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  1. Got kin folk in Aiken.....all over that state.
  2. What part of SC , used to live there in the early 70's
  3. Hay Dave , ya got to hurry if your are going to fly it at the outing...
  4. Never mind...no one seemed interested so I will just keep it...….Thanks
  5. will consider trade for gold bug 2
  6. for gold gt the little coil and watch some of Bill's videos on youtube….he shows a lot of info on hunting with the 800.
  7. Minelab Equinox 800 none other needed. my opinion
  8. Have a happy one Frank , get out and get a nugget or 2.
  9. BUMP......need this gone , just got the Mountain Goat and Wheel left
  10. Some times it is best to listen to those who know....
  11. I am going to say 11 countries..... Thanks Terry for a great contest.
  12. Looks good, just stick your head out around it to see, will help get a breath of fresh air too....
  13. Dave , your work never ceases to amaze me....keep it up.
  14. wow , super finds....got to ask , what machine
  15. my barrel is a 14" .223 with a 1-12 twist.....looking at info seems others like a 40gr bullet. Good thing I am set up to reload for .223
  16. Well I got a Thompson Contender (one of my long time I wants). has a .223 14" barrel. so far it shoots real well with open sights but am getting ready to add scope. At this point I think I will just use the barrel that came on it and then go from there.
  17. Will trade set up for a Gold Monster or an Equinox 800.
  18. best advise would be to talk to Bill Southern or go see him.....he can advise.
  19. My opinion , for Gold...Gold Monster... For a mix, gold , coin , relic...Equinox all the way... Watch some of Bill's videos...they answer lots of questions.
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