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  1. Can the buyer remain anonymous?
  2. Mining Diamonds (???) At Crystal Grove Diamond Mine This is what it's like to mine diamonds https://fb.watch/6O0y7cIT8u/
  3. Morels thrive after wildfires in some areas. I've heard of people flying in to remote locations in AK just to harvest them. But they do need moisture.
  4. ONLY if you remove the "Report" button so Skip can get some rest.
  5. I thought of a few things to say about this. Maybe the nasty human attempts to warm up the planet are a bit weak in the overall scheme of things. Maybe CA needs another excuse to ration electricity. Maybe hell was about to freeze over and the sun Gods don't want that to happen. Regardless, I sure hope nobody in a severe heat warning area loses power.
  6. Massive solar storm heading towards Earth at 1.6 million kmph may impact cell phone, GPS signals A fierce solar storm is moving towards the Earth at a speed of 1.6 million kilometers per hour. It is feared that this storm may hit the Earth either on Sunday or Monday, due to which there may be a power failure around the world. According to the website SpaceWeather.com, the storm has originated from the Sun's atmosphere. A hole has opened up in the Sun's atmosphere and is spewing a stream of solar wind in Earth's direction. https://www.dnaindia.com/science/report-massive-solar-storm-heading-towards-earth-at-16-million-kmph-may-impact-cell-phone-gps-signals-2900067
  7. There are lots of big fires out west and I just read Hwy. 395 in CA was closed but has reopened.Here are links to a current active wildfire map and the story about CA's Beckwourth fire... https://www.esri.com/en-us/disaster-response/disasters/wildfires https://www.plumasnews.com/beckwourth-complex-now-largest-fire-in-california-destroys-doyle-structures/
  8. Another result of this unlawful action is without these lease auctions the government's revenue will go down. That should be a concern for every American who can add 2 plus 2.
  9. The lawyers probably will get it straightened out but thanks for posting your opinions about all the unrelated stuff.
  10. Sorry Bob. There is one fact here. 1. BLM has unlawfully canceled the regularly scheduled auctions of oil & gas leases of public mineral rights in North Dakota that BLM is required by federal law to hold.
  11. According to the original article, the subject of this topic: The Federal government’s leasing ban is wrong on the law and is hurting North Dakota’s economy and its citizens, says Stenehjem BISMARCK, ND – Late yesterday afternoon, North Dakota sued the Federal government, including the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, because BLM has unlawfully canceled the regularly scheduled auctions of oil & gas leases of public mineral rights in North Dakota that BLM is required by federal law to hold. “I have taken this action to protect North Dakota’s economy, the jobs of our hard-working citizens, and North Dakota’s rights to control its own natural resources” said Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Without following the legally required procedures, BLM arbitrarily canceled the March and June lease auctions and shows every sign of continuing to violate its statutory duties. Due to North Dakota’s unique “split estate” land and mineral rights structure, BLM’s illegal actions have disrupted the State’s programs for efficiently managing the State’s resources and are blocking the development of significant State and private mineral interests. Stenehjem says that the cancellation of the March and June auctions will cost the State over $80 million in lost revenues, a number that could grow to into billions in the coming months unless BLM’s illegal cancellations are stopped. This lawsuit was filed shortly after a Federal court in Louisiana preliminarily enjoined a BLM lease cancellation policy on June 15. “I welcome and support the Louisiana federal district court’s decision,” Stenehjem said, “and I look forward to defending North Dakota’s vital interests in its natural resources and continuing to put the pressure on the Federal government to do the right thing for our state.”
  12. AHEM! This topic is: NORTH Dakotas oil boom
  13. Researchers Have Taught a Drone to Recognize and Hunt Down Meteorites Autonomously https://www.universetoday.com/151657/researchers-have-taught-a-drone-to-recognize-and-hunt-down-meteorites-autonomously/
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