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  1. To answer both Clay & Dave , Yes I found the page and Clay is 100% right as usual! That is the tight spot and may I point out that the picture is dtd 2013 & I was out there the last time late 2012. At that time there were no fancy trucks hauling , just the average contract hauler. No info from the gate tender. Only sign was to the effect of saying for admitince call ####### .Too many HUGE machines running around for me in a Geo Tracker even on the road back to the main road , after you pass the rock pit road the only limit is the vechile you are using and the wilderness areas. Other than ranchers I seldom saw any one, the ATVers make new trails every where so it all may be closed to all by now. I no longer have a 4 x 4 . I stay home and take care of my wife and think a out the days of complete freedom to hit the road and find new prospects , at lest untill it Was time toget a real paying a salary type job so i could go back to "Full Time Pfospecting" as it,s called when you have enough income to support the habit regardless of what you call it. I enjoy the forum and the way some one always has an answer to a question.
  2. They all got old and retired like me and you! Do you remember when they were having an outing or whatever they called it back then and the guy came up with one of those long range gold finders and I told him I would buy one on the spot if he could prove it right now and it would only have to work to about 50 feet. He was held in the old out house while I hid my 1 LB silver bar and your 1/4 oz nugget you had found about 25 feet out into the cactus alongside the road. We let him out and told him to find it but he had to use his machine and could not walk around and "Eye"hunt but could turn around and point to the location and tell how far it was. He failed of course and got so mad at the bystanders that he packed up and left. The only other happening of note was when the GPAA Rep from Phoenix was trying to cook beans in a pressure cooker in his tent and it blew up ! Fortunately he was not in the tent ! The nugget you had dredged up out of a mud hole on the side of some ranch road I bought it from you and still have it even though it is slightly melted Those were the good old days, I understand now that the opera house dinners require a coat and tie . No open containers of FIREWATER allowed.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was given a hand drawn map showing a location where an individual said he found gold in vertical seam in sandstone. I had heard of silver in sandstone and had even been to location but was unaware of gold in it. BUT I determined from his map that is in a claimed area and is an active mine (now). But its not really sandstone as I would think of it. O'well , if you don't follow up on tips you won't know.
  4. Why not? It would probably be better than some of the stuff they have on TV now. I am watching Bering Sea Gold right now and it seems to be popular but I can't relate to it. It has been 30 years since I visited Nome and it was only for a few hours on a MedEvac so it sure looks different , the houses are painted for one thing and the only gold dredge operation then was a large ship a way off shore that I saw If you could use one of those smaller rigs in the Salmon you might do well but the powers that be would never allow it now days.
  5. Dave, It's gasoline, 1 Cylinder like my grandmothers old GRAY-BAR winger washer, kick start, chain drive, wooden steering wheel , gravity dump, front wheel steering , it would have took a strong man to drive that thing, the driver sat on top of the engine and gas tank! OSHA was not around in those days! It had a brass plate on the front of the engine/seat compartment but the picture I took of it was one of those I lost.
  6. Thanks for checking on it Dave ! I won't say that I've never high graded some mining company's dump before but I sure would not tackle this one! Who ever did had to walk a long way and I have noticed that it is lighted at night when I have passed coming back from the Eagle Tails . I agree that its odd and that a truck driver on his first day hauling didn't know what and who and where . Everyone has their right to privacy though. But I would bet that Clay could find out They don't have to worry about me, it's hard to push a walker through the desert.
  7. This picture is STANTON as it was when George "Buzzard" Massie bought it. Compare it to the "SLUM" that the present owners have created.
  8. I found this "THOMAS ONE TON MINING CART" in the brush on the El Alamo , Baja California mining area I was running a PAY TO DIG operation on. It took me a year to persuade the locals to start a small museum to save this and all the other historic mining items that were fast disappearing . Someone would have tried to take it to the states but the checkpoints would catch them!
  9. http://www.miningartifacts.org/index.html If you like old mining pictures,history, that covers nearly every state and mine with pictures, this man must have spent years working on this , it will take Days, Hours,Week to absorb this amazing website!
  10. Check out this website I found on collecting old lamps and other ming artifacts.http://www.miningartifacts.org/CollectingInfo.html
  11. Some of you have saw these pictures before. I have just recovered them from an old windows Picasa CD recovered from my 2013 fire along with 100's of others and got them transfered to my chromebook. TOM H inspired me with his recent post to repost them and others for the edification of the members who haven't. Most of the items where found with a LOBO ST, some while digging bottle dumps and outhouses and other sources. Enjoy , Max
  12. Welcome to the forum ! You are in the right place for info. Someone on here knows something about everything. Give us a little more info about your location. and someone will know .
  13. Thanks 4meter, There is a mining operation about 1 mile away that is actively mining and crushing some and some type of material. They have surrounded the operation with a high waste rock berm and have a gate guard and will give out no info. One day at the nearby intersection with the road to I-10 one of the trucks hauling the product was broken down and I stopped to see if he needed any help and asked him what it was that he was hauling.He told me it was his first day but that his understanding was that it was used as a flux for a smelter operation in Phoenix. He knew nothing ,not even the name of the operation. There are some club gold claims to the east of the mine and roads everywhere , I have checked for miles around but can find no outcrops of a pemegite (And very little gold). My suspicion is that someone was doing a little night time highgrading and where parked where I found the pile. I have worked harder for less results!
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