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  1. I am glad Ray got that book written, can't wait to get my own copy.
  2. RD was the real deal, heck of a nice guy. He gave me a specimen from area 51. I will probably hang on to it for the rest of my days.
  3. Exact same truck I have with the same miles on it too. I don't have a cap though. this is my 5th Ranger. Only thing ford makes these days that are good. Just got rid of my 06 F250 diesel. that thing was a sorry turd. 3rd time it left me stranded with a blown headgasket at 57,000 miles I traded it for the ranger. What a sorry, expensive, piece of shite.
  4. 12000 will buy you another ford ranger too, lots of places you can go with a street legal vehicle that you can't go with a quad here in communist red california. Quads are fun I don't see how you could go wrong. you might invest in a sattelite phone or an EPirb if you are really getting back in the bush.
  5. I had a GP Extreme and now have a 3500, I could hear the signals but they were muffled somewhat. I got a signal enhancer from Doc and now I have to turn the volume down some. My ears tested perfect when I got out of the Marine Corps. Maybe I got two bad detectors and two bad sets of headphones too. I don't know but I have a nice pile of gold to play with. That's my story and I am going to stick to it too.
  6. I have to use a signal enhancer with the gray ghosts or the black widows, both are great headphones. I got mine from Doc. Bill probably has something that does the same thing.
  7. Doing allright Bill, Hoping to ride out this crazy financial storm intact.
  8. Gold worth a dollar an ounce more than platinum. Imagine that
  9. I spent some time with Bob out at his mine. I got a picture of a bucket he had out there with water in it to attract the bees and to keep them off of us. Must have been a million of them out there. They did a good job of keeping Bob's diggins safe from high graders and rascals that didn't belong there. If I can just figure out how to post a picture.
  10. Silly how the expert has determined that it is the last of it's kind. What a moron.
  11. That's just about the same story I had with my GP Extreme years ago, even felt the same way about selling it I wouldn't do it. Figured I had a $2,800.00 Albatross around my neck called a GP Extreme turd. Got rid of my Explorer even. I didn't want anything to do with Minelab. After I sent it like 5 trips back to Minelab Doc got involved and somehow was able to get Minelab USA to make it right the last time it went in . Not sure what he did but Doc is the best. Sold the thing to a good friend of mine after it got fixed and he has found 2 nuggets over a 1/2 ounce and lots of smaller ones. He found a 1,000 gram Franconia. It still works great and the 3500 I purchased has worked great too. Not sure what I would have done without Doc's help, guess I would have found a new hobby.
  12. try gunbroker.com It might give you some idea if anyone is currently selling one, also there is a blue book of gun values published yearly. Since Obama got into office all gun values have increased by about 20% some more some less. The blue book of gun values isn't available on the www cause they would never sell another book if the info was easy to obtain. I think Grubby is right on the mark at $500.00 You might be able to get an agreed value insurance policy. Insurance companys are a pain though. They may require collectors insurance if your brother intends on insuring more than a couple of guns. There are numerous forums that cover this topic in detail hope this little bit of info helps. -Joe
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