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  1. note that not all diesels are the same the Cummings in the Dodge is the best for pickups the Mercedes 617 (5 cylinder turbo) seems to be the best for cars, the newer ones as yet unproven I've had 4 300SDs and other than a failed vacuum pump in one, which I replaced, never had an engine problem; normal maitenance aside (ck/adj valves @ 20,000 mi). I'm now at 200,000 mi on 2 of them and as a preventative step should replace the timing chain and rebuild the injectors. 20 mpg for a 3800# car with my foot in it ain't too bad for 25 yr old technology. Bill
  2. Paseclipse was an engr -> VP Engn -> CTO; agreed, the #s must match up I think Minelab was/is more venial, they made the 4000's stem thicker precisely to impede the use of other coils. Their stem fits their coils, so they are happy. What problem ? I can assure you that the 4000 stem does NOT fit the dual lug Coiltek coils (though as UR said, it can be forced in), and apparently the NF ones are simply to narrow. Grinding down the stem is pointless as the fit is based on the recess dimension + the 2 rubber thicknesses (as compressed). I just get a lower shaft that fits for each coil, faster too. NF info Bill
  3. eh, I should not be posting on items I know nothing about looks good Bill
  4. ED, sorry for the tardy reply, but I do not follow the boards so closely; feel free to PM me. Would never suggest filing the coil lugs, they are a foam filled skin and removing or reducing the inner skin will lead to premature failure. I did not understand that the interference was with the lugs and stem widths, thought it was with the bolts and hole dias - which also have problems. I have a 12x23 Coiltek (among others) which has a lug on only one side, for such the bolt must fit correctly (drill out the stock 4000 stem hole. All can be had at McMaster Carr, but try your local Ace Hardware for the washers. The stock 4000 stem end can be forced into the Coiltek as UR said, with force and total compression of the rubbers; different lower shafts are the solution. I deal in numbers, but most do not (review this thread); if you need more info shoot me an e-mail. Bill
  5. a strongbox serves little with a knife at your throat better to shut the mouth, loose lips sink ships bad dogs are good, if one wants to live with them Bill
  6. 2 different bolt dia.s the stock 4000 is 1/4", my coiltech is 5/16" I bought a fiberglass lower (and upper - Otto) which has the 5/16" hole need to use the correct dia nylon bolt for each yes, the rubber washers are a bugger on the Otto shaft - but seem to be 5/16" on the stock 4000, loose as hell ???? Bill
  7. not so simple as it may appear setup may be OK, resolution dependent on the scale used repeatability may be dependent on air void content the more severe problems lie with the assumptions regarding the sg of the native gold and the actual host rock - if both can be appraised separately and the specimen vacuum impregnated with water, the results could be at least defensible Bill
  8. Rural Mexico can be dangerous as hell, particularly if someone thinks you have anything of value. And understand that rural + remote = dope cultivation; you had better be with a local at the upper end of the food chain. Some years ago (80's) I was hired by a group in Matamoros to evaluate several placer sites in Michoacan and Guerrero, and we had a most interesting tour. I was looking at old test pits in 6' high mj fields on terraces along the rivers; no obvious gold however. Roadblocks are by the Federales, and los Verdes (green - Army) in remote areas; the Federales are quite aggressive as they are seeking their retirement funds, the Verdes merely doing their job - both are looking for drugs and guns. If the Verdes find you with archaeological items you are dead meat. The roadblock of large stones requires immediate action, this is a robbery and no one is there to help. They will even stop busses and rob all and rape the young girls. If you do not speak Spanish you are like a small child, and some places are not for children. Bill
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