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  1. AZ4AU

    Then you have this......

    So thats where my big coil went.
  2. AZ4AU

    Google Earth Issues!

    Hello Ron, Glad to see you got GE runnng again! I'm running pro on the Mac and it has some minor glitches once in a while that will drive you nuts, I have been using it for fishing, using overlays of the lakes contour map to locate potential hot spots. I recently bought a BU-353S4 GPS receiver from Amazon, plugs into the USB port and in GE just goto tools and hit GPS, choose realtime select NMEA check the box to follow the path and hit start, it will show your position on the ground and follow you. If you clear your cache first and then zoom to the area you will be at you won't need a internet connection in the field, if your in cell range with the ipad I create a wifi hotspot and connect the computer to that. Great Tool!
  3. AZ4AU

    Beeped a couple .....

    WTG Adam, good to hear you all had a great time.
  4. AZ4AU

    Close Call !!

    Nice one Adam, don't try to figure out where they should be because they can be anywhere.
  5. AZ4AU

    Six Targets

    Way to go Adam, I thought you were doing yard work!
  6. AZ4AU


    Shep, First off, glad to hear you are OK. That scenario you described could have went horribly worse than what it did and you are very lucky to be talking about it. Stay safe Shep, recoup and see you in the Gold fields.
  7. AZ4AU

    Dry spell ended in Oct.

    Thanks Guys, It was fun while it lasted. Andy, not family just friends.
  8. AZ4AU

    Dry spell ended in Oct.

    Thanks fishing8046.
  9. AZ4AU

    Dry spell ended in Oct.

    Thanks Skip, we all know that they all don't go like that.
  10. AZ4AU

    Dry spell ended in Oct.

    Thanks Mike, haven't heard from you in a while. How have you been? Getting out to hunt at all?
  11. AZ4AU

    Dry spell ended in Oct.

    Thanks Tom and Luke, it was fun while it lasted, there was a lot of digging involved for the first 30 and that was in a 20' stretch of wash then expanded to maybe 50-60' and nothing downstream of that at least what the 20" coil wouldn't find. We all wish that every little wash we hunt would produce like that one, thats just not the way it is though :( .
  12. Kim and I did a little camping and exploring out west and hit a few pieces, 8.4 grammer started things off right and then I found a 1.5 gram piece in a new wash and got Kim in there with her SDC 2300 she pulled 35 nuggets that weekend, 30 the first day. We worked the wash hard and managed 48 nuggets, Kim 44 and myself 4 for about 12.5 grams plus the 8.4 grammer and a smaller one from another wash, total take for a couple weekends was 22.6 grams.
  13. AZ4AU

    The Elf gets some gold

    Way to go Tom, those dry spells can really start to make a guy stink and I'm glad you got rid of that smell.
  14. AZ4AU

    LSD Outing pics

    Looks like everyone had a good time, good job guys!