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  1. I am glad Ray got that book written, can't wait to get my own copy.
  2. I was born and raised in Midland Texas, joined the Marine Corps. That's how I ended up out here. Don't ever want to live in Midland again. It is really messed up there because of the oil.
  3. I looked at some property out there this summer, my wife and I are looking at retiring there in about 10 years. Accountant says to buy something to get a jump on getting it paid down. We looked around Mineola. I'm ready to come home. My gold spots out here have dried up, Access was cut off to my best spots. a lot of new iron gates and such. California has some gold but it has the worst taxes and politics, good weather though. I will miss that.
  4. Beef is my favorite meat by far smoked or whatever, but If you run into the right Texan he can take an old goat, some chili powder and an onion an win a chili contest. I think that mesquite has a lot to do with it. I have had some really good smoked beef BBQ. Makes my mouth water. Best I remember we bought off an old black man selling it out of a smoker trailer on the side of the road near Taylor Texas, spicy tomato bbq sauce and butcher paper. What part of Texas are you in Rim Shot?
  5. I will grind a lot of it and mix with some pork fat. I use it in anything that calls for ground beef. It is really good. I will butterfly the back strap and grill it to about medium rare. I will make some jerky out of the trimmings. I get together with Mick and we make sausage, we make some killer slim jims. I give some to people I work for. I don't waste it. The deer are small but Texas let's you take five in Gillespie county. It is a great vacation for me I get to see my family and hunt deer and hogs.
  6. Just got back from my annual Texas deer hunt, shot 4 deer and one pig with my new Ruger American .270 I am really impressed with that rifle. I have a place back there 400 acres of hill country. I have taken 28 deer and 3 hogs since 2008. Got a mess of horns on my wall. Not real big but quantity makes up for quality.
  7. I hope we can buy fire arms from a dealer, like Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, Academy, outside of the state of CA. I don't know if it is the 10 day wait or what as to why CA residents are discriminated against. The liberals have screwed CA up so bad, they get it just the way they want it then they can't even stand it. They are going to Texas by the thousands, I wish they would leave Texas alone. I have had to deal with their idiotic ideology for too long here in CA. I can't wait to get back to Texas.
  8. Anything sub sonic won't have near the snap, crackle, and pop of a super sonic round. One of the reasons some people choose the 45 ACP over a 9MM when clearing a room. Super sonic indoors is loud. I am going to load some economical .38 special with lead round nose bullets 3-5 grains of powder for 750-850 feet per second. Quiet, low recoil and deadly accurate for shooting holes in paper. I have some 158 grain Hornady XTP for the other stuff, I will load those with a full charge of Win 296 magnum pistol powder. I like that stuff, especially in the .500 Magnum. It thumps.
  9. Rimshot, that Dan is unique in that with the proper barrel wrench it comes apart and a different barrel can be installed. Available barrels go from a 2" snubby up to 15". I have the 6" barrel. I always wanted a Smith and Wesson 686, but I think this is a better revolver. I got a great deal on it because like I said it had 5 slugs stuck in the barrel. I checked the cylinder and it is good, I just changed the barrel itself Less than $200.00 new. the old one is bulged in several places from the bullets that were stuck. It is now quiet the conversation piece. I saved the bullets too. There is supp
  10. I recently acquired a Dan Wesson .357 is that thing cool or what. Had 5 bullets stuck in the barrel when I got it. Pounded them out and purchased a new barrel from Dan Wesson CZ USA. Put it all together and took it to the range and it is a shooter.
  11. I like them all, just wish I still had the ones I got rid of. Oh well I have more and better now.
  12. It's a great conversation starter, truly a bit large to carry. I load my own rounds for it, more economical that way. We will have to meet up sometime Mike and I will let you give it a go. Flak that was fun wasn't it. There is a youtube video of us shooting that night. Go to youtube and type in Joe and the 500 magnum That is Flak, Mick and me out in the Dale. 5 years ago.
  13. S&W 500Mag every where all the time. See my avatar.
  14. Nice to see we have so many friends there. I figure everyone of those marks is a good guy and is someone I can count on in a pinch. Somebody needs to show the liberal gun controllers just what a fight they are in for.
  15. I wouldn't want my information shared but I wouldn't want the bad guys to think I am vulnerable by not being on that list. An absolute boneheaded move by a liberal newspaper that doesn't surprise me one bit. There is an example of liberal logic (or the lack of it).
  16. Steel Pan, you nailed it! Amazing how many people were not paying attention in History class. Governments are usually good until they disarm their citizens. Then they are BAD!!!
  17. I don't understand why the first reports that came out had the shooter using handguns and the Bushmaster was in the car. Now you hear that he was using the AR 15. Why do I get the feeling that the gun control nuts are lying to us to get a total ban on semi automatic rifles. Maybe because handguns are for muggers and rapists, shotguns are for home defense, and rifles are for those that try to take our guns away. Most people can tell the difference between a 9mm shell casing and a .223. I know there are AR15s in 9mm and a lot of other calibers. His Bushmaster may have been 9mm. 1st reports are o
  18. If you want to come get my guns you had better bring yours. I am not going to live in a country that is afraid of it's Govt. It is not supposed to be that way folks. The 2nd amendment is what keeps the Govt. and the bad guys (not much difference is there?)on the other side of my door and out of my life. I have had it with politicians wiping their butts with the constitution that I swore to protect and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Try them for treason and hang em all. God bless the victims in Newtown, and God bless the SOB that tries that any where near me.
  19. Bill, I know how hard it can be. I have private property I hunt in Texas and there are a lot of deer on it. Makes it a lot easier for me to fill tags. Hope you get one next year. -Joe
  20. My hunt was a success, shot 4 whitetail deer with my 270, I didn't get much as far as horns are concerned but got some good meat for the freezer. Got a good pic of a gut pile, that's about it for pictures this year.
  21. Sounds like heaven to me, I like to think I am helping the population on the place I hunt by removing as many as I do. There are some bigger deer that stay hidden but there are a lot of stunted deer.
  22. There are a lot of exotic big game species in Texas that are free ranging. Some of the high fences got damaged from flooding years ago. If you see one while in a deer stand it is fair game no tag needed, There are Kudu, axes deer, several others. Always a chance you can bag one in Texas.
  23. Deer out there are small, There are a lot of them. Texas let's me shoot 5 deer in Gillespie County. All five can be does or a combo of 2 bucks and 3 does. I hunt a place in Abilene and there are big white tail there There is a 10 point that weighs about 200 lbs that I hope to poke a hole in. got plenty of pictures on a trail cam. Those big deer are a long way from fredricksburg though.
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