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  1. Looks great Tom! I bet its quitter inside
  2. I wish I could say that, but to tell you the truth, they liked it. Especialy my girl, she would prance around forever showing off.
  3. I still have my boys. The wife dressed them up last Holloween.
  4. I have had dogs my whole life. When someone tells me they hate dogs, I have a hard time trusting them. I unexpetedly lost the love of my life a few months ago. She got out to the hwy. Unfortunatley my wife found her, and had to wait on the side of the hwy with her body, till I could get home from work to put her to rest. She was always so happy to see me everyday when I got home. She had to show up at the door with a stuffed animal to show me. If she didn't have one she would tear around till she found something to show me. RIP Camper.
  5. The wife and I spent about 5 hours on the claim 2/22/08 1 hour of detecting and 4 hours of claim marking. The buildings and mine past the big gate in the patented claim were all vacant, does not look like anyones been working it for a while.
  6. I spent 3-4 hours on Feburary,13th 2008. Did not find any gold. Lots of holes left in the wash by someone dry washing. Lots of cows :-)
  7. Bout 2 hrs of detecting today. No gold....I have never seen so many .22 short casings. Musta been been a real popular place with the BSA back in the day. :headphones: :headphones: Nice area!!! I see why they call it Pine creek. Just so everyone knows. This is no place for a toy hauler or motorhome for that matter.
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