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  1. Its just money, at least it wasn't a strong arm robbery and you two are all right! The thieves have to live with the guilt till they meet their maker.
  2. WSPA members, Pleased to announce our first southern Arizona outing! The outing is a week prior to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and will be held near Greaterville. Please login to our WSPA website for the details! This one promises to be exciting, with access to some of the private gold and gem dealers! And guided tours to the claims.
  3. The day will come Mitchel! With your work ethic its just a matter of time till you hit a patch. All the best to you and Lu! Will see you guys @ the Greaterville outing & Gem Show.
  4. IMHO nothing comes closet to the audio quality of the GPX battery/amp. Also I don't like to add weight to the control box. The best leads made today are by an Aussie…www.vtecksolutions.com. He also repairs leads. I have mine custom made to length so I can eliminate the cable strain with my custom strain relief mods, two years of pro level use with no failure. The older ML control boxes have built in strain relief's, few folks know to use them. Chris
  5. Thanks for the replies! Were structure a bit different from any other dig that I'm aware of, as no members dues are used to finance the operation or bonding, yet every member gets a portion of the profits (if any). Chris
  6. Chase the weight with a GPX 5000, anything less is just scratching the surface. 6.3 Ozt
  7. The WSPA is about to have their first mechanized common operation. I would like help or advise from anyone who has had experience with drafting a set of rules and or guidelines for a common operation. Drywasher's, detector's and heavy equipment. Funding and POO is in place and approved. Thanks for any replies!! Chris WSPA President
  8. WSPA Members annual Rye Patch outing/common dig is being held starting the 24th of Oct. Please log on to our WSPA forum for the details. The Rye Patch outing is a popular event with members, this year were serving a slow smoked whole pig, brisket and chicken BBQ feast! This year marks another first with a common operation! A mechanized push with detecting and dry washing. Our last outing we raised over $1000.00 via silent auction and raffle from donations. One of our members is a VA nurse and has identified a means of direct support of Veterans needs through the VA's Volunteer Services. We took the funds and purchased 200 units each of socks, underwear, T shirts, 60 pairs of deck shoes and 60 pairs of reading glasses from Wall Mart. Wall Mart really stepped up and gave us nearly 40% off each item! Over $1500.00 has ben donated by WSPA and its members directly to Charity this year! If you'd like to become a part of WSPA please email an inquire to info@wspagold.com Thank you, Chris Porter President WSPA NV Gold
  9. Here is a short video demonstrating the stability of a NF-12RM. http://youtu.be/GVWEFO2C-rM Warning extreme coil abuse!
  10. Shep, Once you have a unit modded, Minelab won't touch it. Good bad or ugly once you go down that Woody road, your stuck with a one man band.
  11. google detectormods If Woddy can't fix it he'll make it so no one can
  12. Its in the San Juans monograph published by Lithographie From the Benjy Kuehling collection, Jesse La Plante photo — with Ben Kuehling and Jesse La Plante.
  13. I did well detecting this area, not so much Jonnie proper but the south west end of the valley, when I lived in Lost Wages. I preferred it to Gold Basin.
  14. Mitchel, Its lockable, but that only stops the honest folks, if I had to park it on the street it would be empty. Caravan campers will custom make a high security unit with wired glass and double locks. They are very popular for goberment trucks, Game and Fish, Forest Service, Sheriffs…. ect Yep a plastic scoop shovel, I used it to block the plate number in the photo. They make great snow tools, the snow don't stick like a metal shovel. Hard to beat a tacoma or jeep for aftermarket parts, new or used. I give the nod to the taco, I like a pick up truck bed's versatility.
  15. Tacoma TRD, with a caravan camper shell. I picked up this shell for $375.
  16. That's my opnion allso SM, I'm going to hang paper on it in the morning. It's up to Hycroftt to dispute it now.
  17. Thanks for your reply, The blanket load was filed before the mistake, over valid placer. He failed to file proof of assessment in 2011 year. BLM did not notify him till now. They accepted the next two years filings in 2012, 13. The sad part is we told the person that filed for him to include a notice of intent to hold (in 13), he insisted that this was a waste of time an needless. Here is parts of the letter,
  18. Advise please, A friends claim in NV has been delclared void due to a filing mistake. The problem is that Hycroftt had blanket claimed the area including this placer claim. Can he still legally refile? Thanks, Chris
  19. Heavy leather gloves, Keene rock net, 1/4 steal rope, a cable grip, a 2 ton hand winch and a spud bar. http://www.micro-blaster.com/products.htm
  20. No better place to lurk! Nugget Shooter is possibly the most popular gold prospecting/metal detector forum on the planet! A virtual storehouse of experience and knowledge.
  21. Rough average of WSPA by state. NV 560 acres all in NorNV CA 680 acres Dale district, Allegheny and Gold lake. AZ 700 acres Gold basin, Greaterville and on the border.
  22. Were a detecting assocation first Stan, but where it's feasible any methods that are allowed by the BLM and FS are ok. i.e. Dry washers, high bankers sluces, etc as long as it's hand fed.
  23. Adam you stole my method of access! I really did this in Prescott Valley on some of the tract home sites during the underground utilities work.
  24. A square mile in Gold Basin, The Greaterville district and all the way down on the Mexican border. All leased from John B. These properties are proven "big gold" and have the luxury of low member usage, as were capped @ 100 paid members. Nope, were claim poor (about 800 acres) in AZ at the moment, but were actively seeking new productive ground. I'd love to get some backyard claims where the central AZ folks could detect off there tailgates but so far everything we've looked at has been beat to death just look at the miles of the fresh "legacy" hand stacking. I would not be surprised if most of the AZ resident member dropped out for the same reasons Dave. It simply costs to much for gas these days. I spent over $1800 in fuel just looking for WSPA claims in my neck of the woods. But thats what it takes to find the patches and the payoff is worth the investment in time and $.
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