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  1. azdigger


    Back from GB. Lots of trash, little screws, nails and bb's...no gold....the cans that was laying round this area had some solder dots on them....I could tell I was not the first one there, lots of unfilled holes....not as many now. Had lots of fun and will go again , got run off by the wind picking up.
  2. azdigger


    Well, Heading out in the morning, going to make some flat ground out of some tailings piles...hope I get lucky and find some gold this time. Going to work hard , been reading and watching info on hunting tailings. Now we see if I retained any info.....report upon return.. Hunting with the Whites GoldMaster 24K and I will have my Equinox 800 with the small coil.
  3. azdigger

    Yesterdays finds

    Super finds....enjoy time with your son
  4. azdigger


    Sounds like I might have to show up on Thursday too
  5. azdigger

    Prospectors Soap

    Lots available on ebay…..I got a kit and built a 3 string slide CBG..tuned it to G D G..plays nice, now to get one with frets so I can use my finger for single notes too. I am not a guitar player but these are fun to goof with.
  6. azdigger

    Prospectors Soap

    Dave, now you need to make a 3 string cigar Box Guitar out of the box...I got one, lots of fun when ya can't get out....
  7. azdigger


    I am 62 , be 63 in Dec....not the age but the millage…..big thing for me is (sp)neuropathy. makes it hard to walk a lot and I stumble and wobble. Makes me look like a drunk in the field. plus other health related things too. But I might fuss and swear off prospecting but I will keep going at it....enjoy being outdoors. My excuse and I an going to stick to it
  8. azdigger


    So far in the testing around the house it sure seems sensitive, even picked up a tiny piece of shrapnel in my Dad's wrist . The Equinox 800 picks it up too but the 24K is louder and seems to hit it farther away. I took it over to show Frank C, he was impressed too. My plan this trip is to hit Old Tailings piles. Got a good rake.
  9. azdigger


    Sure plan on it....got the gold bug so I guess I will never stop hunting. also plan on getting dirt for my Mountain Goat too.
  10. azdigger

    Equinox Accessories

    Need a price for the 15 coil to pre order...got open places to hunt.
  11. azdigger


    Well it looks like I am heading out to Gold Basin on Wed to hunt some......we will see how it goes. Got a new Whites GoldMaster 24K to try out....will report upon my return.
  12. azdigger

    First fish of the day

    I tried to smoke trout but they was too hard to keep lit... Used to smoke them years ago in the Black Hills of SD.
  13. azdigger

    Who Remembers? Doc does.....

    I got one....
  14. azdigger

    One deer down.

    Super nice, wat to go and congrats to your son.