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  1. I traded my 24K for a Thompson dry washer or I would have been all over this trade.
  2. Seen that , so far never had one get close to boat....got a long boat hook. waiting for Carb rebuild then back on the water...took it out last week , got one striper ...had Carb trouble so getting it rebuilt and tested. be on water sometime next week.
  3. You bet , took it out for test run , no fishing from it yet. Plan on getting out for some stripers soon. Boat needed to b un a bit , got it up tp 35mph...works for me. Adding a foot controlled trolling motor , then out to play. Report when I get it out again.
  4. great advice Doc , even for those of us who have had one for awhile...never hurts to brush up on set up...
  5. Got me a new to me boat...going to be a good fishing boat.... 17 ft ti hull with 175hp I/O Just got it out of the shop, had it tuned up...now to get it on the lake.
  6. Nothing wrong with Golden Valley...right between Kingman and Bullhead...about 3100ft elev. Getting a little harder to find rentals , but only 10 miles to Kingman and about 23 to Bullhead.
  7. Yep , still got it......was my late brothers...did not get used but only 2 or 3 times.... I am in Golden Valley AZ.
  8. AZDIGGER = Rick...Mike was talking to me.
  9. Mike , I keep mine all in one place...the range , unless I am hunting.
  10. dang it...ya go and post monsters right after I just got me an AR15.....
  11. Don't worry Doc , I got you pin right in front on my Nugget Shooters hat...
  12. Paul , got on you tube and watch Nugget Shooters videos , he shows gold hunting with both machines , very informative..
  13. measured the snow on my porch...8 inches
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