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  1. Those are just the little ones I threw back glad there's still some left. The claim RIP until the next minleab debuts.
  2. GeoJack, I detected some in the side feeders, back in the days before all the claims. Have fun!
  3. Good info Lotsaluck I found this page with more info: https://www.snakes.ngo/mohave/
  4. Minelab sdc2300 will scream on those all day long
  5. Half troy ounce sourced from California's historic El Dorado and Placer County- American River gold belt. 33 nuggets - Total weight: 15.65 grams $750 cash or paypal ok
  6. Happy Bday Grubstake, Thanks for the gold tips over the years! Wes
  7. God job Mitchel! I just got an equinox too and hope to get into the coin side of detecting a little more.
  8. No doubt, and they were right. The cemeteries are packed full from the collateral damage of our wheeled travel
  9. oh ya, looks super safe I cant imagine anyone ever getting hurt riding that
  10. Do it part time until you learn the ropes. Successful prospecting is a trade like any other. It takes time, a lot of research, fails, and days of disappointment before you get the golden results. And even when you think you know what your doing, the gold always dries up and you are starting all over. If you're up in the Trinity area, you're probably in one of the best places in CA to do it full time, once you learn the trade.
  11. Yep I see no problem with that amount of nuggets in 6 hours, or even triple that amount. When you're on a pocket, every time you put your coil down you're on another target. Dig, scratch, retrieve nugget, and onto the next one. Or to speed things up, once the sound in in your scoop or hand, toss that pile of dirt in a bucket and pan it out later. That speeds things up quite a bit.
  12. That's the Truth right there! The days before fast food and processed sugar in everything.
  13. If you strip bedrock, or hunt shallow ground, a vlf is ok in non mineralized grounds, but if you plan to free range hunt for nuggets in deeper grounds, go GPX all the way. You can get em used for reasonable cost.
  14. The best setting for maximum punch and bang , if ground allows, is run Normal ground, instead of difficult.
  15. When a patch gets down to maybe I'm finding a gram for an all day hunt, its time to move on. Its hard to fill a poke at that rate. Eventually most the beeps and squeaks are gone and I feel time is better spent looking for a new prospect. But old spots are great for going back to for testing out new detectors and equipment
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