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  1. Them are "Gnarly" nuggets and the boot tacks prove you are hunting in the right place and doing it properly, keep it up! Max
  2. Stan, The best way is to go to the corner of Pierce Ferry road and Greggs Hideout road and camp on the SW corner until someone comes by an follow them in. If you are coming from LV take Pierce Ferry through Dolan springs ( last chance for anything!). If you are coming from the east through Kingman take Stockton Hill road west, Safeway store there is last chance for anything that way, Stockton Hill comes out on Pierce Ferry almost at the intersection with Greggs Hide out. Just sit on the SW corner , hold out a sign "Outing ?" Trying to give turn by turn directions from there is problematic if you haven't been there with someone, I've been there 4 or 5 times and come a different way every time, lost too! If I have any wheels left after Colorado I will try to make it Too. Max
  3. The same to you Joe! I will mail it so I don't forget. Max
  4. SoCaldiggerdan, Truer words have never been spoken! I was fortunate enough to attend a gold club meeting where he was the speaker and one of his seminars back in the DAYS. I have had several of his books too with the only surviving one is a copy of "Magnificent Quest" copy right 1993, one of 1000 an autographed copy no less by the master him self! I have promised to pass it on to my good friend Joe Z. Max
  5. ~Largo~, I can't find it? You burned out yet ? I might make a trip up there before it snows ! Max
  6. Sklybones, You are right about some good washes leading down to Walker Lake from Bald MT. I dry washed in some of them back in the days before the current "Claim everything craze" hit , last time I was there a commercial placer operation was going on just before you get to the first camp ground at the north end of the lake on the west side of the highway, Everything claimable more than likely is. The upper end of the lake is within the Walker river Indian reservation and unless you are a tribal member off limits as is everything from the last camp ground to the south in the Hawthorne Army Depot land . I am sure you know this but some of the members of this forum might not, neither the tribal police nor the Wackenhut depot security have a sense of humor. Good Luck Max PS: There is some beautiful bedrock just west of the highway!
  7. Rimshot, Yes, it worked very good, It was called a ML 4500 and I bought it from Shep Max
  8. Klunker, Them things are dangerous, I had a hard time educating my wife when we first came west to not pick them up when detecting If they have been laying with the open end down they can last for a 100 years, the newer electric caps are even more dangerous, just because it didn't go off with electricity don't mean its dead! Yep your pick would be the least of your worries. The last tin box I found was in Baja sitting just out of sight on an overhead timber near the entrance of a tunnel, I had previously found carbide lamps in such spots, these still had the label on them from the 1930's. We dropped them into a deep vertical shaft and threw a big rock after them, bats flew out for 10 minutes! Max
  9. Rimshot, I made my first metal detector back in the 1950's from plans in a Popular Mechanics Magazine or Mechanic's Illustrated , I can't remember which, You wound the coil in an oatmeal box lid and the transmitter was a Transistor radio, mounted on a broom stick, you tuned the radio to a null, then when you got close to metal it would start to "Motor boat". My second metal detector was a WW2 mine detector made by Boluva Watch Co., it was in a round brass can, heavy, and used 67 1/2 volt dry cell batteries, it was not any better than my homemade one. Then I met a guy with a Whites 64T, it was the first Whites that used transistors rather than vacuum tubes, after seeing his finds I could not wait to buy one so I borrowed the money from Household Finance Co. and drove from Mobile, AL to Houston, TX to buy one from Bill Alexander who last time I checked was still in business. I was an E-4 in the USCG and it took a long time to pay it off in Mobile but when I got back to Texas one of the first things I found was a Mills 25 cent slot machine with all the money still in it and the newest 25 cent piece was 1925. That machine paid for itself many time over including a $6000 Diamond ring among the dozens of others. I have had just about one of every MD made excepts Garrett's and I knew him personally and we didn't get along. I have found the most stuff including gold with The Tesoro Lobo ST. Now I just got a ML CTX3030 from Bill and I am shortly going back to some of those Iron cluttered spots and see what I missed! A few of them are on private property that only I have hunted on. On one of them I found a Civil war hand grenade, I didn't even know what it was and it was live! One of my other exciting finds was 3 cases of dynamite that had been stolen and buried, it was in wood cases with brass straps. The army explosives team from Fort Polk , LA took one look, turned pale and very gingerly walked away, they said they didn't know how come it didn't go off when I hit it with my shovel but when they detonated it in place it blew a hole that had to be refilled with a backhoe and stripped the leaves off of Oak trees, needless to say I couldn't detect there anymore! Good Luck with your Garrett's Max!
