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  1. Hi Allen, 178 and you can just bring the video with you to Az. and hand it to me.
  2. Harry,

    Would be interested in the nugget that you found at the WSPA outing at Gold Basin a couple of years ago if it is for sale.


  3. Allen, Nice to look at from a distance but not up close. I had to drive in it for a couple of hours Friday morning when I left Northern Michigan. WE are in Holbrook, Az for the night and plan on being in Dolen Springs soon. John
  4. Can anyone identify the attached speciman? It was found in a gravel parking lot in Kentucky. It is magnetic, and of course, sets off the metal detector when passed over it. It is different in texture from the meteroites I have found before because it is pitted rather than smooth. Thanks for looking. John
  5. The show starts January 20th at 9:00 PM on Direct TV
  6. A new TV show called "Meteorite Man" who searches for meteorites with metal detectors starts on the Science Channel January 20th at 9:00 on Direct TV.
  7. Hey Ron, If you get that new 6500 I'll give you twenty one dollars for your 2100
  8. Guys, I just have to add a few things to Allen's description of what happen. There is no way I can describe what goes though your mind when your five thousand dollar metal detector starts belching blue smoke. For one thing you are quite sure it shouldn't be doing it and the second thing you are glad you had sent in the warranty card. I decided to take it to Las Vegas that night so I could be at Minelab at eight Am Friday. Got a room at Arizona Charlies and or course had to play some Black jack. They were nice enough to let me win $1015.00 of their money. Now I am in a whole lot better frame of
  9. Allen, Sorry to hear of your lost of Zia. I know the hurt and also know it gets better with time. John
  10. Roger, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family at this time. John
  11. Hey Ron, Was nice seeing you today and thanks for the dust job you gave us as you slid ten yards to get that quad stopped after Ron yelled at you. It's always nice to see and talk with guys from the forum and someone who finds gold. I like to think of this gold prospecting the same as hunting, you really don't have to kill something to have a good time, and believe me when you have Jimmy B with you there's never a dull moment. Hope to run across you again before it's time to head back to Michigan. Good luck with the buss tails. John
  12. Ron, Sorry to hear of the lost of your Cat, If you need any help guarding one of the entrances we are just up the road at Morristown. John
  13. Tom in Ca. go to www.findmall.com/list.php?25 it is a MXT user Forum John
  14. It sounds by reading these posts a whole lot of guys have spent a whole lot of money on snake guards that are for the most part useless. If most bites are above the knees would leather chaps be heavy enough to protect you ? Another question I have is anyone other than me having trouble with an external speaker without a built in amp with their 4500? I know a speaker with a built amp cannot be used with the 4500 because of the built amp in the battery of the 4500. :feedback: Wishing you and your Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :xmas-smiley-031: If you see this old Seabee o
  15. sonnysnewlife, You sure used a big stick to stir the pot with this post, and I am sure your post will will have some people thinking a little differnt than they have in the past, I know it has me. It makes me think that we wren't quite as bad as I thought we were. Thanks, John
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