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  1. 60/40 rule. 60% of the time I hunt patches, 40% of the time I work patches.
  2. The BLM has proposed eliminating the SMALL MINER'S WAIVER for those of us who own ten (10) or fewer mining claims. This could be extremely costly and we are the only ones who can stop this. Here is the wording that I have cut-n-pasted from the BLM's information: "The proposal also increases the annual maintenance fees under the General Mining Law of 1872 and eliminates the fee exemption for miners holding ten or fewer mining claims." So, what we need to do is contact our members of congress and specifically ask that this be removed from the BLM budget. Get everyone you know who wants to save the small mining community to do the same. Explain why you are doing so. Write original letters, send them to your representative's district offices AND to their offices in DC. Call them if you can. This has to be stopped and only we can do it. The more it costs to hang onto our legitimate claims the less they are worth. While most of us cannot operate our claims full time, we should be able to keep them without paying more and more in fees. The small miner's waiver was created to protect the "little guy" and now the BLM is trying to get rid of it so we must protect ourselves and our most powerful weapon is the written and spoken word - directly to our elected officials. PM me for more if I can help in any way. Here is a link to the BLM budget https://www.doi.gov/…/appr…/2016/highlights/upload/BH007.pdf
  3. Turn your SD/GP up a few notches with a Detech! Amazing quiet sensitive DD coil.
  4. Ask me who is the only person to be voted out of WSPA for ethics!

  5. Here is a discussion regarding commander coil testing on the SDC. It's actually not "hard wired". http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22372-coil-question-for-the-sdc-2300#216360
  6. Why you're willing to go big$ with a gun and small$ on the detector. At best the Ace is an entry point coin machine, for a few dollars more consider a detector that actually has a prospecting mode or is a dedicated nugget machine. Here is a link to Steve H's detector reviews. Great source for unbiased expert opinions.
  7. Buy the best detector you can afford. The new timings are worth the price. The 5 has a faster, more accurate ground balance then the 45. I'd get the 5 hands down.
  8. The Fine, and Enhanced timings make the 5000 a much better choice.
  9. Email me @ wspapres@gmail.com Ill reply with a link and my phone # and we will get you back on the secure site ASAP!
  10. Doc, Thanks for these entertaining contests to help us get through the dog day of summer! It's a lot of work to just keep up with the entries and entrants. Here is a site we use to pick winners, random picker.
  11. Yes, Doc! I apologies for the delay in processing the apps. Hope you can make the Rye Patch outing!
  12. All those on the wait list and in the current queue are invited to our RP outing Sept 25, 26, and the 27th. Bit of a lag in processing the app's, as our treasure had the cheek to take a two week vacation to Fiji! contact wspapres@gmail.com
  13. We've created a new PDF application file, that can be edited and printed from your computer, If you'd like one PM me your email! Thanks again for the overwhelming interest!!!
  14. UPDATE, Ill keep sending out app, but it's likely the few spots are taken and this will be reserving your spot in the wait list Que.. Renewal period is now starts June1 not January 1 ​Actually Rick, the first year is considered an application fee, regardless of when you join.
  15. Thanks for all the responses Im a bit overwhelmed with the replies. Guess thats what I get for posting this on social media too.
  16. We have a few Western States Prospecting Association openings available. PM me with your email address and Ill send you information and an application. Were a limited membership capped at 100 paid members. Dues are a family membership for $135 a year, seniors pay $100 after the first year. The claims are proven to hold detectable gold with locations in 3 western states CA, NV and AZ. Like big gold? This one came from one of our NorCal claims!
  17. Jim, Crystal John has moved to the bikini tree. Last care package I dropped off saw him just as ornery as ever!
  18. WSPA has a few paid openings available! Members who left in good standing are welcome back!

  19. Thinking of selling my DPMS Recon G2, bare bones it retails @ $1795.00 Im asking $3000 OBO. Nikon M-308 matched optics, Eotech L3 holographic sight, MagPul flip up sights, MX6 laser/flash light with remote switch, laser bore sight. Forward magpul grip, 4, 25 round magpul mags, 2, 10 round magpul mags with 5 round limiters, limbsaver recoil pad. Flash suppresser tool and uninstalled Whitt muzzle break. Original box. This is state of the art in the AR10 platform with all the best in aftermarket accessories.
  20. 1. Drill a drain hole in the lower shaft. 2. Get a Platypus. Or just get the SDC......
  21. I don't want a suppressor, Im after a muzzle brake for a DPMS Recon. Been shooting 9" groups @ 1500 yards with a Tikka .300 WSM, Federal 180 grain, only possible for me to shoot more then a few rounds with a brake. 1500 seems to be the limit of this factory ammo, @ a mile (1760 yards) it goes transsonic. Fun to play with, but I would never attempt to take game @ more then 600 yards.
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