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  1. Checked with high power glass, just a 1943 D, nothing special . Well except it was my first wheat and first steel penny....works for me.
  2. Only cleaning I did was to rinse it in the river to get sand off of it... Funny thing , it was found on a newer beach , I think some kid got into a coin collection...searched that area real slow....nothing else
  3. azdigger

    Arctic Dave, Happy Birthday

    Almost missed it HAPPY B-DAY to ya
  4. azdigger

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Dave , you skills always amaze me......nice going
  5. azdigger

    Second nugget this week!

    so...is the Gold Monster th machine or the Lady running it.....go get them nuggets Tammy
  6. azdigger

    Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Happy B day Mike ...have a good one , go find a nugget or 2.
  7. Got tired of not getting out , so I went to Bullhead City with the excuse of getting cheap gas...2.08 a gal , then I went to the fresh water beach. Looking at the tracks I could tell I was not the only person to have been there, the water was high so I went to the swimming area. First target...bottle cap... 2nd target , newer penny , hit a strong solid 21 on the Equinox....third target , showed it was deep , I dug , about 4 inches down I still got good reading, kept digging . Out popped my target....did not look right , washed it off in river....1943 D steel wheat penny....made my whole day...pics to follow.
  8. azdigger


    64 outside here by Kingman AZ. not going to fuss or complain
  9. azdigger


    How can it be cold , the Gov says we got global warming
  10. azdigger

    What a exciting day!

    If I had found that nugget I would still be dancing..
  11. azdigger

    Got a New to My 1994 Chevy G20 van

    Door locks needed WD-40
  12. azdigger

    Got a New to My 1994 Chevy G20 van

    Well , after much testing , the window motor is bad , just got to replace it...never done this before
  13. very nice find indeed , congrats to DJ
  14. azdigger

    Got a New to My 1994 Chevy G20 van

    Got to get a tool to remove door handle then I can get inside to see