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  1. Found a lot of gold with the MXT in relic mode hunting the trash littered areas…… when it squeaks like a goose it a non ferrous target. For you two finger authors …… Dragon Naturally Speaking. You talk it types . It takes a fast CPU ( Dual quad core) but it's a must have for me with all the RSI. It even works posting this….
  2. TDI, TDI "through hole", TDI Pro and, TDI SL. All based on Eric Foster's Gold Scan PI I'll dispute the statement "Hot ground or iron doesn't even phase it." This is simply not true of any detector. When the TDI is set up to ignore iron its depth and sensitivity is affected. This has been admitted by Reg Sniff the "Godfather" of the TDI platform . Steve H has posted a great guide to setting up the TDI for coin hunting. Steve's Guide to White's TDI Coin Settings
  3. I'd pay top dollar for a pre "First Texas" GB2. (05 if i remember right) IMHO the new ones don't come close to the quality of the Fisher built units.
  4. Nice Shootin! Beautiful nuggets, I love the ones with holes. Great to see you using my old Joey I miss that coil more now Folks don't realize just how deep they can detect. I've dug targets that size @ 16" with that Joey.
  5. Here is the best site I know to ask, learn and share information about treasure marks and reading signs. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/treasure-marks-signs/ Your picture is, IMHO indian rock art and not treasure related. Cant make out much on the 2'ed one. It may have a headless turtle pointing down. A common method is to trace the drawings with chalk to enhance them for photographing.
  6. The only way to get an accurate boundary is to do a real survey. You can rent the equipment or hire a professional. The "Total Station" is the industry standard today. The Leica's are sweet units with easy to learn sw for the office and field. Get's the boundaries down to the inch.
  7. This one has been in the family for several generations. It was my Great Grandfathers, he got it from his Uncle when he retired from his butcher shop. Blade is shaving sharp and about 8' long the wood handle was painted white.
  8. JB impressed me in 07 when I attended an NS GB outing. I found my first GB meteorite and that afternoon he presented me with documentation. Made that rock mean a lot to me. AS for ML,s TV ad What crap! You'd think ML would do a real dig/find, from one of the many user submitted videos for a TV ad. This one is obviously staged for the US market. I doubt the film location is a gold bearing area. Beyond that, Did you notice how loose the coil cable was? Nice fit on the harness also, do folks really hunt with the wast belt on their sternum?
  9. The Geo maps are a great way to locate the potential contact zones. But I get lost in all the shorthand and have to keep looking at the legend. Another great writer is Jim Straight, He's a Nevadan and has published some of the most read and respected guides to prospecting. Reading his works can offer insight into gold deposits unique to the Great Basin area. He goes by Dutch John and a few other handles on the various forums. Search out his posts!
  10. Clay, I was referring to the Mill site size in Johns post. The BLM will allow fractional claims, you have to demonstrate the need for them. i.e. conform to existing boundaries. For the most part they "like" new placer claims to be a minim of 20 acer. I's my understanding that this policy is in place to minimize the nightmare of mapping and boundary descriptions. Are not the annual BLM fees for a 2.27 fractional placer claim the same as a 20 acer placer claim? I'm in no way an expert or even close. I use the DOI's BLM book "Location and Validity of Mining Claims and Sites in California" as a reference.
  11. No Idea on the pink. Must be a reason for the color, look for the legend, the gouberment don't take a dump without a plan and reason. An old saying. "if you want to find gold, look where its been found before" If you're chasing gold , look around gold mines that produced "free milling ore". Get the book M. Johnsons "Placer Deposits of Nevada" Use this site, minedat.org and/or buy Hystware's mines and minerals. Wandering around google earth is fun, but the vast majority of them holes are failed prospects. Improve your odds and concentrate on known gold producing areas.
