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  1. sure going to miss the uting everyone enjoy.
  2. OK Equinox 800 , plus 15" , 11" and 6" coils . Now for the goodies . minilab pinpoiter , couple of scoops , misc stuff as I find it . Books...Rocks from space.... Follow the drywashers (3rd ed)…..Fist full f gold. all for 800 but must be picked up in Golden Valley AZ .
  3. Well , still here but changed a little. I just wanted to thank Bill Southern for such great outings and all the advice he gave me. A big thanks t all the members for the friendship online and in person . Everyone new me as a long haired bearded guy...well this is me now .
  4. Just give me a call 928 565 5101
  5. How about drop in price 800.....includes ÷extras too.
  6. STill for Sale Seller motivated..
  7. Rick, I'm so sorry for the diagnosis you got... Email me at ron@az-gold.com so I can send you a private email...The forum won't let send you a private message ... Says my messages are all plugged up...

    Cheers, Ron

  8. To all my nuggetshooter friends , I want to thank every for putting up with me. Mydr told me that I have cancer , they give me about 6 months. I still. Got the equinox 800 plus the other coils,it is in golden valley.
  9. Try this again EQUINOX 800 comes with what it came with includes 15 inch coil , used 2 or 3 times 6 inch coil used but not abused must be picked up in Golden Valley AZ. OFFERS ??????
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