  10. Adam, Its too bad that Crystal John was not around, he could show you some huge one's, Every time me and the wife where there she would buy a few nice ones from John and the next day he would be back and give her twice as many a she bought. He just wanted someone to appreciate them the way he does. I have a good story to tell about John and someday I will spill the beans on some of the participants in a practical joke that came near some one getting shot. At least they got a tongue lashing they won't forget for many a day, John may only have one leg but he is no one to trifle with. Max
  11. Adam, That's the reason they built a new bridge across Sols Wash where it comes into the river! Quotes from Maricopa County Flood District: 2003 "Sept. 4: Near Wickenburg, Sols Wash grows to about 150 feet wide, Flying E Wash is full and Vulture Mine Road is closed due to flooding. Flash flooding occurs at the entrance to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park near the intersection of Olive Avenue and Citrus Road in the western part of the Phoenix area. Two occupants of a vehicle on Olive Avenue are rescued by law enforcement after they became trapped in three feet of rushing water." 2000 "Oct. 27: The second major storm in a week causes considerable flooding in both rural and urban areas. A trailer park in Aguila and another in Buckeye are evacuated, while homes in Peoria, Youngtown, Surprise and surrounding areas are flooded. One unofficial rain gage 15 miles east of Aguila registers 8.79 inches for the month and another gage in Aguila records 5.05 inches. The Department of Transportation estimates the damage to roads and bridges alone at $1 million. Dikes and ditches in agricultural areas sustain major damage in addition to crop losses. The Federal Emergency Management Agency declares a flood emergency for Maricopa County. 1997 "Sept. 26: An average of three to five inches of rain falls from storms caused by Hurricane Nora, leading to flash flooding in portions of northwestern Maricopa County. Two earthen dams give way in Aguila, causing widespread flooding where approximately 40 people are evacuated from the town. Water flowing down the Sols Wash is so high that the Sols Wash bridge in Wickenburg is closed for more than two hours along with other highways in the vicinity. A total of 11.97 inches of rain falls in 24 hours on Harquahala Mountain, breaking the 24-hour record set at Workman Creek during the 1970 Labor Day storm. Sept. 25: Widespread flooding occurs in the town of Aguila, with many properties and roads are under six inches of water.Oct. 21: State Route 93 is closed north of Wickenburg due to high water. Sols Wash overflows and floods Coffinger Park as well as nearby homes. Vulture Mine Road is closed and trapped motorists are rescued. Floodwaters produce considerable damage to agriculture in northwestern Maricopa County. The roads around Aguila are closed for several hours. The governor declares a flood emergency for Maricopa County."The one in 1997 put water waist deep in Basha's grocery store! I started to go look at Sols Wash where it crosses Vulture mine road near my place but desisted,I am sure it flooded some. The Hassayampa was flowing at 144,000 CFS and almost cut 60 at the bottom of the hill just W of Morristown, all the stuff along 60 on the N side was flooded, they blamed it on a build up of willows. Max
  12. Going out in the rain is no problem, its when those washes are running deep water. The Hassayampa River is running bank to bank at Wickenburg, all the bums living in the willows have moved to higher ground. Max
  13. Grubby, that's pretty good pay for feeding the cat . Max
  14. Correction to my previous post! The pic It showed in the article is a PAK-JAK. you can see all the copy cats on the page "Tote goat land." There where dozens of manufacturer's in the '50s & '60s but the original Pak-Jak had the big back tire. I had a "ROKON" for a short time , I think I will look for a Pak-Jak. Cool machine at any rate and a real find if its the original model, congrats! Max
  15. Here's a link to some history and info about Tote Goats. J.W. Black the original builder was alive and well in Yuma, AZ in about 02. http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/general-minibike-talk/11389-tote-goat-monster-2.html The one they show is bright yellow, if you can find a copy of Earle Stanley Gardner's books about prospecting in Baja you will see pictures of the originals. Max
  16. Steve, I'll send you their address. PM
  17. Jim, Sure sorry to hear about your fall! I was in the hospital the 18 of June for right hip replacement so I am just now getting back on the forum and catching up. Glad you are doing better, tomorrow the 18 of July is my one month checkup with my surgeon. I am doing well but have a lot of rehab ahead, wish now I had got it done sooner. I was very sad to hear of Glenn's passing, he was a treasure hunting, gold prospecting and mine operating wonder. I don't know how he found he time to do all he did! Many people owe their start in prospecting to both of you for the books that you both authored and sold. Get well soon and keep pounding on that laptop , I sure miss Randsburg and its friendly people, glad you where able to visit your old friends there. Max
  18. Ron, Best wishes for a full and fast recovery! Take your computer and I'll write some Baja stories to entertain you. Max
  19. Frank, Everyone knows your name is on those nuggies so they just sign a NO COMPETE clause and stay in the AC . Hopefully when I am able to walk again in 6 or 7 months I will be able to get one of those new 3030 ML,s from Bill. My old friends Tom & Norma who where the caretakers at Stanton live in Golden Valley. Max
