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  1. This is Jim’s (“Paleface“) family - Sue (wife), Cindy (daughter) and Jim Jr.(son). Jim shared many of your posts with us over the years, especially in the last few months when you sent such supportive, heart warming encouragements and prayers to him. Thank you for that. And thanks to all of you who shared your love of rock hunting with him. As so many of you know he was a rock hound to the core - having spent his whole life around mines, collecting rocks, silversmith/jewelry making, metal detecting and searching for gold and meteorites. Jim died suddenly just before midnight Sunday, October 25, 2009. As you all know from his “Cancer Sucks” notification, he had been facing lung cancer head on. The fantastic news is that in the 8 weeks of radiation and chemo treatments, his monster tumor went from 8x7x6 cm to a 65% smaller version of 2.7 x 2.6 cm. Amazing, eh? Despite a few days of fatigue and a bit of throat irritation from the radiation, he surprisingly had little nausea and maintained a very positive attitude, a great appetite and kept every bit of his hair (minus a few unnoticeable moustache hairs). He felt so good that he decided to take a week’s travel with Sue to Colorado and Utah to visit family he hadn’t seen in many years and to see his childhood stomping grounds again. He thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors, reconnections to family and opportunity to see the area he grew up in once more. One of the days he was in altitude of 2 mile high Leadville, CO which made it difficult for him to breathe and when they returned to Kingman on October 20th he never quite felt himself again. Ultimately it was not the cancer that took him, but more likely a heart complication. He died at home quickly, without pain and suffering. We are so grateful for this because he was a proud man with lots of dignity and was able to keep every bit of it right until the end. Even the hangnail on his nose picking finger healed! Being part of your forums and get-togethers were bright spots in Jim’s life over the last several years. He talked endlessly about conversations and experiences you’ve all shared. He treasured each new discovery and enjoyed sharing what knowledge he could to help people enjoy metal detecting, and feel the joy of finding a new meteorite or golden nugget. We wish we knew each of your stories connected with Jim. You all meant so much to him. He was a big man with a bigger heart and he is greatly missed, especially by the three of us, his mother and his 3 grandchildren. Death is the lantern turning out because the dawn has appeared. As a friend said, “No more worry. Always rock hunting under orange desert dawn sky.” We just know that Jim, our beloved is looking for his next “out of this world” meteorite. Much love goes out to you all as you hold the memory of him in your hearts. We know he would want you to know how much you meant to him.
  2. Dammit Bob, :hmmmmm: What we gotta do..........Gorilla glue you down until that knee is totally healed??? I sure hope that it will mend on its own and you don't have to go thru another knee replacement. As far as the prostate goes, you just might have to cut back on your bordello attendance, brandy and coffee. Milk and anything else high in calcium is a prostate problem. The bordello and a gut full of brandy probably is high on the list as screw breakers. ;) Get well.........My friend, we got a some drift to drive and a couple shafts to sink, even if they be shallow ones........ Jim
  3. Max, Sure hope that you had a super 74th Birthday. If your worrying about hair, I still have some left on the sides of my head and when this Chemo makes it fall out, I will gather it up and make you a small toupee if you so desire..... I am keeping my gold teeth and the upper plate still fits, so your outta luck there......... Take care, my friend......... Jim
  4. Denny, Hope that you had a wonderful Birthday, 47 is prime time................over the hill is just around the corner, but then your only as old as you feel and I hope you feel young forever. Jim
  5. All Here is wishing all you Rye Patchers one heck of a good outing. I am almost tempted to miss a few radiation and Chemo treatments just to get a slice of Maureen's cornbread casserole. Since I have to miss out on the shin-dig, I did the next best thing....... Bought a quarter ounce of Rye patch gold from John Wolfe, the other day. Sure is pretty stuff, took him 3 months to crumb it with his Gold Bug II, while looking for meteorites. Hope that everyone has a safe and productive outing....... Jim
  6. Martin, I pray that you and yours are safe and continue to be safe from the fire dangers in your area. Just living with the fear every year has got to create a super sized ulcer. Hope all is well, my friend........... Jim
  7. Chris, Hope that your day was a great one and that there are many more to follow. May the gold gods smile upon you and help you find a nice chevron at the Rye Patch outing...... :luck: Jim
  8. To all my wonderful and very thoughtful friends on this great forum. :wubu: :yourock: I want you all to know that I have appreciated all your kind thoughts and prayers. The many posts, PM's and phone calls that I have received have kept my spirits high. This is the hardest post that I have ever had to make on any subject......... Several months ago I went in for an update on my heart medications and to see why I had a cough that was getting annoying. An xray showed a mass on the right lung, a follow up Cat-scan showed that the mass was around 3" in diameter. A needle biopsy was done and that indicated that the mass contained non small cell-large cell malignant carcinoma cancer cells. A Pet scan was done last week and it showed that the lymph nodes in the general area are also affected. I have been advised that the cancer is in stage 3B and is totally inoperable due to both the size of the tumor and the fact that the lymph nodes are involved. My 30 % ejection factor on my heart would also prevent surgery. I will have heart tests this coming week and also tests with reference to radiation and chemotherapy. The heart might limit my ability to tolerate chemo. Prognosis is slim. Heart doctor says the weight must come off so that the heart does not have to work so hard..... Cancer doctor says eat everything in sight to keep the weight up. Am down 30 pounds in the past 2 1/2 months, eating anything I want. :zapped: 30 years of smoking is listed as the cause, even though I quit the darn things 23 years ago. Could be that I breathed a little to much gold and meteorite dust. I have a good attitude and a heaping helpin of friends and family behind me....... About all a fella could ask for in life...... Jim P.S. And to top that off, I got a darn hang nail on my nose picking finger........... :;):
