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  1. Just when you think you have gold hunting figured out you realize you have more to learn. These two nuggets were found on the last two trips 4.15 g and .38g .The smaller nugget had a great signal with the first pass. As I started to dig it even sounded better. The target was wedged in bed rock about 10” deep. As I broke the bed rock apart I thought to myself finally I would find a nugget bigger than Terry, Dave, or Chris! These guys have all found nuggets over an ounce. I grabbed my radio and asked Dave to come over that I think I had found a big one. Thankfully he didn’t hear me because he would still be horse laughing me because it’s so small. My dig hole was now about 10-11” deep. I thought surely I could hold the large nugget now because my detector was screaming. I decided to pick a few more times just to make sure the nugget was free , one more pass with the detector and now I heard nothing.What the heck, no target sound 1 1/2’ from my dig hole. Another larger sweep turned up the small nugget a couple feet from the hole. The caliche amplified the target sound. I was fooled once before by a small piece of metal lying in a crack of a large quartz outcrop that sounded like a large piece of gold. The larger nugget 4.15g sounded almost like a small hot rock almost like the back ground sound that the detector was making as I moved it back and forth while hunting. The small signal was barely detectable but faintly repeatable. Five minutes later the nugget was out of the hole and in my hand. As I chipped the caliche away away I was thinking about my last target all this work for a small piece of gold.My smile was a lot bigger with this nugget.
  2. That’s my buddy Skip Wilson. Skip is one of the best meteorite hunters in the USA. Skip holds the title for most US finds.Skip also had a large meteorite fall in his home town of Portales New Mexico.
  3. Hi Doc, I can’t emphasize enough about wearing sunscreen and spf clothing! I myself just just returned from my dermatologist from a hour long Mohs Surgery.This was my fifth surgery for skin cancer. For those who have not had a skin cancer screening you really need to! I lost part of my lip and now have a nice 2”scar. So much for working at the kissing booth next week.🤐
  4. Hi Andy my friends like to hunt down in Mexico at night for gold. They were telling me they get one strike every couple nights from rattlers. They also do good on the gold. Sorry I’m out for night hunting.
  5. It happened so fast the only thing I could do was stop and push the GPZ coil down and take a breath. I thought to myself “What the heck was that a snake and if so what kind?” I always swing the coil and listen for a target while simultaneously scanning the terrain to look for meteorites Etc. while wearing my headphones. When I’m hunting in a brushy wash I move real slow and try to avoid tight areas and always put the coil in the blind areas or make a wide berth just on the chance and snake could be chilling in the shade. Oh and by the way my snake chaps I keep them in my truck just in case I need them!.Ok back to the snake under my coil and part way in a bush. From my quick observation the tail had no buttons and was white and black striped and the color kinda looked like a Western diamond back. I felt comfortable with the situation because my coil was holding the snake now and I could just step back and look into the bush to figure out what kind of snake I had just captured. As I looked I could see the diamond shaped pattern On its back. Yep I thought, no dought it’s a rattle snake ...crap. At this point I decided to look back and step away from the brush and let my new reptilian friend go on his way. Thank God the temperature was still cool and the rattle snake was sluggish. He also had no buttons on his tail and if he did I could not hear him due to my headphones and the chatter of the detector. I was still able to snake a couple nuggets 1.29g, .82g and a small metal star.
  6. Hi Rockman, Your Rock looks good. I would contact Allen Ruben at UCLA and send him the pictures and give him the information. It needs to be tested.It is always tough to tell from the pictures but you never know. This way you will know 100% what it is!
  7. 100% not a meteorite! But keep looking you will find one.
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