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  1. I wonder if your guy could pretty up this old Winchester knife,,, Chuck
  2. Better late than never, Thanks for the flowers Garimpo, forgot my password, for the 8th time, I am really getting squerley in my old age, now that I think of it I was never very sharp, at any age. Chuck
  3. I was at the Hillmans for lunch in Gun Barrel,TX. & noticed a white panel truck that belonged to the Lost Dutchman prospectors Aso. Wondering what they were doing so far from home. lost? Any one know?
  4. And it keeps on giving,, chuck
  5. Thanks garimpo, The only thing I swing, now days is a walking stick.
  6. I will turn 86 4-7 & will not be swinging that darn thing any more, this time around. Image is a nugget that I cant remember where I found it or when.
  7. Thanks Guys for sharing, enjoyed reading about your adventure & the pictures,, First off I wished I was there, but sleeping on the ground played hell with that wish, back to fondling my gold & reliving my adventures of yeastier years,.wishing you guys all the adventures & good gold in days & years to come. Chucktx
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone & keep it safe,,Chuck & Gracie
  9. Dusty, you are going to haft to do some swinging to top that one,,. chuck
  10. There you go Harry, are you readdy to trade? EI Dorado can fix you up with a knife with a lot of experence & brane new handles & mabey he will sharpen it for you. chuck
  11. Harry, I bet that one is worth big bucks to a collector, I would be interested in tradeing my Winchester knife for yours, mine doesent show any sighns of ever been sharped & you can install the handles that you like, bone or wood or what ever.You had better hurry for I am 85 & not feeling to zippey.
  12. Man O Man, I can feel your excitement, I sure need a gold fix, I feel the earge to get out in Gracies rock pile that she has gathered from our travels while searching for the cure for the fever. There should be a speck of gold in one of those darn rocks, The gold was probly in the rocks that I throwed out when she was not looking.
  13. Sawmill, Thanks for the information, what have you on a Northfield knife?
  14. Found this thing at the old prospectors camp, His home is about gone , But his knife is one of my most valued teasures.
  15. Ray F. do you remember this one? found about 15' from my trailer.
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