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  1. Yep , The VA told me the same thing. The twin 40 MM was not to pleasant either . We also fired 81 MM Mortars with a piggyback 50 Cal attached . All with a GI helmet and sound powered phones if you were the gunner or trainer , the loader and hot shell man had nothing and they stood closer to the gun than anyone! But the evidence that the VA wants is PROOF that you were on a gun crew and the date and time and how many rounds were fired and what for so on and so on. Information the was never recorded in any log book I ever seen. Proof ? Most servicemen of our days are lucky if they even hav
  2. Dave, All this stuff is advancing so fast it's hard to even read about the advances and uses . For instances I have now read that most major fire departments have drones to get views of the fire that they are fighting without risking a helicopter. Pretty soon they are going to have too have traffic control just for drones. For an old foggy like me who grew up without TV until 1945. When I lived in Deming ,NM you could watch the big drones followed around by a Cessna going through testing. Some of the first operational drones over seas were remotely controlled from Fort Bliss Texas , they s
  3. For some reason they like to nest under Oak Trees , Prescott has lots of them. I always notice more of their shed husks on Oak trees. When I was much younger we had a big oar tree in the front yard and there was always lots of them , it may take them 17 years too hatch but there was always a new crop and we too tired thread to them and made them fly. Tye them to a fish hook with no weight and float them in a bass pond and watch out! Yes I have tinnitus bad: Too many 50 Cals, 3In/50 cannons, unprotected helicopter hours. But the VA says there is no such thing, I am just hearing things ! Nee
  4. Heck !! I hear them 24 hours a day , 7 days a week!
  5. I have been reading a lot of books about drones and their use, I just didn't imagine all the uses they are currently used for and that Israel is the major supplier of spy drones. They have even used them right here in Phoenix, AZ demonstrating the use of the "GORGON STARE" drone that can read a car licence 15 miles away . It can track any vehicle or person forward and backwards in time. In other words you can just designate a car or person with a mouse click and it can track him back to the place it came from or went too. And they can stay up a long time and a few of them can continuously
  6. I think $2400 by the end of the year, maybe sooner.
  7. Congrats to You and your bride , the years have treated you and your family well. I remember you well from my LV days when you were in the storage place. My bride and I are starting on our 59 year.
  8. Ahh! Magnet fishing used to be one off my favorites ! A very strong magnet can be obtained from an old Radar Waveguide and a strong double braided nylon line attached to it. In New Orleans you would almost be guaranteed bicycles and shopping carts at every road crossing the many canals. At any country road crossing a creek fishing lures and other stuff will surprise you what people through off off a bridge. Fish cleaning stations built over the water or on piers will keep you in a supply of pocket and other knives and floating boat docks have an almost endless supply of wrenches and an
  9. Bob, You have outdone yourself this time ! That thing would scare the devil out of the devil ! Besides that It would hurt you bad it you stepped on it.!
  10. Dang, No wonder you had to wear a brace on your hand for that long of a time. Cannons are supposed to be fired from fixed emplacements ! Don't you suppose those old buffalo hunters that fired them all day were man mountains? I once had a chance to fire a 50 .cal at a range one time , I saw what happened to the guy in in line ahead of me and chickened out of my shot ! I had shot my grandpa's 10 Ga. shotgun one time when he was gone off some wheres, I had orders to never touch it but you know how that goes with a 10 year old kid, I probably weighed 70 pounds at the time. I didn't shot another
  11. Sorry for the picture quality If I could do it over again I certainly would be this was about 1983 0r 4 and I didn't have a digital camera for sure. This picture is the results of a 1 month clean up of a trammel operation working on my friends ranch in El Alamo in Baja. It was working ground in a river area that the owners at the time 1872 or so did not let anyone even the Chinese work. It was forgotten over the years and much hard rock mining went on with tailing piles covering a lot of it. I was not part of this operation so was asked by both party's to be a whatever you call it , refere
  12. This has nothing to do with gold prospecting or Meteorites , you guys must really be BORED ??? One month trommel clean up.
  13. Bob, Great Video! Neat the way he stashed the fly ! It brings back memories. A lot of people don't know you can hunt scorpion's with a black light. A number of years back my wife and I got really into fluorescent minerals and had bought a cheap black light at the Tucson gem show. Soon found a professional model that would really do the job with dual modes. Someone told me about a place that had forsecents west of Gila Bend . We found it and found some good stuff including some of the biggest scorpions I had found until then. I haven't been there in years so I don,t know if its still open bu
  14. Happy Birthday Skip, The older you get the faster they come around ! Old Dudes Rule !
  15. You are 100% right and when I think about some of the things I have done around mines and mining , especially in Mexico I still get a cold shiver , there is no rescue service down there ! One time I had heard a story about an old town site and mining area on a very remote ranch in Baja. I got access through a Mexican friend. This ranch was one of those places that they only come to town twice a year and was in the Indian part where no one goes without permission , the government even has signs just off the highways warning travelers and the soldiers do not go there either. I had my Samurai
  16. Sorry Steve , I have a Chromebook now and it don't care about all that https:// stuff. I,ll never go back to Microsoft.
  17. For those of you whether you a Nevadan or just like pictures, dirt roads , old trails, stories and history in general old and new should at least look at the Nevadagram.com website or subscribe, its free and has articles on everything you can imagine.
  18. Naw, They just put them in 55 gal drums of cement and drop them in the ocean from their Gulfstreams in a explosives disposal area!
  19. I think you are right about the AI for drones, but for X thousands of $$ We could talk Stan into going back in for less .
  20. This is a free tip especially for Nevada members with drones. The story: Heading north on one of my trips I entered Nevada on HWY 6 thence to Ely and continuing to Coaldale checking spots as I went in no hurry. Near Currant checking some back roads found an old abandoned RR right of way. The area to the West is Railroad Valley , aptly named I found out it was used to miss some of the higher ground to the west enroute to California. Finding an access and a little searching turned up the remains of an old section house that was used in the old days for maintenance people who lived their the
  21. hardtimehermit , It makes me wonder how many pets and people have been lost that way and with no witness's. I have heard stories about rescuers searching a mine shaft for a known person finding remains of very much older lost person ! Archaeologists have found sink holes with animal remains being many feet deep in them.
  22. Dave, Thanks I have just had not much time the last 3 years to really checkout the prospecting and Drone technologies. I started this series of post with Grubstake in a joking way not realizing that the drone industry had advanced so far. Now it seems that they are very advanced depending on how much money you want to spend. The videos have me hooked now although the ones with the dog and the walking out on OLD boards is very scary ! I know I have done it too and worse climbed down in too some of them but that was before I moved to Maricopa County. Now it's seldom a month goes by that the
  23. hardtimehermit, You and Terry just don,t play fair. And what are you doing with those coins in your own Yard/
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