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  1. Dakota Slim


    Patrick, I met goldstudmuffin when I was down there and he took me to one of his patches in that general area. I don't know about active claims but I think there could be nuggets anywhere around there.
  2. Dakota Slim


    It's been a while since I was down there but I camped SE of Salome off Hidden Treasure Mine Rd. I remember there was LOTS of cholla.
  3. Dakota Slim

    Where am I ?

    If the old owner sees this. He can say it's the "Used To Be Mine".
  4. How dangerous is 1.65 inches of rain? "high-water marks along the wash varied between 10 and 20 feet in areas above the normally dry wash bed." Oct 4, 2018 KINGMAN — A Golden Valley man was found dead Thursday morning after fast-moving floodwater washed his vehicle off a Mohave County road. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, 34-year-old Joshua Allen Carlisle was found dead about two miles from where his vehicle had entered Holy Moses Wash south of Kingman and west of Oatman Road. The sheriff’s office received reports that an SUV had been swept into the wash and had become submerged. Mohave County Search and Rescue deployed its swift-water technicians and other volunteers. The vehicle was found more than half a mile from the roadway; personnel in a Classic Air Medical helicopter spotted Carlisle’s body. The sheriff’s office reported that high-water marks along the wash varied between 10 and 20 feet in areas above the normally dry wash bed. According to the county’s ALERT flood warning rain gauges, Holy Moses Wash received about 1.65 inches of rain between I-40 and Oatman Road, near the area where Carlisle’s SUV was swept off the roadway. Rainfall totals of the storm, that arrived late Wednesday and didn’t clear out of the area until early Thursday, ranged from one-fourth of an inch in the Lake Havasu City area to about a half-inch in the Bullhead City area to more than 2 inches in some parts of the Kingman area. The rainfall came in a short timeframe, overwhelming the washes, low-lying areas and some streets and roadways. As of 3 p.m., at least eight roads maintained by Mohave County remained closed, including a section of Historic Route 66 from I-40 to Mile Post 4. At the height of the flooding, more than a dozen county roads were closed. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/golden-valley-man-dies-in-flooded-wash/article_3df0ac6c-c865-11e8-b4e5-f3d4da1277ea.html
  5. Something about that area....
  6. Dakota Slim

    64 degrees, buggy loaded and....

    Good luck Bill. We want pictures.
  7. Dakota Slim

    Took a Hit

    I hope you can get things worked out Bill. It doesn't sound good. Years ago, before PayPal, I used a credit card processing company (Card Service International) and had a few chargebacks but none were more than 40 or $50. Had a few problems with ebay and PayPal as well, but again, it was for small amounts to shady customers and it was nothing compared to the amount I was grossing. The FBI should be able to track down the perps. I hope they get involved.
  8. Dakota Slim


    "They" say anything is possible Bob. My guess is that something, perhaps a chemical solution, would need to bind the gold atoms together to create a nugget. Even so, some force would be required for the atoms to be attracted to each other. If someone could identify and create such a force, gold could be mined from seawater.
  9. Dakota Slim


    Thanks Bob. There was a bunch of old dig holes in the area where I found that nugget, and an old discovery marker. I would love to see the nuggets that were previously found there.
  10. Dakota Slim

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    It has started already. Batten down the hatches. http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx
  11. Dakota Slim


    This nugget was just under 1/2 oz. Not huge but a real dandy found near Jungo...
  12. Dakota Slim


    I also like it and agree BMc. This area has been discussed in the "Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob" section but to my knowledge nobody wrote anything quite like what you wrote and I think this part is spot on: "The end result can be a creation of an acidic solution which, not only weathers away the vein material, through chemical oxidation/rusting, but may dissolve the gold while in the vein. The dissolved gold, while in it's liquid state travels downward in the vein system, or becomes leached out into a liquid pool, sinking into the alluvium until it reaches an acidic neutralizer, such as an alkali wall rock or alkali soil composition. It then becomes re - solidified into a "slug" of gold, consisting of the smaller precipitated gold nuggets from the vein system" I think this explains the variety of crystalline, wire and chevron gold found in the region and I think at least some of the acidic solution came from rain which resulted from catastrophic worldly events. * I too knew Dick Bailey although I didn't meet him until 2005. I met him at the Malone property after Jim died and before Jim's wife sold the place. We met up again a couple years after that and had a pizza at the Rye Patch Oasis.
  13. Dakota Slim

    Prospecting Rig Help

    The towed vehicle needs a sturdy way to mount a tow bar. They call that a "base plate" which is bolted or welded to the frame. All RV's should have a towing/trailer hitch and the "towbar" connects the 2 vehicle. Most RV's have been set up to wire a towed vehicle and you need to connect the RV's lights and turn signals to the towed vehicle when towing. Some vehicles CAN NOT be towed, including most with automatic transmissions. Some vehicles are heavy and need a braking system. Before buying a vehicle to tow, you need to be sure that it can be towed and what you need to be able to do it. There is a reason you see so many Samurais & Sidekicks behind RV's. Blue Ox towbars have adjustable arms and are real easy for 1 person to hook up. Let me know if you have more questions. I'm on my 2nd Samurai. You saw the 1st one. My current one is a 1987 Samurai JX Tintop that grew up in the CA desert. It has no rust and is all stock except for 4" lift kit. I had the stock engine totally rebuilt and put in a remanufactured transmission. I don't want to sell it but I have been approached by lots of people who want to buy it.
  14. Dakota Slim

    Prospecting Rig Help

    I've been full timing for 15 years. Any old Samurai or 4x4 Sidekick w/5 speed will work. Many already have base plates and wiring for lights. Just hook 'em up, put 'em in neutral and go. No brake mechanism necessary. Get a Blue Ox tow bar if you can find one.
  15. Dakota Slim

    New Plans

    All righty then. Gold and space rocks for all!