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  1. Nice gold Adam. Think those were the two that I left, when I was over there, up there, down there, out there. Will be back out this wk. Bob T.
  2. A few days ago it was 115 in the shade, here at the house, [Quartzsite] I have seen it a lot hotter. We had a power outage a couple days ago. The storm took out 17 power polls between here and Parker. Power went off in the evening, was off all night, all the next day and came back on at 3:00 AM in the morning. The house was starting to heat up just a wee bit. Bob T.
  3. Hey Don, Great thread. Works fine for me. Thanks Bob T.
  4. Couldn't make it this year but was there last year. There was quite a bit of wind last year, but still had a good time. If I remember right, AZO had a booth set up last year. Bob T.
  5. Very nice indeed, Ron, Say's a lot about that detector in the hands of a man that knows how to use it. It cooled off a bit so I was going to go out Sat.. First thing that happened was a stone dead Batt.. in the quad. Guess its good that I didn't go because by the time I got through fooling with that thing, the sky opened up and really dumped, also a lot of 1/2" hail. Bought a new one today so should be good for go. Bob T.
  6. Happy B-day Frank. Be careful out there, so that you will have many more. Bob T.
  7. A-men LARGO, I have had the Bug and the Bug II for a lot of years, as well as the ML. Wouldn't be without either of them, can't go wrong with that combo. At least it works very well for me. Bob T.
  8. Mr.G, Yes I'm still alive and kicking. Not so sure about the well, part. Kind of comes and goes. That is some very fine gold that you have there. Hope you find many more. Enjoy reading your post. Bob T.
  9. Shame Shame Frank, But you do have a point there. It's a bit strange but it seems that all the Aussie gals that I know, do walk a bit bowlegged. Haven't quite figgured that out yet but I'm going to start working on it. :innocent0009: :hmmmmmm: :grrr01: Bob T.
  10. Hey SteveT, Only one way to go cheap, SEE MY AVATAR. This thing lives off the land, will carry you or your load, never gets you into trouble, don't talk back and makes its own gas. :hmmmmmm: :innocent0009: Bob T.
  11. John B, You must be double jointed, to be able to bend in the middle that much to get it up that high. Of course, I guess one of those pink lace gals sitting on your shoulders would help the bending a lot. :hmmmmmm: Bob T.
  12. Hmmmmm!!! :innocent0009: :sick0010: :hump9: Bob T.
  13. GUN CONTROL IS: Never having to say, I missed you!!! Bob T.
  14. Goldbrick, Very nice find. Depend's on the condition but looks like it may be in the $30.00 to $40.00 price range. I found one like that in the box on my dredge, one time. It was an 1839-O in real good shape. Bob T.
  15. John B, Thats some good stuff. Thats as good as finding the yellow, good show. Bob T.
  16. Hey Ron, Very nice finds. Awhile back I found one exactly like that one, in a spot between here and the Wick... where I have taken quite a few nuggets from and it was in A-1 condition, except for a bit of rust scale. Good hunting. Bob T.
  17. Hey Ron, your on a roll for sure. Nice stuff. You know its not always the machine, its usually the man behind the machine. :icon_mrgreen: Bob T.
  18. Hey Ron, That is one great looking nugget.....good job. There must be at least one more, small or large, somewhere around that area. If I was a guessing man, I would guess that a nug.. like that won't be for sale. Bob T.
  19. Hey Alan, Looking good, man. Way to go. :whoopie: :icon_mrgreen: Bob T.
  20. Hey Ridge Runner, I'll bid $1.25. :whoopie: I don't need the mine, I just like the name. :Huh_anim]: Bob T.
  21. Hey Grubstake, SOLD! I will take it. Mail me the deed as soon as possible. Let me see, I guess the first order of business is to fence the whole state. :innocent0009: Hmmmm.........guess I will start on the south end of the state. :hmmmmmm: :whoopie: Bob T.
  22. Studmuffin, You know what they say, a prick a day :innocent0009: ..........................well anyway, glad you only felt their wrath one time, could have been real bad. You could have had to throw your detector away and run like hell. Then you would have had a pick AND detector to find again. Bob T.
  23. Hang in there Flak, you may catch me yet. :whoopie: Happy B-day. Bob T.
  24. Old Salt, I used to run a GB and then the GBll, still have the GBll. It's a good machine, wouldnt be without it. I have worked many many place's in Az. with it and yes, sometimes you will come across an area that you cannot work with it. I then switch to the ML3500 with the mono coil and if the ground is still to noisy I will switch to a DD coil. With that combo I can work just about any area. I probably have that a little backwards, as I usually hunt with the ML, but once in awhile I get lazy and hunt with the GBll. If I find a crumb patch I stick with the GB as it will pick up very sma
  25. Hey Bill, Since you are going to be in the Quartzsite area, just wanted to tell you that there is no use trying to go to my super super secret patch. :icon_mrgreen: Snakes are thick, scorpion's are by the bucket-ful, Illegals are elbow to elbow and all packing, the road is washed out so you have to hike 3 mi. in and 3 out, and the ground is so hard you can't stick a pick in it. :grrr01: If none of the above gets you then the Injun's will. Beside's, as Ron say's, I have already found all the big one's. There's nothing left that is over an ounce. :rofl2: Have fun and good luck. Bob T.
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