  9. Arch, Congratulations on your wise choice of an entry level prospecting detector. The GMT is my favorite VLF detector and it has served me well. I purchased one of the first ones to hit the market and it is still running like a charm and I have not found anything that would or could replace it. I am not aware of any books that have been published that relate to the GMT exclusively. There are several books written by Larry Sallee, ZIP ZIP....Mastering Your Nugget Detector (Revised Edition), 1996 and ZIP ZIP.... The Advanced Course, 1997. The Complete Unabridged Zip Zip came out later and is a combined and updated version of the first two books. All of these books relate to the Whites GM series of detectors, especially those that existed when the books were written. The information in these books is very good and can be applied to the GMT. I highly recommend the (Revised Edition) to anyone wanting to master the Whites GM detectors. Check out the recent listing for one of the books here on Nuggetshooter classifieds...... http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...showtopic=15552 There is also some information on Testing the GMT by Larry Sallee at this link...... http://whiteselectronics.net/calif/Field_report_gmt.htm As far as the GMT DVD, just go to this link and you can view all 6 instructional videos. Good information and if you view them several times, you will be up to speed in no time. http://whiteselectronics.com/videos/gmt-instruction.html Also more information on the GMT here, you can download a manual if needed........... http://whiteselectronics.com/gmt.html Hope that this helps you out....... Jim
  10. All, I called and talked with the owner (Jay Combs) of those 2 claims, found out that we have known each other for many years. The claims are both hard rock silver lode claims and as I explained to Bob (29 Prospector), on the phone, there is no placer gold in the Chloride area. One good thing that came from our conversation, it turns out that Mr. Combs is in need of a bull wheel for a head frame he intends to build. I just happen to have a 3' bull wheel, complete with shaft and bearings. We will get together on some kind of a trade if he has something that I can use that is of equal value..... I had intended to build a mining museum and gift shop in Chloride, utilizing several buildings on land that I own. Health and other issues have put a halt to that idea. Jim
  11. Jim, Here is wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and many many more to come.......Eat, drink and be merry, but above all ......BE SAFE! Jim
  12. Dean, I would go with the GMT as your first detector. As far as the learning curve, the GMT is almost a turn on and go detector in most area's. Read the instruction manual, set it on the RIS settings and you are up and running. Here is a quote from Larry Sallee, the author of Zip Zip 1 and 2. "Quote" In my opinion, one of the strongest features of this machine is its versatility. This is truly a machine for virtually every skill level. An absolute beginner can turn this machine on, put a couple of knobs and switches on their RIS marks, adjust the threshold to his liking, and begin hunting very effectively. An advanced hunter has full control over the Gain and SAT, access to the ultra-high-resolution manual ground balance, a grab button that delivers instant ground balance in auto or manual mode, and a full readout of mineral type and amount. "Unquote" If you decide that detecting is not your game, your not out a bunch of bucks and you can always sell a used GMT. If you learn and like the detecting part of prospecting, you can always pick up a used SD2100 to compliment your VLF. A serious prospector that is into detecting usually owns both a good VLF and a PI unit. I have 2 GMT's, a hip mount and a stick mount, both for small shallow gold and medium depth nuggets. The GMT is a meteorite go getter. I have a Minelab GP3000 for the deep stuff, and love my Minelab X-Terra 70 for coin/relic/and beach hunting. What ever you decide to do, here is wishing you the best of luck....... :twocents: Jim
  13. Denny, So glad to hear that all is well for you and your family. You have had some real stressful times these past few years. I know that it must be overwhelming to look around and see the destruction around you. May your luck continue to hold, you have a guardian angel looking down upon ya..... Jim
  14. Bob, If today is your 63rd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 YA...... Don't save me a piece of cake, still trying to burn off the one that I ate a couple days ago. If December 11 is by any chance your Birthday, then you are growing old fast by having 2 birthdays every year......Check out the calendar, it has you listed as having a birthday in December...... Check out this link.....I think Garimpo is getting Dementia http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...showtopic=14160 Jim
  15. Greg, Hope that you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...........Know what you mean about that exercising thing, hardest part about trying to get in shape..... Jim
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