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  1. Dakota Slim

    Ice Fishing

    ICE FISHINGThe President and the head of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, are arguing extensively over allowing immigrants into our country. Nancy of course wants free access to everyone who wants to come in, while Donald wants us to secure our borders and insure only the right people come.Instead of going to a costly, time-consuming nationwide vote on the matter, they agree to a 3-day ice fishing contest to settle the issue whoever catches the most fish at the end of the 3 days will have his or her process implemented. The two decide that a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the ideal place. No observers on the fishing grounds,but both would need to have their catches verified and counted each night at 5 PM so they use a neutral park ranger station. After Day 1, Trump returns to the station with a total of 10 fish, while Pelosi comes back with nothing. Day 2 finishes and Trump catches another 20 fish, but Pelosi once again comes back with nothing. That night, Pelosi and her liberal cronies get together and accuse Trump of being a “low-life, cheating piece of scum.”Instead of fishing on Day 3, they are going to follow Trump and to spy on him and figure out how he is cheating. Day 3 finishes up and Trump has had an incredible day, adding 40 more to his total. That night, Pelosi and her democratic cohorts get together for the full report on how Donald was cheating. Pelosi stands up to give her report and says, “You are not going to believe this. Trump is cheating because he's cutting holes in the ice.” And this, my friends, tells you the difference between a businessman and a career government politician.
  2. Hey Chris... Did you ever get another pup after nugget?  Cheers, Unc

  3. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    I was just going to say that.
  4. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    That's great Bob. How about some more photos of antiquity act bottles and broken beer bottles.... Oh, and while you are at it, I made a new post about the largest diamond find in North America's history. You should probably stick your nose in there too.
  5. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    Do you have photos of the protected cacti you have disfigured to make your "art"?
  6. 552-carat yellow diamond, largest known in North America, found in Canada https://fox8.com/2018/12/15/552-carat-yellow-diamond-largest-known-in-north-america-found-in-canada/
  7. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    You could be wrong but if I make a post you can bet that Bob will be there with photos and all kinds of zingers.
  8. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    I guess I must be clairvoyant. Who would have guessed that Bob was a cactus expert and had all those photos ready to post? And all from rich placers??? Priceless! Nice photos Bob! I just did a google search for cactus photos and came up with this one...
  9. Dakota Slim

    Know Your Cactus!

    Everybody knows -- or should know -- that many cactus are protected. New Mexico Statutes - Section 76-8-1 https://law.justia.com/codes/new-mexico/2006/nmrc/jd_76-8-1-c783.html
  10. Dakota Slim

    New Mexico Tick Infestation - Critical Alert!

    What kind of replies would you expect from a post like this? Get a grip. Merry Christmas! Is that Clint Eastwood? What does he have all over his pants?
  11. Dakota Slim

    New Mexico Tick Infestation - Critical Alert!

    It's amazing how dogs take after their masters.
  12. KINGMAN — The Mohave County Public Lands and Recreation Commission will meet Thursday to continue discussion on the federal Bureau of Land Management’s travel management plan and motorized recreation report. District 2 Sup. Hildy Angius of Bullhead City is the supervisor representative. The first option is to take no action. Several people from off-road vehicle clubs spoke at previous meetings in favor of taking no action, keeping the trails and roads open to motorized vehicles. The second option provides the greatest protection of public lands, closing more than 2,700 trails or roads to public access. The third option, which is recommended by BLM, is closing 1,630 routes. The last option is to close about 832 miles of trails and roads. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/county-lands-panel-to-discuss-blm-travel-management-plan-thursday/article_6816b054-fd0d-11e8-94e0-2bdf0f18365e.html
  13. Dakota Slim

    Caught, Likely will not go anywhere though.

    Many of these people aren't playing with a full deck. 130 just got arrested in DC.... More than 130 arrested at Pelosi's Capitol Hill office amid environmental-activist demonstration https://www.foxnews.com/politics/environmental-activists-arrested-pelosi-capitol-hill-office
  14. Dakota Slim

    Critter Hole Nugget

    NICE nugget!
  15. Dakota Slim

    New Tick Species

    The tick can spread quickly – females can reproduce without mating and are capable of laying as many as 2,000 eggs at a time. The CDC said it is currently investigating the distribution of the tick in the U.S. and the potential for disease associated with it. https://www.al.com/news/2018/11/new-tick-species-in-us-asian-longhorned-tick-capable-of-spreading-disease-now-in-9-states.html