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  1. Nice to see Bill has a cable stabilizer on that unit too.
  2. Hello Fred, What’s weird is the detector would give the dead battery sound and I would check the display and it was blank still working but blank, power down and back up the display would come back and show battery voltage at 7.6v detect for a while and low battery tone again but was still operating fine w/ blank screen like its in a power saving mode.
  3. I made it out to the desert for a hunt before the rain fell and managed a 1.5 gram nugget, lots of lead too. My battery didn’t last very long either, gave it a half hr charge on the car charger and was good for a while longer. I will need to make something up to drain it down and cycle it a few times to see if it comes back to a full day of hunting.
  4. The 2200SD was released Sept. 98. If I remember right the 2000 was 93 or 94 .
  5. What is happening to The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum? Governor Brewers Plan: NOT due to budget cuts Execution attempted in secret 5C Centennial Exhibit: Cotton, Citrus, Cattle, Copper Climate Designed and built by out of state firm Transferred to Arizona Historical Society Brewers tangled tales Increased cost to taxpayers What may be lost: State tradition preceding statehood Support for K-12 education Outdoor displays Most of mineral collection Educational displays Lapidar
  6. Hello All, Here is a link for making a comment about the museum, Please make a comment . Subject: COMMENT The Arizona Republic has set up a place to make comments on the mineral museum. We need a thousand! http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/opinions/articles/2010/03/02/20100302tuelets026.html
  7. Schedule for the Bill (urgent) !!!! Friends and Club Contacts I have just received the schedule for the Bill that will remove the Arizona Mining & Mineral Musuem from the State statutes. The House Committee on Natural Resources and Rural Affairs has posted a new agenda on the State Legislature's website. HB2617 is on the agenda, and mining amendments are mentioned. The amendments that discuss the details of the changes, however, have not been posted. Here's the URL for the meeting agenda: http://www.azleg.gov/agendas/0222012793.pdf The meeting is on Monday 2/22, 2pm, Room HHR4. Lot
  8. Hello Terry, Yes , go for it and any other local websites you can think of . Thanks
  9. Hello All, I was informed about some info pertaining to the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum at our club meeting last night . We need all Arizonan's to respond so that our voices are heard . Below is the info that was forwarded to me today. Subject: Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum's Future Club Leaders and Interested Individuals It is very important that this information be sent to all members so that actions can be taken immediately! There are several things we can do to voice our opinions on the proposed destruction of the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum by the Centennial Commissio
  10. Hello Rich and Rusty, They are talking rain here in PHX and with lack of interest from everyone , I won't be traveling that way , because it would be a one man outing .
  11. Hello Bunk, You didn't find that behind Black Canyon City did you ?
  12. Vote for New Member Ralph Bond, BIO: Ralph lives in Jefferson City, MO. and winters in Congress, AZ. till April.
  13. Hello Rich I'm always interested in the Alamo, just wish it wasn't so far from me . I will plan on it though .
  14. Hello Guys , 8# patch is a claim on State land . The buildings on the hill and the windmill is private property (Grantham) sp?
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