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    Well it looks like I am heading out to Gold Basin on Wed to hunt some......we will see how it goes. Got a new Whites GoldMaster 24K to try out....will report upon my return.
  2. azdigger


    Back from GB. Lots of trash, little screws, nails and bb's...no gold....the cans that was laying round this area had some solder dots on them....I could tell I was not the first one there, lots of unfilled holes....not as many now. Had lots of fun and will go again , got run off by the wind picking up.
  3. azdigger


    Well, Heading out in the morning, going to make some flat ground out of some tailings piles...hope I get lucky and find some gold this time. Going to work hard , been reading and watching info on hunting tailings. Now we see if I retained any info.....report upon return.. Hunting with the Whites GoldMaster 24K and I will have my Equinox 800 with the small coil.
  4. azdigger

    Yesterdays finds

    Super finds....enjoy time with your son
  5. azdigger


    Sounds like I might have to show up on Thursday too
  6. azdigger

    Prospectors Soap

    Lots available on ebay…..I got a kit and built a 3 string slide CBG..tuned it to G D G..plays nice, now to get one with frets so I can use my finger for single notes too. I am not a guitar player but these are fun to goof with.
  7. azdigger

    Prospectors Soap

    Dave, now you need to make a 3 string cigar Box Guitar out of the box...I got one, lots of fun when ya can't get out....
  8. azdigger


    I am 62 , be 63 in Dec....not the age but the millage…..big thing for me is (sp)neuropathy. makes it hard to walk a lot and I stumble and wobble. Makes me look like a drunk in the field. plus other health related things too. But I might fuss and swear off prospecting but I will keep going at it....enjoy being outdoors. My excuse and I an going to stick to it
  9. azdigger


    So far in the testing around the house it sure seems sensitive, even picked up a tiny piece of shrapnel in my Dad's wrist . The Equinox 800 picks it up too but the 24K is louder and seems to hit it farther away. I took it over to show Frank C, he was impressed too. My plan this trip is to hit Old Tailings piles. Got a good rake.
  10. azdigger


    Sure plan on it....got the gold bug so I guess I will never stop hunting. also plan on getting dirt for my Mountain Goat too.
  11. azdigger

    Equinox Accessories

    Need a price for the 15 coil to pre order...got open places to hunt.
  12. azdigger

    First fish of the day

    I tried to smoke trout but they was too hard to keep lit... Used to smoke them years ago in the Black Hills of SD.
  13. azdigger

    Who Remembers? Doc does.....

    I got one....
  14. azdigger

    One deer down.

    Super nice, wat to go and congrats to your son.
  15. azdigger

    Advise please

    I am in Golden Valley , so any water I use when out prospecting has to be brought in. I go to Gold Basin most of the time when I hunt as it is close to me
  16. azdigger

    Advise please

    You will most likely get as many opinions as you do answers.... There are many that drywash only, then there re those that detect (nugget shoot) then ya got the ones that do both.. I like to drywash, I try to detect, and I even have a recirculating sluice to use....kind of "do as ya want" and what ever makes YOU happy is the right way to go. My opinion .
  17. azdigger


  18. azdigger


    Jimmy M , have you tried the Goldmaster 24K on meteorites yet. been looking at one.
  19. I have a Taurus/Rossi Wizard single shot rifle, comes with 2 barrels, a Scoped .223 and a .270 no scope or rear sights... wood stock, in very good shape, just don't use it. Any interest or offers....I have no idea what it is worth.
  20. azdigger

    Seeing if there is an interest

    SOLD SOLD...all gone
  21. azdigger

    64 degrees, buggy loaded and....

    Have a good time, you guys be safe. I am going to head out to Meadview to meet up with Shep and company (who ever is there). 60 degrees here right now.
  22. azdigger

    Loaded on the Flatty

    No matter how well you know it won't flip, still gives ya the willy's when ya load or unload.
  23. azdigger


    Hello , you can't go wrong with a Monster , if Gold is all you want to hunt. Just my opinion but I like the Equinox 800..good for old and coins. Just my thoughts. Welcome to the forum....Lots of good info here no matter what ya choose.
  24. azdigger

    Falcon md-20

    I have one and I do use it, gets into small places and I can scoop up a pan full , then detecting the pan , if lots of hits then I pan it out...works for me and I would not give mine up, also use for testing rocks that sound off.