  20. Good luck with it. It was my experience before when I lived at Stanton and years later when I lived in Congress was that subdivision was considered pretty private, and you got some hard stares if you just drove back there. I don't know how the community feels now, I have been back there only one time in the last couple of years when one of the houses right close to the highway had a yard sale. That's their business , even in Old Congress there are streets marked private road keep out. Like I said that's their business, me I like people to stop by and talk and I never had much anyone would want to steal and you can ask anyone who knows me that I would give it to them if they showed a need and asked . As far as getting permission just to general beeping for artifacts, I have never been refused too many times but mostly when I was refused it was pretty vehement!! When I was stationed in New Orleans I dug for old bottles nearly every week end for 5 years, of all the people we asked only one outright refused and one had a partner who was not consulted and he called the cops. When I sold out all of my really good New Orleans a few years ago, they brought $30,000 , wish I had them back, most of them went to New Orleans buyers shorty before Katrina so I guess they where destroyed, the few one of a kind really valuable ones I saved where destroyed when my home burned in Congress last year as was 30 years collection of Crystals some of which were worth 1,000 them self, oh well I have a few pictures left and all the memories. Good Luck Max
  21. Beeping at a fire scene is an exercise in futility, screening helps but is hazardous to your health. We tried it last year when my mobile home burned to the ground in Congress, too much metals to beep, all kinds of hazardous dusts, glass , nails, staples , fiberglass etc. I had 25 rolls of Indian Head pennies , found about 25, had every Wheat penny except 2 found about 10, had several 100 silver 50 cent pieces , found 8 , had over 7 OZ of gold , mostly nuggets 7 specimens, found 3, the material stuff don't matter anyway , its the pictures, personal papers etc. that you miss the most , all of my Fathers and his brothers WW2 records and artifacts, my mothers lifetime collection of Kodak Brownie photos , my 100's of photos and slides of my own 24 years service in the USN & USCG, most totally irreplaceable, we will never recover from this experience. After 2 trips to the hospital emergency room and many home operations for fiberglass embedding in our skin and 60 days of raking and my wife's crying I said to hell with it and had it all loaded and hauled away , that costs another 6 grand. Not to mention the flat tires, snakes, rats, havalina's , stink and threats from the county. If the Fire departments, BLM , and law enforcement had not showed up my neighbor's would have saved a great deal ( We where not home.), especially vehicles, instead they where near arrested, accused of being my partners in a meth lab, and I had ammo, very dangerous, won't fight no fire with ammo, total BS I have fought fires on Ammo ships in the N Pacific loaded with every thing we used in Vietnam with out a problem! Bitter? YOU BET!! Don't store gold in plastic, don't store anything in plastic, we could have saved lots more except for that one thing. The insurance company lied about every single thing from day one, I thought I had USAA, I actually had Foremost, administered by Farmers, transferred to "Help Point Services" none of them wanted to pay for anything, I hired a private adjustor, that cost another 6 grand but was worth it. Then you have to deal with Yavapai county, good luck ! Max
  22. homefire, I am sure you are right about Polomas, I spent some time in Colombus and lived in Deming. Polomas was a little hellhole then too, nothing there but whores and adulterated gas. But its in Chihuahua not Baja. All of Mexico has its problems , especeily in border towns. The towns away from the borders have there problems too but nothing like the big border towns. Two cities in Baja I would not hesitate to live in is Loretta and La Paz, rich foringers have discovered them years ago and driven prices out of reach. There are no towns on the mainland I would consider living in and I have visited most of them. Here is a picture from Deming.http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t33/Gilaoro/n_a.jpg Sorry the caption didn't come through, its a 250 geode from top of Rock Round State Park.
  23. Rimshot, I sold out there in 2006,we had a home in Yuma but even working truck driving and later running an oversize truck escort service and working 21 to 26 days straight every month we where unable to avoid foreclosure in 2008. I have contact with friends who have lived there for years and still go gold mining, it is not some thing to get into for a weekend but develop a long time effort it would be worth it, especially if you had a Mexican partner and if you are young enough to do it . You have to be 100% self sufficient. Max
  24. Bill, I appreciate the offer, my DR says I have at least 6 more months of rehab to go and I am not sure I could handle a regular blog. The days when feel good maybe but the other days no. I am trying to keep a good mental attitude but we are not having the best of times, the main one being I have a perfect 1998 Ford Ranger 4X4 that I will never be able to drive again and a worn out Kia that I am scared to let my wife drive, I have sold everything I can to get a dependable car but can't quite raise the dough. We have never recovered from our place in Congress burning last year and thinking about letting this place in West Park go and moving back to Dallas. Lets just hold off for now, Ill try to put posts in the proper place, feel free to move me. Max
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