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  1. I found some at Grainger http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/LABCHEM-CHEM-DIMETHYLGLYOXIME-1PCT-ALC-8RX83?cm_mmc=GoogleBase-_-Test%20Instruments-_-Laboratory%20Supplies-_-8RX83&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8RX83
  2. That's great you got some precious metals in it! One trick I have been told by geologists when I worked at a silver mine (Lucky Friday, ID) is that argentiferous galena will have bulged faces. Apparently a silver atom can be subsituted in the galena lattice and so it manifests its presence as a slightly bulged surface of the usually flat cube faces. It would be intresting if you can confirm that in your specimen by using a handlens... I'd be really interested in learning what you find out if you try it out... Happy collecting, Mark B. Vail, AZ P.S. I thought I'd google it and found this: http://www.dmme.virginia.gov/commercedocs/PUB_89.pdf Open that PDF and search for "bulging"
  3. Hey all, I'll be there with my dad (K.G.) and my uncle Rich. I look forward to seeing everyone! I got married just over a month ago, so I've been quite busy. Haven't been able to be on much. I hope you've all been having good luck out in the field (where every man SHOULD be!). Clear skies and happy hunting Mark Bowling Vail, AZ
  4. It's great to see Geoff on here! Yes, it's a great show. If you guys come down for the gem show, Geoff is hosting parties at the Sky Bar every time a new episode airs. We view the show live on HDTV and he discusses the show and answers questions during commercials. So try to be here on a Wednesday - a fun time indeed!!!!! Mark B. Vail, AZ o(:?-D
  5. I'll come if I'm free. I thought I'd be going to Holbrook, Franconia & GB next week, but the group fell apart. I think there's a lot of snow too (maybe not at Franconia?). I'll be sticking around here instead and try to find something at Benson. Happy hunting, Mark
  6. That sounds great Dave, I would like to see how the maps are made. In the meantime, I've downloaded the GB map and will try to figure out hot to put it in my machine... ;-)
  7. Yeah, thanks John! I'm a terrible forum member!!! I've been planning to attend this event since a month ago or so, and I forgot to let you guys know... :( Hope to see some of you there! Happy hunting, Mark o(:?-D
  8. Wow, that must have been a wonderful trip - nothing like cleaning up! Happy hunting in 2010 ~Mark
  9. Good luck Curt, I hope the trip planning goes smoothly. Maybe I can make it up there at the same time, so let me know as soon as your schedule is nailed down. I've recovered meteorites with the GMT and GM3. I haven't tried using my DFX b/c I have the other machines available. If I stumble on any programs for meteorites, I'll let you know. Speaking of NM, I'd love to hunt Portales Valley or Glorietta Mtn (if I knew where they were...). ;-) Mark
  10. Wow, a lot of character in that one Stan, congratulations! The last of 2009... I wonder if anybody made it out today to find the first in 2010... I'll try to get up there with you again sometime (maybe with Nate). And I'll try to keep up with the forum. Happy, productive hunting in 2010!! Mark
  11. Wow, nice finds Jason! Best of luck to you and everyone in 2010! The best is yet to come... Mark
  12. still needs sleep!

  13. Oh and regarding the click, I get tired of my magnets getting covered by black sand and getting rusted up. The coatings on my magnets tend to flake off, and when I clean off the trash, I often get cuts. So I thought I'd build an enclosure (so far I've only used plastic). You could take some tin cans and cut them down so that they're about 1mm away from the magnets, so when something connects you get a nice "snap" sound. Not quite the same click maybe, but at least a distinct indication. If you use one big sheet of metal for the entire thing, you could clean off the black sand fairly quickly. Plus you have a wear plate to protect the magnets...
  14. So Jason, did you ever try it out at Holbrook? I went out about a month ago, and found some pieces. I hadn't hunted all year because I was working in a camp, and then I was tied up a lot. I was worried I'd get skunked for the year. I bought some magnets a few years ago to do a similar array, but never got around to it. Dad and I did use most of the magnets for other projects. In fact I picked one of the last ones to use with my digger this past weekend... You have a great idea, especially if you're in a non-detectable area with a lot of stones which make sight hunting difficult... Good luck and happy hunting, Mark
  15. Thanks Jason, I'm sure we'll meet up at some point. It was nice meeting you also Frank. My dad had a really great time (as did I). Stan, yeah I'm glad we went through that area. I was expecting an iron, not a stone that big! I thought sure it was a bullet... I haven't talked to Nate yet to see how he made out on Sunday. Thanks Harry, dad enjoyed talking with Estile a lot. I look forward to seeing your pics, especially the group shot. Happy hunting all! And Merry Christmas & happy New Year if I don't see you all (or as Stan would say have a Mele Kalikimaka and a Hauoli Makahiki Hou). ;-) Mark
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