most of that part of the country? There was a square hole in the cement floor that was built to hide his gold or dump into what ever. While laying his cement floor I think he lost this 1919 nickle that I found there years back. There was this guy in Canada that agreed to trade a 1919 dime for it. I never cleaned the cement that covered the side that the mint mark was on, if it was a D it was worth $25, I suppose that he cleaned it & it was not a D for he treated Les than sterling after that, I would never have cleaned it for I am to much the dreamer.
  15. I have 4 boys & not a one of them give a big dump about our history or the junk that the old timers left behind to give us an incite of there life & times. I bought my first detector in the early 60es. They grue up around me waving that darn thing every where & raving about the great stuff I was finding. IF I wasn't so darn old I have a notion to take it to the local Pinkerton. bet there would be some sweet young thing there that would appreciate an old Fart with some old junk. Just joking, To darn old.
  16. Here you go, clam notice, not very good images, about like my spelling. chuck
  17. As a rule after a clam marker has endured the sun & Werther of the AZ. Desert for 5 or 6 years it is toast. found this one in a can with no lid in the Trigos that is in great shape, Three Mexicans located this load claim 14 miles from the Colorado River & 18 miles from Ehrunberg, The Gold producer mine which is a extension of the Proidencia mine, I think is a big quartz blow that the Old timers had followed, for no telling how far, there is a old ladder sticking out of the workings. Ten years back, there was a little adobe Museum in Qsite, don't know if it is still there, it looked pretty iffy that it would endure for long. I have a tendency to value things that I find more than they are really worth & they may not even wont it. There comes a time in a mans life that he needs to try to find a new home for things only he values, Chuck
  18. I can be down with a bad case of the blues & find a speck of the yellow stuff ( gold) & I am on cloud 9 with a hole new out look on life & the fever rages on.
  19. Thanks Ron, You just raised my gold fever a degree or two, WTG
  20. Wish I could make Qsit again Had a lot of vintage friends that we would meet before we started home in March. We always had good luck at selling our nuggets there at Tyson Wells during the rock show.
  21. No, the awning came off the Ch√Ęteau, Useless darn thing,( awning) Keep it simple, more time for the gold, The step & leveling jack was off the Silver Streak, Bryan (RIP) had a use for them & took them, Money was kind of scares for him at that time, but you would never know it to see him in a hardware store, he was going to Connor the crow dad market by harvesting them from the Humboldt River, he bought enough junk to build a house, he built the most elaborate crawdad trap I have ever seen, it was a peace of work, The Crawdads didn't take to it thou & another dream hit a snag. That didn't detour Bryan, for he had another project in the works. When I was a boy we would rake them up on the bank with our feet.
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