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  1. lotsa luck

    Surprise in my trash pouch MAYBE?

    It's Lead most likely from my experience, certainly not native silver. Still a cool unique find. Edit... Galena is a better description. While dredging we find about 75% of chunky heavies Galena. Some bullet frag's and mostly natural.
  2. lotsa luck

    My Patent was finally published...

    I believe the feed rate should be quicker and the jig should hold more heavies before being loaded up. An improved way to feed the jig is needed though.
  3. lotsa luck

    My Patent was finally published...

    Congrat's on the patent and I hope you prosper with it. I also know the PINTA of the patent process and have 4. Made decent money on one of them. That being said, looking at your drawings that are well done to describe the item I instantly saw a way to vastly improve its efficiency with no additional parts or power needs. I could see this a likely large improvement over the current drywasher.
  4. lotsa luck

    Iron Teapots

    I dredged up an 18" iron skillet about 15 years ago, it was under about 5 feet of overburden and just above bedrock in the hard pack layer. Used it at camp for several years then brought it home and the wife "cleaned" it. Surface rusted the poor old thing badly. After explaining cast iron to her and finally getting it again seasoned its still our favorite cooking pan. The claim goes back to early WWII when it was first inhabited so pretty sure thats when it was left to near to the creek. No markings on it anywhere to determine its maker etc.
  5. lotsa luck

    Just sooooo cool

    LOVE it, Great find Bill!
  6. lotsa luck

    First Dredge

    To address you original posting... A trash pump does not have the pressure to run that nozzle unless your sluice is almost the same level as the material you are dredging. As the hole deepens you will lose lift and suction fast. Look for a pressure pump, youll be much happier.
  7. lotsa luck

    Mineral Tresspass

    In our case the trespasser not only was dredging the claim he had also set up a permanent camp with signs threatening anyone entering with violence since it was so remote. Pictures and videos of the situation nailed him under " 9239.2-5 Settlement and free passage over public lands not to be obstructed. " along with AZ's laws against it. In states without laws addressing it theCFR's take over and can treat it as if coal trespass.
  8. lotsa luck

    Mineral Tresspass

    The Sheriff will and has responded to a couple of my calls on mineral trespass in a very remote and difficult to reach claim. On the one they plead and was over with a minor fine. The other went to court and it took two years before winning our case thus perfecting the claim also. It is both state and federal laws being broken.
  9. lotsa luck

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    I pass one to two stones every year. Mine are the more rare iron stones and the last one I passed in october was 8mm. That one took a few weeks of on and off symptoms. Have done this for 34 years now.
  10. lotsa luck


    Mica for sure.
  11. lotsa luck

    Geocommunicator Gone

    Bottom line is just do your homework on the ground and at local BLM offices like we all use to do. Geo... Removed claims a long time ago and even then they were horrible at staying current. Glad they pulled the plug honestly.
  12. lotsa luck

    4.3 gramer

    That gold looks like stuff I've found before. You need to spend a day over my way soon, before it gets hotter.
  13. lotsa luck

    Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    Yesterday I put out about 1/3rd of the garden plants to make more room in the grow room. They are just out growing the hydroponics way to fast in the room and we have no more space under the lights. Heck I'm harvesting chile's and peppers inside already. Hope we don't get any more frosts this year and the long range outlook looks good.
  14. lotsa luck

    Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    I formed a bowl when I dug it out that drains into the 24" dry well that goes through the caliche so drainage should be good.
  15. lotsa luck

    Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    Here are some of my current cherry tomatoes outside. Had over 100 getting ripe but listened to the news weather dude and didn't cover them one night when I should have. Lost 4 plants dang it. The other is my small hydro setup I made for testing various ways. Currently doing flood and drain 3 times daily, the sprouts are all just over 1 week old, the far right tomato was purchased and then stripped of soil and put into the system to test its growth.