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  1. Will records be broken? Does this mark the beginning of a new ice age? I know this is only one storm out of many billions that came before it but what are your thoughts? Can we draw conclusions from one week or do we have to wait .... say 10, 20 or 30 years? https://www.foxnews.com/us/historic-snow-storm-rockies-blizzard-montana-snow-mountains-weather
  2. Just like Dorian, that asteroid could have hit Alabama if it made it across Florida. Bob gobbles up all the fake news.
  3. This is no rumor. A HUGE 3 meter spacerock dubbed "2019 MO"landed in the Caribbean on July 22. NASA admitted it did not see it coming, https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1174377/asteroid-collision-nasa-2019-impact-earth-space-2019-end-times-nasa-asteroids-news
  4. As someone once said, "We choose truth over facts".
  5. Thanks Bob, but don't kid yourself. Pseudo science is rampant among those who create their research to achieve a preconceived conclusion. Those who want my tax money to fight the power of the sun will have a long wait. Some, in fact, would turn the entire US economy upside down in their futile attempt. It's like...
  6. Speaking of climate change and rumors, I stumbled across this today. Pull up a chair! "The US has by far the best temperature data set in the world. Most of the stations in the US Historical Climatology Network have long term coherent data. This is what the raw temperature data looks like- before NOAA starts tampering with it."From 1877 to 2019...
  7. "gargantuan kilonova explosions" -- Imagine the possibilities. https://www.livescience.com/kilonovas-rain-gold-on-the-universe.html
  8. That's interesting Bob. According to survivalinternational.org, "Today fewer than 10% of Siberia’s tribal peoples live a nomadic or semi nomadic life, compared to 70% just 30 years ago. The languages the different tribes speak are from a range of linguistic families: some bear no similarity to any other language, and none bear any relation to Russian. Some larger indigenous peoples, the Sakha (formerly called Yakuts) and Komi, have their own republics within the Russian state." It's also interesting that your good buddy Bedrock Bob veered way off the "native on native soil" subject in an attempt to ... well, whatever he was trying to do.
  9. Martin, didn't you have an experience similar to this? Cambodian man collecting bat droppings survives being wedged between rocks for 4 days https://www.foxnews.com/world/cambodia-rock-bat-droppings-guano-wedged-survives
  10. That's right. This is bob's forum -- er thread. He writes the rules.
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