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  1. You can make one out of 4 inch PVC pipe and then a straight rubber boot to go between the two . That’s between the PVC and 4 inch hose . Chuck
  2. Go look on Steve H. forum it is one for sale by a guy that goes by the name of Hard Prospector. It is new he says and wants about 850.00. Chuck
  3. Doc If we told you what it was then you would know as much as we do . Doc your guess is as good as mine on what it is . Chuck
  4. Hey Rebel Dilek from Nokta/Makro just said they have two new coils for the Simplex. One is a 8.5 inch round DD coil and a 9 X 5 DD coming out I believe this month. Dilek has a video showing the new coils. You can find it over on Steve H. forum talking about them. Chuck
  5. Sorry no pictures. I guess I wasn’t thinking being I ate it . I know a picture is worth a thousand words but maybe I wrote five hundred. When I cook it again I’ll be sure to post a picture. Chuck
  6. This is something I dreamed up and why I call it Shot in the dark . Here is what you going to need. Boneless breast of chicken ( I fixed one for each person) Dried pepper the kind you see people putting on pizza. 2 package Country gravy mix . Two eggs 🥚 Cooking oil . I use canola oil because my wife says it’s good for me. Start by cutting up your chicken breast the long way of it . I try to cut it 3/8” thick so to cook the same in your fry pan . Next beat up one egg and put it in a plate big enough to roll the chicken strips. The other egg we’
  7. This is a joke my wife found and she said she almost spit her coffee out reading it. Chuck
  8. Edge It’s a guy on Rob Allison forum wants what you have. I told him about you but you may want to make contact with him . Chuck
  9. I’ve seen the same thing after a house fire . Where you got a tin roof you will find where the melting metal pool . You get all kind of odd looking shapes like you have. Chuck
  10. Follow me guys we shall advance to the rear. Pie R Square No pie round cornbread square I started prospecting back in 61 and I’m still stupid in so many ways. I can still enjoy the trip life has given me .Thank God! Chuck PS Being I live in a glass house I won’t throw rocks!
  11. To All It had been a long time that Jim and I talked by email but here today he’s wanting to know how I’m doing. I should have been the one checking on him being he’s got about eleven years on me. I guess the odd thing is if one would want to say is Jim and I have never meet. Jim is got to be the greatest guy that I have ever known but like said never meet. I think it all started when I sent Jim something that I can’t remember anymore. I wasn’t wanting anything in return but here came a flood of material for me to read. I just know if we had more in this world like Jim Stra
  12. Behind my mothers house in the country.This is about the forth litter that’s been raised under her storage building. Chuck E3BB9EA0-73D8-48D9-992A-88E432C2A2F9.MOV
  13. Bill A nugget is like a woman none ugly but some look better than others. Chuck
  14. Hey Fred I guess if I had someone biting at my butt I’d run too. Nobody likes me better than I do. White man comes over here and he’s going to make things better, Before the Indian man done the hunting and fishing . The Indian woman done all the work and they didn’t pay any tax . We were going to improve things. What is wrong with this picture ? Chuck
  15. I have a cousin that has three hundred acres east of San Antonio off I-10. If you go take a look from a satellite view over their place you can still see the old wagon road that was used years ago. On the ground you don’t know it’s there but from above you can’t miss it. Chuck
  16. If a Indian had someone after him he’d run that horse until it fell out from under him . Then take time to eat some of it and that could have been raw . After that he’d take off running on foot. That’s the reason the Indian got away a good percentage of the time. The white man put a value on his horse but the Indian put a value on nothing. That was because he got it free. Chuck
  17. For what it’s worth. The Butterfield started out with horses but the Indians liked them too . That’s why they switch to mules . That stop the Indians from stealing because they didn’t like the mules . What you may not know is the Indians like to ride the horses but they like to eat them too . They didn’t like the taste of the mules. One old Chief went to one of Butterfield station and told them if they didn’t get some horses he was going to kill them all . Chuck
  18. Hey Jim Hope you had a great day and many more to come. Jim age is just a number that’s what my Mother says at 95 . She would tell you that you still have baby fat. I’m looking forward to the next book you write. The Best to You in what life has to offer. Chuck Anders
  19. Swamp My trouble the first two days there I’d be worthless after such a long drive. Well I hope you make it if that be your wish. Chuck
  20. I’d be happy to pay the 15 but it’s the thousand miles I have to drive that bothers me! Hey Jen could you circle around and pick me up on the way over there ?? haha Don’t answer that I think I know it already. Chuck
  21. Andy I just got to ask this. Didn't you talk to her before you married? Chuck
  22. DSmith Remember the only one you have to make happy in whatever you do is you. The Best to You. Chuck
  23. Guys All I ever wanted was for my GM to work and what I see it is. I'd say this is the end of the story. Thanks to all. Chuck
  24. I think I said something about what the Tech said about the Ground Balance being off. Now looking at the GM it's no way of knowing this unless you got a port and that has got to be where the coil hooks up. If a change was made in the programming to correct my problem we'll never know it. The Tech just wave his hand over it and the sea parted. Giving me another coil was what you call a miss direction. I'm giving you a new coil but I'm over here fixing your trouble. If true I wish they just tell it like it is and don't blow smoke up my ( because I can't see good when they do that ). Ch
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