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  1. The homeowner just got back to me. She wrote "Looked up Bobcat scat...believe that is what it is."
  2. Wow. 2 meters depth! I wonder why they didn't dig up that pot of gold.
  3. After discussing the situation with the lucky finders of this scat, it turns out that it was found in their back yard which has a pool and is enclosed by a 6' wall. Wile-E-Coyote and the roadrunner could have gotten over the wall but it was more likely left by a feral cat. They said they found a dead bird in their yard a few days earlier.
  4. You know the drill Bob. Streak, hardness, specific gravity, close up of the matrix. It's the same with turds. You must look closely and identify what the animal ate to guess what animal it is. It's tough to tell what's in a turd from a photo. Rub it under the toilet tank lid and post a photo of the streak.
  5. Asking for a friend. In the Yuma area...
  6. Hey, who knows. Not believing in the existence of aliens is like taking a spoonful of water from an ocean and saying there aren't any sharks in the ocean because there are none in the spoon.
  7. Senate Dems rattled by House Dems' assault on mining in budget bill Democratic senators from mining-heavy states appear to be rattled by their House of Representatives counterparts’ assault on the mining industry in their $3.5 trillion budget bill. Two Democrats on the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee have spoken out about a provision in the behemoth budget bill that would make mining operations on federal lands costlier by imposing new taxes and royalty fees on those operations. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., expressed her opposition to the "reform proposal" as the legislation "would have an unfair, outsized impact on the state of Nevada," whose land is mostly "owned by the federal government" and also "imposes taxes on federal land." "But more importantly, moving this type of reform through a short-term budget process would create uncertainty for the industry and uncertainty that supports thousands of jobs across the country," Cortez Masto said during a committee hearing on Tuesday morning. New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich, another Democrat on the committee, urged for the Senate to take a more measured approach than the House when it came to the mining measure. "Madame Chair, my time is expired but I would urge us to not take quite the zealous approach that the House of Representatives took but to find a fair and transparent way for taxpayers to be compensated for these minerals," Heinrich said. The two committee Democrats join their Republican colleagues in opposition to the provision. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/senate-democrats-rattled-house-mining-assault
  8. We have one expert on this site Sketch. He just verified your bone is awesome.
  9. If you want lava bombs, head to the east side of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. This satellite map shows the volcano that coughed them up. As a side note, there is gold and other minerals in the area and some monster mule deer in and around the wash to the east of the volcano crater. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cargo+Muchacho+Mountains/@32.8648366,-114.7808487,10021m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80d6e45ec8f2a5d7:0xbfbf15e75c629d24!8m2!3d32.8680996!4d-114.7802371
  10. Right. And you are just someone who apparently agrees with tree spikers and waging war on overpopulation to protect grizzly bears. Now go troll someone else.
  11. Quote: "Biden’s new BLM director also wrote in a 1991 essay that Americans should "wage war on overpopulation" to protect grizzly bears." What population do you think she was referring to Bob?
  12. Yep, know where you are in AZ, when beeping, parking or camping. Years ago I was camped on BLM land at LSD and someone called the sheriff on me. That person claimed I was either on private property or state land. My dog Nugget was just a pup then, but he was big. The sheriff came out and Nugget playfully jumped on him. The guy knew how to train dogs and as Nugget's paws were on his chest, he stepped on one of Nugget's back paws. Nugget let out a yelp and got the message. He never jumped on anyone again. Long story short, the sheriff got out his map and determined that I was indeed on BLM land. Then he said "Nice dog. Enjoy your stay." and left.
  13. Waging war on the American people to protect grizzly bears? This woman belongs in the but house.
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