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  1. azdigger

    Took a Fall

    after this fall , it was all I could do to get back to the truck and I was on pretty smooth ground. Don't think I will be hunting alone any more. In Gold Basin 2 weeks ago I was way back in the nowhere and had walked away from my Quad.....thinking about what if....Not any more Not alone. Guess I am too big of a clutz now.
  2. azdigger

    Ham Radios

    This is my radio room for now...Something to do when I can't get out to hunt.
  3. azdigger

    Cool find

    Very nice find
  4. azdigger

    Took a Fall

    I can walk now without the crutches but if I walk a lot I pay for it in the evening....going to cut down on my hunting for awhile I am afraid... Andwouldn't ya know it , I found a Monster being sold for 550 and a GB2 for 300...right now no need to get them.
  5. azdigger

    Whites Gold Master 24K

    Near new Whites Gold Master 24K.....I tried it and do not like it. Has stock coil only , paid 599.00 for it. ASKING 525.00 plus shipping Located in Golden Valley AZ might meet if not to far.
  6. azdigger

    Coleman Pop Up

    Selling my pop up..... Coleman Pop Up slides removed so it is kind of a one person camper....not water , no power. Had it at the outing in Nov. ASKING 700.00 Located in Golden Valley AZ
  7. azdigger

    how did you get here?

    Not sure....Was too young to remember..
  8. azdigger

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Still wants to poke ya when ya fall , sharp rocks too....
  9. azdigger

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Every thing in the desert wants to Stick ya , Stab ya , Bite ya or Poke ya.....
  10. azdigger

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Dave , I have not bow hunted here in AZ but I did shoot international comp for a couple years. If I could walk better I would have to think hard about it .
  11. azdigger

    Looking to buy Minelab GP 3000

    On PI, best bang for your buck...4500...my opinion
  12. azdigger

    Having fun now......

    I wanna see ya smoke it
  13. azdigger

    Took a Fall

    Took a fall yesterday, was all I could do to get back in my truck and come home . I was detecting at the beach in Bullhead and not out at Gold Basin...Sure glad.. I am Going to have to find a hunting partner so I do not have that happen in the fields . Could have been Bad if I had been out in the remote places. Still can't hardly stand , and have to use crutches to get around the house . So to all Out in the fields...Be careful .
  14. azdigger

    The Monster Strikes Again

    Job well done.