  12. Correct John, You can't file any new claim in that size, but there are still some fractional claims on the books.
  13. http://www.JewishWorldReview.com/ | Liberals blame "gun nuts," the "gun lobby," and the National Rifle Association for gun violence. They should be pointing fingers at each other. The NRA offers "a paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "It's outrageous and unsettling" that the NRA won't support gun control legislation in the wake of the massacre in an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., in December, said Chicago MayorRahm Emanuel. The emphasis white liberals put on gun control is racist, said Cornel West. "Not a peep; not a mumblin' word when the black folk getting shot. But now Newtown, vanilla side, low in behold we got a major conversation." The Princeton professor thinks just about everything is racist, but he has a point. Most murder victims -- and most murderers -- are black. In 2007, the homicide rate among blacks was 23.1 per 100,000; 2.7 for whites, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly half of all murder victims are African Americans, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. More than 90 percent were murdered by other blacks. Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, the New Century Foundation found in a 2005 study. They are three times as likely to use a gun while committing a crime of violence. There were 200 more murders in Chicago last year than there were U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. There's been as many homicide victims this month as there were in the Newtown massacre. Black New Yorkers are 13 times as likely to be murdered -- or arrested for murder -- as whites, says the NYPD. Two-thirds of all murders with firearms last year took place in the 50 largest metro areas. Nearly all those cities are governed by Democrats. America doesn't have a gun violence problem. Democrats do. They facilitate gun violence. • The seminal event in criminology was the 1972 study by Marvin Wolfgang of the University of Pennsylvania that indicated just 7 percent in the cohort he studied committed more than two-thirds of violent crimes. For each offense for which they were caught, these chronic offenders committed eight to 11 other crimes. They were rarely punished. Had these "Dirty 7 Percenters" been sent to prison for just a year after their third offense, there'd have been 7,200 fewer serious crimes in Philadelphia, Mr. Wolfgang calculated. Subsequent research here and in Europe has confirmed his findings. The rate of violent crime has fallen by nearly half since publication of Mr. Wolfgang's study, chiefly because more chronic offenders are being sent to prison for longer periods. It would have fallen further, but liberals fought against longer sentences. • Most gun crime is committed by gang members. Most gang members come from single parent families. Thanks chiefly to liberal policies which undermine traditional marriage, the proportion of blacks born out of wedlock has risen from 25 percent in 1965 to 72 percent now. • The number of mass shootings (four or more victims) has risen from 18 in the 1980s to 87 in the 2000s. People like Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, would have been committed to a state mental hospital. But liberal policies emptied them out. All but one mass shooting in the last 50 years has taken place in a "gun free" zone. Shooters choose them because they know there won't be an armed citizen there to cut their murder spree short. Gun violence could be reduced if more who lied on the background check form were prosecuted, the NRA's Jim Roberts told Vice President Joe Biden last week. "We don't have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form," Mr. Biden told him. They only have time to punish the innocent. But gun control laws haven't reduced violence in Chicago and New York. Violent crime soared in the District of Columbia after a gun ban was enacted. It "emboldened criminals because they knew that law-abiding District residents were unarmed and powerless to defend themselves," said Jeffrey Shapiro, a former prosecutor there. To reduce gun violence, we must focus on the people who commit gun crimes, not on the law abiding.
  14. Diz, Think of it as a square dish of brownies and work it backwards with the description starting with the section then the rest in reverse order. 4 brownies cut into 16 cut into 32 or how ever big of a brownie you like I.E. Section 20 is a square mile, then the NW 1/4 of section 20 is a quarter mile square, then the NW 1/4 of that quarter section and so on…. Its tricky at first till you do it several times and you can still get it wrong. I got a stack of topo's durn near 2' tall plus 2, four drawer file cabinets full of the odd maps and a laminator You may like this elder, a square tube Lietz sight level and a pocket transit. The pocket transit
  15. Sh t you found my patch! Is this a radar image or a true photo? Too random to be drilling = no trace of a road . And they all seem to have a shadow @ 180° My guess is vegetation and a radar image.
  16. One is feed by a shovel or by a machine the other sucks up the material, or can be hand feed. A trom will wash the material more, thats good if its clays or cemented. All depends on your location and type of material. For a beginner the High Banker Combo is a good choice. Its cheeper and less moving parts to break.
  17. Buck, Section, Township, Range, Meridian, County, State. (thx John for the right order) is how BLM and the county assorters office locate claims and how one identifies a claim location. For example a 10 acre claim is listed/described as SE1/4 of SE1/4 of NW 1/4, S. 20. T4N, R3E meridian, district, county, state. This example is outdated tho but its a good example of how S<T<R<M is used today. A good book to learn this is "Stake your Claim" by Mark S. Silva ISBN 0-9627347-0-5 Another great book is "Fists full of Gold" by Chris Ralph (WSPA's claim director) Here is a link to Clay and Ruby's LR2000 primer. No one repackages public information quite as well!
  18. Sure do Buck, The most common overlay I use is the township, section, range. Maps are only a small part of my research. I put much more time in historic accounts and production data and best of all boots on the ground.
  19. Thanks for chiming in Jason and EL D! WTH John! They were $3 just the other day And please pass along the name and phone # of this place I want to solicit there business.
  20. Ok, so every few dozen yards I'll take my eyes off the screen and look for that cliff
  21. Get mapping that shows township, range, section and meridian. Pick a location. Visit or call the your BLM office. The folks in the office are very helpful, their are public computer stations for that purpose. Also the WSPA can help with $ our claims lease program it's a great way to gain membership to a mining association with claims proven to hold detectable gold. Once you get the hang of it its quite easy to find the recorded status of an area of interest. Nothing wrong with pulling/looking at the claim paper out of a discovery monument, just put it back as you found it. Best of luck! Chris
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