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  1. Gents, Finally gots me an edumication and graduated on 15 October with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Security and Management. I should have a little more time on my hands now for gold prospecting and posting on the forum. See you out there. Don
  2. Is there a video dem somewhere for the Brazilian pan(bateia)? Looks like the goal is to get all the heavies down into the center of the pan rather than to one side of the pan.
  3. I am heading back out on the 8th/Sat and hope the dirt will be dry enough. Will bring my little falcon as a back up plan. I typically do not have time to place dirt onto tarp and wait for it to dry. Probably be ok if I was camping out.
  4. I think the best option for most situations is a towing a quad or ATV behind your vehicle until you reach dirt road and then offloading. I use a 4x4 Ford Ranger Pickup and it works well, but off-roading is rough on vehicles. Eventually I will purchase a flatbed trailer and an ATV, preferably a John Deere. The thing that amazes me is these guys with huge 4x4’s and a quad. I don’t really understand why they need a 4x4 if they have a quad and don’t take the 4x4 off road.
  5. I also like that little garrett pan and how deep it is. I would like to find a larger version of the design. The Trinity really does do a good job at trapping gold but I agree that clean up is very difficult. I have started using a large Proline pan and am starting to like it. I have a Hex Pan and it seems that it should work very well, but I have not had much luck with it. I have not tried any of the square pans such as the le trap, maverick, or gold grabber, but they look interesting. The pyramid pro pan looks like it could process a lot of material , but I believe it is overpriced.
  6. What kind, type, or brand gold pan do you use for panning concentrates? (Non-Production Pan)
  7. Jim, Interesting concept. You just shovel directly into the hopper and do not run twice? Do you still recover very fine gold?
  8. Joe, sounds like we need to make somehting that removes moisture from dirt.
  9. Joe, Please explain the litter box method you mentioned.
  10. Gents, Ventured out this weekend with my new drywasher and the first time I used one. I had a good time and recovered a happy amount of gold; however, I forgot to pack my dust mask. Anyway, I think I am going to classify next time instead of shoveling directly into the unit. I know shoveling directly into the unit is fun, but I think I will recover more gold by classifying first. I did not run my header pile through twice, and I don’t think I will need to if I classify, unless of course the ground is damp. I ran into some clay down by the caliche and just bypassed it. Maybe I will look at it at a later date. Can’t wait to go back out again.
  11. Gents, I searched all over for a 3" hose yesterday and could not find one. What I finally bought were the pliable rubber 3" to 2" reducers, and found some quick release clamps instead of the type that must be secured with a screwdriver. I also found an 8' foot hose instead of the small 5' vac hose I was using. I will try to be mindful of the dust getting into the suction end of my blower unit. Thanks for the tips and advice. I also have some simple drywall dust masks, not respirators. Hope they will be ok. I am looking forward to not needing to lug water around the desert for my recirculating sluice. Additionally, I should be able to process a lot more material with the drywasher.
  12. I was thinking about that, but the outlet hole on my vac bucket is 2". I suppose I could carry two hoses, but I try to minimize equipment. Why is it important for the blower unit to be so far away?
  13. Gents, I just purchased a drywasher, but the outlet on the blower is about 3” and the hose is about 2” wide. Same goes for the hole on the bottom of the drywasher unit, and it is about 3” wide. What can I buy or use to get a snug fit? I think what I essentially need is something which reduces from 3” to 2” but is not threaded.
  14. Yea, Angus Mackirk comes up with some cool equipment. I would like to see him build a dry washer.
  15. Garnets are pretty cool. I used to toss them but now keep them unless super dark. I hear they are actually a mineral.
  16. Thanks guys, I have a vial filled with garnets and gold following other material such as quartz. I also have a nice green garnet somewhere and will try to post that picture.
  17. Dave, Do you run your cons through this Angus Mackirk? How many gallons per hour is the pump? Do you feel you are losing any gold with this sluice?
  18. Do you line it with ribbed matting?
  19. Just some pics of Arizona gold and garnets in 1/2 ounce bottles. Enjoy. Vacuum, recirculating sluice, and a pan.
  20. Gents, I'm sure the poop tube works well, but the only thing that perplexes me about a set up like the tube is how narrow the flow area is. In other words, it would seem to me that something, which allowed for material to spread out over a wider area would work better. Anywho, I will try it and first run various bits of lead through the system to determine proper angle and pressure. In essence, I am looking for a faster method of processing my concentrates.
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