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  1. Very nice indeed. So are you from Saginaw, MI ?
  2. Still have tomatoes growing on the vine from a plant that I grew in a wine barrel this spring. After it quit producing in the brutal heat I cut it back and it came back and hasn't quit yet.
  3. Thanks all for the compliments and encouragement. Nope, no plastic or fabric here only 100% American steer hide. Blake, I have a few more to make before Christmas so I will work on getting some process photos taken.
  4. Last year or so I got into handguns and shooting. Not being able to find suitable leather holsters, I started making my own... Just kind of snowballed from there. More of my stuff can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/letsonholsters
  5. Between you and Jason that area will be cleaned out in no time.
  6. Haha... You're a dink... LMAO....Seriously... Does life get any better than that? Congrats.
  7. Sorry it's Monday... Too good to not share... Straight ot of DETROIT!!!! Brand new stuff here....
  8. Lmao... Isn't beer worth it's weight in gold down there???
  9. Too make it all clear... Glenn seemed like the most "Normal" of the lot... sitting in a chair off to himself.... Playing with his phone... Praying for the day to end....LOL. BTW it was a pleaure to meet you Frank!
  10. Hey Bucket... Couldn't wait till Friday... Brand new stuff from a Michigan homie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeDzF9Y0XXs&feature=share
  11. Always told her If AC/DC came within a days drive I would take her... They came to Phoenix on the Black Ice tour... $200 a ticket but we were so close I could have handed Angus a beer... The epic 20 minute + guitar solo on the song "Let There Be Rock" was beyond belief...The look on that girls face was priceless... Quality Dad time for sure... She will never forget that!
  12. Sweet! Those little pieces always drove me nuts with my LST... Could tell something was there but never seemed to be able to see them... Put the dirt in a ziplock and panned it out at home... Lazy but it worked... You have some nice little "dinks" in there too... Nice job...
  13. Yep we show our age thru our music... But Sometines that can fool ya too... AC/DC is my Daughters favorite band as well... Daddy taught her well.... Smart and pretty (both from her mama)... I took care of the fire arms training... The Tae Kwon Do classes... and the pissy attitude... She's not quite there yet on the political status (I would call her a lefty Independent)...But I'm working on that...and there is still hope... This will be her first election.
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