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  1. You're a lucky guy Rick! Myself and friends were all over the place for some days and nothing to show. Just saw some crumbs guys were picking up in the parking lot over by the mill. Fun times anyway!
  2. Hard to believe that was 9 years ago already. I remember hearing a double sonic boom blast when it came in.
  3. You might be happier slabbing it. If the gold isnt well connected, you might just end up with a pile of flakes after dissolving the quartz.
  4. I have seen a lot of those meat bee underground paper nests this year in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The bears or some other animals digg them out at night and grub out on them!
  5. Free $50 even takes it home
  6. Maybe try the ebay thing? Some of the delicate type specie doesn't acid well and just turns into a mess of small pieces. Ive seen that happen to a few of my friends.
  7. California Motherload placer nugget exhibiting hopper crystalline structure (Chevron nugget) Unique specimen was sourced and mined in El Dorado County Weight is 0.5 Grams $50 plus shipping cost
  8. Those are just the little ones I threw back glad there's still some left. The claim RIP until the next minleab debuts.
  9. GeoJack, I detected some in the side feeders, back in the days before all the claims. Have fun!
  10. Good info Lotsaluck I found this page with more info: https://www.snakes.ngo/mohave/
  11. Minelab sdc2300 will scream on those all day long
  12. Half troy ounce sourced from California's historic El Dorado and Placer County- American River gold belt. 33 nuggets - Total weight: 15.65 grams $750 cash or paypal ok
  13. Happy Bday Grubstake, Thanks for the gold tips over the years! Wes
  14. God job Mitchel! I just got an equinox too and hope to get into the coin side of detecting a little more.
  15. No doubt, and they were right. The cemeteries are packed full from the collateral damage of our wheeled travel
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