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  1. Congrats. Johnno, way to go. Kind of wish you would have went to bed early, I would have got around to that answer after a bit. :innocent0009: :coffeetime: Bob T. I'll take 3 MB's.
  2. GOTGOLD, That was a good one, thanks for keeping me up late, AGAIN!!! I seem to remember, one time over on Rod's forum, where you guys did the same to me, wee hours of the morning. :whoopie: Didn't win that one either, think Randy won it. :grrr01: Thanks again Bob T.
  3. I AM OVER-SEVENTY NEW FENDERS Bob T. Garimpo, I'm not down and out, just trying to get my second wind. :coffeetime:
  4. I AM OVER-SEVENTY NEED FUN GotGold, the cog's are worn and my wheels are slipping, HELP!! Sure glad that Johnno is in bed, gives one time to think a bit. Not that its helping any. :angry-smiley-010: :grrr01: Bob T.
  6. GotGold, I'm as desperate as Johnno. That's a right fine prize and would make a nice addition to the new PC I just bought. I'M OVER SIXTY-STILL NEED FRIENDS Bob T.
  7. I will try this one. ITS MY OWN-STILL NEED FUN Bob T.
  8. Very nice indeed, John B... That's a beaut.... Bob T.
  9. Welcome to the forum psp1964. This is a very good forum with a lot of good info.. Bob T.
  10. edoseal, Nice gold. Even though its not quite here yet, its still a nice way to start the new year off. Bob T.
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