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  1. Howdy from here in West TX where we have refinerys everywhere. Here in the middle of the oilfields our fuel is higher than than places that don't have oil. Rigs are running and the employment is low is the up side for this area. They want us to believe that alll the refinerys are on the coast. Plenty here and not a hurricaine in years. Hell it ain't even rained since Moby Dick was a minnow.
  2. The first day after getting my GPX4000 I was in the Rich Hill area and about halfway up a pretty steep hill and dug a target that was down about 8 or 10 inches deep. Out of the hole popped anice yellow chunk about the size of a quarter and chunkey. I stared for a while and mentally figured it would go at least an ounce and a half. when I cleaned it off I found a large cal. bullet wrapped in gold foil. For awhile I thought "There ain't nothing to this". Seven weeks later I did find a nice nugget that was a little less than 3 grams. I still have the bullet and chuckle every time I see it.
  3. I always enjoyed visitng with Les when I would stop to renew my membership. My thoughts are with his family and his many many friends.
  4. I bought a large rear mount box when I bought my Polaris. I tape the cord straight up to the knuckle joint (no wraps). The wraps are all above the knuckle joint. I just loosen the joint, push the little button and twist the lower shaft and coil until there is enough slack to take the shaft apart. I use foam rubber pads below, between, and on top. It just takes a few seconds to reverse the process. Montana makes his own box and does not have to take the shaft apart. I just ain't a good fabricator. My box mounts with two plugs like the drain plugs for a boat. The box is dust and water p
  5. Earth Angel, but I'm older than dirt.
  6. Wishin you a late Happy Birthday Shep. Hope to see you out at Stanton again. Slim.
  7. One advantage of the Gold Cradle is you don't have to screen the material. The builder recommends running everything golf ball size and smaller. If you use a quad just fill the GC box with water but leave everything in the box then set up on location. Use the extra water for panning out when you clean up the cardle.
  8. Everyone who owns a handgun needs to search Senate Bill-2099. PLEASE DISREGUARD THIS POST. THANKS. Slim
  9. It is the against the wind but I just guesstimated the distance. It is easy to find and get too. Good road all the way. Slim.
  10. GPAA has claims South of You. Check the GPAAclaims Guide. You would probably do better with a drywasher down there. I havn't been to all 4 of the Southern claims though. Good luck. Slim Farris
  11. The GPAA has a claim about 5 miles (the mining guide says 3) from Ancho. There is a flat area by Rico Gulch where you could park or camp but watch for thunder storms as it could flood according to Watchdog. There is a box canyon to the right just after you cross the cattle guard that is ideal for tent camping and has protection. GPS coord. are right on. There is a lot of claimed land but if you can contact Watchdog he might give you written permission to go on some of his claims. I think he lived in Soccorrow last I heard. He has fought the Forest Service for years to keep the area open
  12. Someone on the GPAA forum said it came from Iron Canyon. He may have told that to a Ranger but you know how we lie about locations at times. Especially to a Ranger.
  13. Hi Rockpup, I am not sure what frequency the Vaquero runs and of course the better the machine the better your chances. But nearly any detector will find gold if you get the coil over it and it is whthin range of the detector. use your Vaquero and use the time you spend to learn where to swing it. Remember the most important part of the detector is the brain swingin it. Bill, Rob, Chris, Montana, Ron can all find more using your detector than I can with my ML. Getting the experience is as important as the machine. Good luck and have fun.
  14. Beautiful, Beautiful, Thanks for posting.
  15. That is a beautiful piece Ron. Congratulations and I'm sure you will find many more in your new patch. Keep on posting.
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