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  1. Here I thought I covered my tracks to my claim ! Thanks for posting! Chuck
  2. Hope I don’t sidetrack this post too much. Here’s another! In the early 60’s in Hornitos this one building and I can’t remember what they sold but they had a news paper clipping about a coin found. It was a large gold coin with 6are8 sides. The article was in a picture frame and may still be there if the building is still standing. The best part was how the coin was found. This person was walking along this old hand stack rock fence and just happened to look down and here was this coin waiting on someone to come along. Even at that time the coin was worth lots of money but my question is it more to be found by a metal detector. I think this discovery was made up behind that old store I was talking about. Up around there where I got my taste of prospecting. I was stationed at Castle at the time. Chuck
  3. Hey Dakota Slim I had a friend ( past away now )that had a family member that was a contractor in S.F.. He had removed a building off this property and planned on putting a new one in its place. They had started removing dirt for the foundation and broke into a wine cellar that had been covered from the day S.F. had its big shake. All the bottles was still in their racks waiting to be discovered. Just think how much gold and silver with other valuable items will be found just by digging in the right place unknowingly. Chuck PS He had taken pictures and in away it looked spooky. I never heard if the wine was still good.
  4. GPAA is planning a full run of their Gold and Treasure shows for 2022 . See below just when they will be Chuck
  5. Guys you know if you dig up all theses baby nuggets they will never have the opportunity to grow up to be big nuggets. Here’s what you need to do when you find one and that’s send me the GPS location that’s so I can go water them as needed. Chuck
  6. GotAU I looked all over the pick head and I don’t see where you signed it. We had a deal that you would sign it. It was disheartening that you didn’t but that’s okay because the handle don’t fit my hand. I have trouble finding any handle to fit my hand due to they always related to work. Chuck
  7. Guys the only trouble with a two wheeler is you have to remember to put your feet down when you stop! Chuck
  8. Well that’s better than going the price of a new truck 🛻. Beauty is only skin deep but what counts in this is what’s under the hood. Chuck
  9. GotAU? Thanks for accepting a personal check. I would have been willing to pay more if it had a set of High Speed Muffler Bearings on it. I will do this for you and that’s the first nugget I find around San Antonio Texas it’s yours. Just to let you know if you don’t sign it this deal is off.haha The Best To You! Chuck
  10. GotAU? Your pick is missing so many items people are wanting but I do have a magnet! What I would have wanted was a pull rope to start it and a manual but do sign it . If you will please PM your address and if you will take a money order from USPS I’ll get you the money. Chuck
  11. What’s new we get the shaft and someone else gets the gold mine. Chuck
  12. Hey spud You may want to tell them that the wheel is 18 inches across and it has two speeds with water volume control. The new price out the door is over 900 dollars. The price you’re offering it is a steal at 600 . Chuck
  13. This was posted on Steve H. Forum by Glenn in Co. and I think it’s of interest here. Chuck
  14. ddog It’s a guy on Steve H. Forum wants what you have and I told him about you. The Best! Chuck
  15. I remember when it was 35 dollars a ounce but a jewelry store in Merced was paying 55 per ounce. My wife was working there while I was stationed at Castle AFB . That was from 61 to 64 . Chuck
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