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  1. My email is chris@westernstatesprospectingassociation.org PM box is empty now, but please use the email.
  2. Nope Dutch, We try to stay out of the well known, beat to death areas Ant, Members who left in good standing get in without a vote. Just be aware that a waiting list close to starting.
  3. Just a few memberships left befor a waiting list..... Get in now any have a swing on the best club claims in the country! From a member hunt on new ground.
  4. WSPA will serve the main entree at the combine outing in Gold Basin on Saturday. Menu and events be announced. It will be great to see some old friends and meet new ones! Chris Porter President WSPA
  5. There are a few products that will alter the feq, Do a search for electric guitars tone controllers.
  6. Best of luck and keep us posted. Pappa used to say "cant and never, never did a thing."
  7. "you'll never get a permit to use cyanide" fwiw, SC has permitted, operating heap and vat gold mines that I know of. Contact the folks here they might take a look at your land. http://www.hailegoldmineeis.com/
  8. Did I mention the beef Wellington we had at the last outing
  9. Have an assay done on the ore. I would bet its a pryitic ore and low grade refractory type. Although some pryrite sulfide ores are free milling if that's your type then crushing and gravity separation hopefully yours is. You can use cynanid, heap leach but he recovery will be poor. The very best I've ever seen reported is 50% recovery with around 30% typical. Froth flotation is the best method known today. Perhaps a mine engineer or a geologist will chime in, I've only helped to build the facility's and run them. So my experience is limited.
  10. WSPA members and their guests are invited to our upcoming outing in the cool pines of Northern California July 19, 20, and 21. It's in the scenic Gold Lakes Basin area that known for its recreational opportunities. Please login to our forum for details and menu! We have added hundreds of acres of new proven claims in the last few months so its a great time to beat the heat and spend some quality time in the Sierras. This will also be a claim staking outing, for one of the new claims. If you'd like to become a WSPA member, attend this outing and hunt for the "big ones" we have just a few spots remaining so act fast. ( we have a 100 paid member cap) As a bonus for this outing we have secured permission to hunt some rich private property close by and a private claim that has produced pounds of nuggets in the last year. PM me or email to chris@westernstatesprospectingassocation.org for more information.
  11. Can't argue with that kind of logic! It's not spam Ron it's an RSS news feed and your FB settings allowed you to be notified be email for every new post..
  12. What's worth more a 10 dollar bill or a 10 dollar gold coin?
  13. Manipulation on a massive scale. Ill trade fiat paper for hard assets any day.
  14. I know Thomas and I'm in that group, No spam sent to me or a peep from other members of the group. He's a distinguished Veteran. It's not something he'd do. Did you report the spam to Thomas or to Facebook?
  15. Great find, It's a shame to crush since they often fetch spot+
  16. My dear friend Scott Kovac of Prescott Valley passed away last Tuesday. He was a lifelong prospector, friend and mentor. Scott had a rare talent as a mill wright and his abilities at prototyping designing, creating and modifying were amazing. He will be sorely missed. Chris Porter
  17. Good eye Paul, Two of the nuggs have quartz. One has tiny clear crystal spears. A very rare find @ RP is a nugget with a bit of quartz on it.
  18. Went out with R 3000, took him to my best least pounded patch @ RP and he scores 5 nuggets. GP 300o and Commander 12x15M kicks GPX 5000, NF16" RM.
  19. A far greater health threat in open pit heap leach mining is the release of mercury. Wet/Dry said, "Cyanide accumulates in your body and kills you over time" this statement is not accurate. I should be dead then after all the years as a ADR operator. Fact is the chemical is absorbed into the blood where it encapsulates the oxygen cells then it metabolizes.
  20. Rocket? Clear the air space! These guys take over the Black Rock for a weekend. Get drunk and toss solid rocket fuel into camp fires.
  21. I think is quartz and calcite Steve. Steel, Like you I never made it in the door. UNR has a nice collection. Yes El D ! A very good time!!
  22. Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thanks to all who bought tickets and donated prizes For the HipStick winners: Sean Prater, Gale L, and Jimmy, please PM me with your shipping info and sizes!
  23. Received as a gift from minerslunchbox.com.
  24. Could be a gloved pointy finger…Ill call it the MJ John B nugget.
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