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  1. sure going to miss the uting everyone enjoy.
  2. OK Equinox 800 , plus 15" , 11" and 6" coils . Now for the goodies . minilab pinpoiter , couple of scoops , misc stuff as I find it . Books...Rocks from space.... Follow the drywashers (3rd ed)…..Fist full f gold. all for 800 but must be picked up in Golden Valley AZ .
  3. Well , still here but changed a little. I just wanted to thank Bill Southern for such great outings and all the advice he gave me. A big thanks t all the members for the friendship online and in person . Everyone new me as a long haired bearded guy...well this is me now .
  4. Just give me a call 928 565 5101
  5. How about drop in price 800.....includes ÷extras too.
  6. STill for Sale Seller motivated..
  7. To all my nuggetshooter friends , I want to thank every for putting up with me. Mydr told me that I have cancer , they give me about 6 months. I still. Got the equinox 800 plus the other coils,it is in golden valley.
  8. Try this again EQUINOX 800 comes with what it came with includes 15 inch coil , used 2 or 3 times 6 inch coil used but not abused must be picked up in Golden Valley AZ. OFFERS ??????
  9. out of all the detectors I have had....the Equinox 800 is by far the best choice for an all around machine....my opinion look in the classifieds....good deal on one.
  10. Is this priced too high, please let me know. Thanks
  11. Forgot to add minilab pro 35 pinpointer
  12. Well it has happened, Medical reasons force sale. Equinox 800...all 3 coils , headphones, extra charge cord , scoop , leche digger , plus another digger. and a belt to carry all the stuff and minilab case. great deal , 1000.00 Located in Golden Valley AZ
  13. Conceals nice , shoots well , what more do ya want.
  14. Went to a gun show last month , could not resist....Got an EAA Windicator...turned out to be really accurate for 22 in barrel. Was 280 out the door and new in box.
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