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  1. Chris, I will be at the PLP booth throwing some money around and getting the latest from Jerry Hobbs.......I'll stop by and say hello......any of you folks out there that don't know what a PLP is should stop by as well and introduce yourself......Jerry
  2. Hello to all, going forward, anyone reading this who does nothing to stop the erosion of their property rights is contributing to their own demise, and is part of the problem, not the solution......and we know mining properties are a form of private property.....Bedrock Bob- please consider the idea that small miners have nothing standing between them and oblivion except the mining laws.....small miners will live and die with these laws; these are the only weapons we have at our disposal that can be brought to the fight against the enviromental lobby.......any change to these laws will affect
  3. cmf21, the Eureka Gold is a very stable VLF detector; you made a good choice for your first one.....please let me play master of the obvious for a moment......work areas with exposed bedrock if possible, and by all means pull off a bit of overburden in likely areas where gold might stop......you are listening for small changes in your threshold for the smaller pieces you will find with your detector-do you have a good pair of headphones to hear them?........for now, run @ 20k.....you will hear small gold at this frequency.......even though a VLF can be swung faster than a PI, be slow and delib
  4. Paul, you have been given great advise by some folks here who have done quite well with their VLF detectors.........Friends that I hunt with use older style VLF's and do well with them......If you stay with this madness long enough, most likely you will move up to a PI type unit.......I will be willing to bet the VLF you buy in the near future will still be with you.......If during your research you decide that a Minelab XT 18000 is a detector you might consider, give me a holler......I know of one that is going on the block.......at any rate, I'll let you know if I run across something of int
  5. Slim, you are right on the money.....however......when you have a little time and want to get more than you bargained for, call Jerry Hobbs @ 909-889-3039 (Jerhobbs2@aol.com)...Jerry is President of Public Lands for the People.....please post what he tells you, I think we could all learn something....Jerry
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