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  1. Hi jagdoctor1 This is just my opinion but I have owned a GB2 and sold it because I do not believe the iron discriminator is as good as The Goldmaster machines. Also don't believe the depth is as good. I tested on 3 gold nuggets and the GB2 said that 2 of the nuggets were iron. My MXT and GM3 (witch is the same circuit as the GMT) said all three was not iron. Like I said just my opinion. My GB2 might have been a bad one? Jim
  2. Hi Ron, thanks for the reply. I am testing at home but I live way out of town. There is power lines with a transformer about 100 ft from where I was testing. Maybe that was the problem, I will have to take it further away and try it. Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestions. Jim
  3. I just bought my first Minelab detector, the 2100 old green box and I outfitted it with a Coiltek Pocket Rocket and with Doc's Gold Screamer. Also got the Black Widow head phones. The problem is, it seems less stable than it was without the Gold Screamer enhancer. Is it so much more sensitive that it picks up more interference? or I just don't know how to adjust it? Should I turn the volume on the enhancer all the way up or what? The only way I have tried it is with the volume wide open. I would appreciate any advice from you Minelab pros. :confused0013: Jim
  4. I don't know where people get this idea that we (people) are intruding on the wild life. All living things are part of nature. Humans are natures latest and greatest and where is the boundaries to keep us separated? We were all put here with an instinct to survive and my instinct tells me that that snake will kill me if it gets a chance. So I'm striking first. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hard ass. I am a hunter and when I kill a Deer Or Elk I say a little prayer for the animal instead of jumping up and down and high fiving everyone. I think that sucks. I don't mean to offend anyone on thi
  5. Hi Dakota Slim I will have my trusty GM3 and MXT along with my SD2100. I figure if I tape em all together with some duct tape and use them all at the same time, maybe I can find something. Yea I think about September will be cool enough to be comfortable. Maybe some of you guy's will be there. I would like to meat some people from the forums. I plan on staying for a few weeks. I am retired and can stay as long as I please. :headphones: Jim
  6. Thanks John That made up my mind. I think I will buy the round Mono. By the way did you ever figure out how to post on my forum? You are on the member list and I PM ed you from the site. Thanks again for the info on Rye Patch. I will probably go in September.
  7. I have bought a SD 2100 and am planning a trip to Rye Patch. What I would like to know is how hot the ground is there because I am going to buy a new coil. I have a 8" and 11", I am going to buy a 14" Nugget Finder DD or Mono, round or elliptical.? depending on how hot the ground is and if the obstructions warrant an elliptical. I am not going until the weather cools off some. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Jim
  8. Thanks Gus, that did help a lot.
  9. Digger Bob brought this to my attention. I have read about it on other forums. PI machines will detect gold nuggets very deep but when you dig them up, the signal becomes a lot weaker. Has anybody ever witnessed this? That is supposedly the reason PI machines will not air test very well. Is it the halo around the nugget before it is disturbed? Jim
  10. Here is another site to learn about the new machine. White's TDI
  11. I hope it makes it on the market soon if not sooner being alot of us have a pop off valve that's about to pop. Chuck You got that right Chuck My dealer just told me the new detector is coming out in June. She said she talked to Sweet Home today and they said it will have knobs but is computerised inside. What ever that means? She also said the color will be tan. I don't know how much of this is true, She talks to a friend at White's but I don't know if she works in the office or in the shop. I just don't know what to believe any more. Jim
  12. Thanks Bob for the reply. I figured that might be the case, but that's OK, I still want one. When I find a patch, I always go over it with another machine any way. Jim
  13. It would be great if someone like John B would let us know how it preformed on the so called invisible nuggets.
  14. I bought one and about a week later I bought a Sun Ray. :angry-smiley-010: Anybody want to buy a Treasure Mate. :innocent0009: Jim
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