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  1. Wow, lots of excellent advice and interesting perspectives. I’m going to need to think this over a little more. An ATV or quad will run me at least $10,000, and I will need to spend another $1,500 on a utility trailer. Plus, the ATV will need maintenance and both the ATV and trailer will need to be registered. This comes to at least $12,000 $12,000 will pay for a lot of repairs and oil changes to my truck, so I’m not sure if it is cost effective. However, I sure like the idea of being able to get all those more challenging locations that an ATV can reach.
  2. Gents, Am I destroying my pickup? I don’t have an ATV, and use my 4x4 ford Ranger for my prospecting trips. It has limited ground clearance but has very good traction. One day, I will install a lift kit and skid plates. I never abuse my truck while out in the desert; however, I understand that all the rattling and bouncing around does take its toll on the vehicle. Because I am worried about beating up my only transportation I thought about buying an ATV, but I am able to carry passengers, and lots of equipment with my truck. I’m sure I would not be able to carry as much with an ATV, but would able to access many more places. If I purchased an ATV, I would also need to purchase a trailer, and pay for registrations, and additional insurance. This could all cost a pretty penny and I’m not sure if it is cost effective as compared to the wear, tear, and repair costs spent on the pickup from off-roading. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks gents. Will try to get out this Sunday in the early morn.
  4. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I’m still around but have been pretty busy. We had a baby 7 months ago and I have been working a full time job with an hour commute each way, and also working on Saturdays at a nearby farm. In addition, I am going to school full time and should with one more year to go. I manage to squeeze in a little gold hunting once per month, but have not had any luck the past two trips.
  5. About three years ago, I found some items that look almost exactly the same as what you found. I found them up by Table Mesa Road in a wash. It turned out to be man made/slag or metal that had been thrown into a fire. I had also found the remains of an old structure nearby, and I guess it could have been possible that there had been an accidental fire or it could have been some type of smelting structure. I also considered the possibility of pieces from an aircraft crash. Electronics also contains some precious metals. I suppose if you had enough of it and threw it into a big bonfire, you might end up with some odd mixtures.
  6. What color where they before you cleaned them up? Most iron hot rocks I come across are black.
  7. Really cool, and it certainly does look natural. I almost always find what I assume is little pieces of lead in my pan from shooters, and I toss them. However, I worry that I could be tossing mercury covered gold, or silver, etc. Occasionally, I can tell that find is man made, but at other times no. Anyone know of a way to distinguish whether or not something is lead, platinum, silver, or mercury covered gold?
  8. Bill, are you saying it must have rolled off out your riffle tray?
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