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  1. Depthmaster made some headphones several years ago that had full earcups, volume adjustments for each ear and an internal battery. They had a very poor removable cord that was continually breaking. Does anyone have some of those sitting in their junk boxes? I'd like to get a couple. Doesn't matter if the cords are working or not. Thanks, Gary
  2. HI, "What if thats all that was to be found wouldn't it be best to find alot of small gold than to come home with nothing?" Well, I guess I was just a bit "wishy washy". The point I was trying to make is, don't hype a PI machine by talking about how small a target it will detect. It's just not relevant to why you should select a PI machine. If small targets are the issue, then a Gold Bug II (or others) find tiny stuff. And existing SD and GP detectors as I and Ron pointed out, can find that small stuff now. My personal opinion is, it's not worth hunting that stuff, except that occasiona
  3. Chris was sometimes a bit grumpy on the forums, but I always found him helpful and upbeat in person. Didn't know him real well, but the wife and I will miss him. John, I'll be seeing Les Lowe next week, I'll give him a "HI" for you. Gary
  4. If my arithmetic is correct, the that is .16 grams. Last time in Australia, the wife and I sold 2.5 oz of gold, that consisted of pieces less than .15 grams. Most seemed to be close to .1 gram, as two of them on the scale would still only come out at .2 grams. we collected with GP 3000's and the ll" coil running in the DD mode. Good solid signals, but you had to be working slow. I'd expect the GPX's would get smaller stuff, but why would anyone want to do that? We'd get 25 or 30 of those pieces and at the end of the day it wouldn't hardly pay for the water you d
  5. I'm going to be leaving for Western Australia soon and have started worrying about packing the control box. I suspect there is a battery in the control box to keep the settings refreshed, and if so, that will cause airport security fits. Anybody went thru security with their 4000? Was it packed in checked baggage or carry on. Any problems? I've never had problelms with earlier models, but this is a new critter. Thanks, Gary
  6. Blake, Thanks for the invite. Wife had some "honey do's". Let me know if you go out again. Please. Gary
  7. I went out to see Bill at the Havasu Gold Seekers camp and am happy to report to all his friends that he seems to be doing well. He's having a bit of a problem with his generator, thinks it's a carb problem and it's running rough. If anyone is mechanically inclined and out that way, you might stop and talk to Bill and see if you could troubleshoot his problem. I know he'd appreciate it.
  8. Thanks guys, hope to have a chance to meet some of you before the wife and I head off to West Australia again. I'm in the Congress area, so if anyone is heading out to one of the claims and wants some company, give a holler.
  9. Okay, I give up. There seems to be a mythical website, but I can't seem to find it's address. I assume that is where such things as bylaws, claim info might be located? Will someone fess up and give it to me? It's nice to be aboard, looking forward to meeting folks. Gary
  10. I'm trying to look up my old friend Bill Bright, who I haven't seen in quite a while. I understand that he may be caretaking on the Havasu Goldseekers Claim above Franconia? If that is so, could anyone give me some directions, as I'm not certain just where they are. I'm going to be heading over there on monday, not hunting, just to find Bill. If my info is not correct, has anyone seen him? Thanks, Gary
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