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  1. Hey Rebel

    Dilek from Nokta/Makro just said they have two new coils for the Simplex. One is a 8.5 inch round DD coil and a 9 X 5 DD coming out I believe this month. Dilek has a video showing the new coils. You can find it over on Steve H. forum talking about them.


  2. This is something I dreamed up and why I call it Shot in the dark .

     Here is what you going to need.

     Boneless breast of chicken ( I fixed one for each person)

     Dried pepper the kind you see people putting on pizza.

     2 package Country gravy mix .

     Two eggs 🥚  

      Cooking oil . I use canola oil because my wife says it’s good for me.

     Start by cutting up your chicken breast the long way of it . I try to cut it 3/8” thick so to cook the same in your fry pan .

     Next beat up one egg and put it in a plate big enough to roll the chicken strips. The other egg we’ll use if the need be .

     Now put one package of the country gravy mix in a large plate . Now you want to add in the dried pepper to the gravy mix.. Here is where you add how much pepper you want . After being cooked the pepper don’t come across as hot. When you mix it up make sure to get the two mixed good.

     I use a large fry pan none stick with about 1/8” oil and as you add chicken the oil level will come up  Be sure the oil is hot before you put your chicken strips and adjust the heat after.

     Now roll the chicken in the egg and then roll into the gravy and pepper mix lightly. Be sure to have enough chicken to fry before you put any in your fry pan . If you put all in at the same time all will come out at the same time.

     I do space the chicken strips apart so to cook good. Do be careful not to over cook your chicken. If need check one strip so to know how it’s doing.

     One package of gravy mix is good for two boneless breast. The other package of the mix you could make gravy if you like dipping your chicken in .

     If you have children just don’t put the pepper in but use the gravy mix in the same way you did the other.

     I hope your Shot in the Dark tasted as great as mine did.



  3. To All

    It had been a long time that Jim and I talked by email but here today he’s wanting to know how I’m doing. I should have been the one checking on him being he’s got about eleven years on me.

    I guess the odd thing is if one would want to say is Jim and I have never meet. Jim is got to be the greatest guy that I have ever known but like said never meet.

    I think it all started when I sent Jim something that I can’t remember anymore. I wasn’t wanting anything in return but here came a flood of material for me to read.

    I just know if we had more in this world like Jim Straight it would be a better place to live.

    Jim I Thank You for you just being you!

    Chuck Anders 


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  4. Hi Jim

    You know this turn your age back twenty years after you replace all joints. The only trouble is you will set off any metal detector. The one in my left shoulder before 9-11 didn't set a detector off but did after. I didn't get it by age being the factor but by my plane didn't want to fly anymore.

    Hope you get well soon Jim.

    Take Care!

    Chuck Anders

  5. Back in the 50's I was working for the railroad and another guy I knew would make trips across hunting treasure and coin hunting and what he did was go to the chief of police to see what he needed.He got him a new gun are anything else he wanted and after that he could do no wrong.

    Now I myself don't care just to go over there shopping anymore.I'll just stay in the good old USA where I do have rights.

    Chuck Anders

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